Horror Movie Posters' Convention

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A2 Media Studies Analysis of Three Horror Posters By Sohail Qureshi

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Page 1: Horror Movie Posters' Convention

A2 Media Studies Analysis of Three

Horror PostersBy Sohail Qureshi

Page 2: Horror Movie Posters' Convention

Colour – the horror genre colour scheme has been used well in this as the colours represent the theme of paranormal disturbance. The colours Black, Grey and Brown connote the mystery and the fear of the unknown from the film, which is what the theme is in this film. also the colours also represent the little girl in the corner as she could be the main character in the movie as she is only one in high key lighting in the poster. This shows the audience that the little girl is one of the main people from the movie as everything will be centred on her. The colour white in the title could represent the ghost type theme in the movie, linking to paranormal disturbance and again, the fear of the unknown.

Typography – the use of this font allows the writing to be more attractive to the audience and make an impact on them. The font may be more conventional within the horror genre as this genre aims to make an impact on the audience by triggering their emotion, so this font would link to that genre and make an impact. The title has been placed in front of the main image, as the main image is very dull and dark keeping the title brighter the colour of the main image, making the title stands out more to the consumer so making it eye-catching to the consumer. Also allows the audience to see what the movie is called, so they are intrigued as to what the movie will be about.

Main Image –As the costume worn by the character in the centre looks old and worn, which tells the audience something has happened to them and telling the audience that this is a horror genre of movie. The child on the right in the main image shows the audience the costume worn by the child show their age, and indicates them to be vulnerable and isolated. The camera shot type is a mid-shot, and it is easy to see the child’s facial expressions being used in the poster and this showing the consumer her vulnerability and fear. At the same time the image also allows you to see that she is holding on to the arm of the other character, indicating what the storyline of the movie would be, and the relationship between the two characters.This shot allows you see the costume of the character and how this is linked with horror genre. As this shot type does not show the face of the character but linking with the theme of mystery within the horror genre, as the audience are not aware of whom the character in the movie is.

Layout – having the main image in the middle of the poster indicates the importance within the movie, and the child on the side indicates her vulnerability, so linking to the horror genre as she uses the rule of thirds and appearing to be afraid. The title is in an conventional place as it is in the centre of the page, and little bit towards bottom so making the audience look around the poster before looking at the title. As this is conventional as within the horror genre because most things happen around the character, so intending the audience to be fearful of it.

Language – The use language on the poster is very formal, as this will be attracting any class to watch the film. “A Mothers Love Is Forever” indicating the love is their even after the mother has past, bringing the horror genre into the language being used in the poster. Making the language very easy to read and catchy to the audience as this means they will remember it and makes the audience want to watch the movie.

Page 3: Horror Movie Posters' Convention

Layout – Following the conventions of horror film posters as the image is being the largest and most predominate item on the page, and also the title of the film being the largest text on the page. Although the image is the largest it is slightly unconventional as the face of the character featured on the film poster is hidden from the audience as that might create a mystery to the consumer within the poster. Also the tagline is the smallest piece of text on the poster conventionally as the tagline would be the second largest and important of text on the poster, but on this poster the designers of this film poster have decided to keep it small so the audience search out the answer to the disturbing imagery used within the poster, and is about creating a greater sense of mystery.

Main Image – the main selling to any film posters are the main image, which is normally disturbing and terrifying in horror genre. The image denotes a pair of demonic and angry eyes creating a fearful atmosphere. Although the tagline ‘Once you see him, nothing can save you’ – creates a horrific and disturbing atmosphere in the poster to the consumer. The angry eyes look into the camera creating a direct mode of address to the audience, looking straight into the audience eyes – making it very supernatural and creepy feeling. Also the image is drawing in blood, using the horror conventions in the poster top attract the audience to the poster and this is typical ‘you see him, nothing can save you’ – creates a horrific atmosphere in the poster. Also the blood is coming from the victims hand denoting that this character in the film will be in danger and the blood coming of the victim, making it very horror genre theme.

The tagline - in the poster is the smallest piece of text on the page, it is placed under the title making it significant as it creates the context for the narrative, which links very well with the main image below.

Background – the background of the poster is very dull and disturbing as it contrasts heavily with the blood-red image which in turn makes it stand out to the consumer. The colours used in the poster are very horror genre like as they use dark and dull colours to attract the audience to the poster. Using white, red, grey and black – breaking the rule of thirds in the colour scheme. Using white and grey as the background b=makes the text and main image colour stand out more as this is what the audience will like and attract them to the film.

Horror Genre/Social Networking - This is a typical horror genre as the characters used in the film are unknown to the audience and emphasise with his or her feelings and emotion if the character is killed in the film. also the lack of emphasis on the actors makes the narrative and storyline the focal aspect of the film. the social networking sites have been shown in the poster such as Facebook and Twitter below the credits. The will make the film very accessible to the consumer, and also links in with the development of the Web 2.0 where this means the audience can ‘Follow’ the movie and get a release date on it, and extra information on the film. this gives the film a bigger audience and more money at box office as more viewers will go watch this film.

At the bottom of the page the poster gives information when the film will be released ‘Coming Soon’ this gives no information when the film is going to come out and this will create a buzz and excitement for the viewers

Page 4: Horror Movie Posters' Convention

The title of this film is in blood red, as this is linking with Carrie’s face. The colour red is used in a lot of horror genre films as it tells the audience that there will be danger and have disturbing scenes in the film. this also follows the conventions in horror movies as it signifies blood and injury. This is shown by the crucifix on her necklace adding to the suggestion of it being supernatural in the film. Evermore the title is placed in the centre of the page, and slightly down to the bottom, this will the consumer look around the poster and will get more information about the film. also the name is slightly slashed, as someone has scratched it in. The actors name is above the title as this shows the audience who is in the film and also it could appeal to the audience that enjoy her acting or the type of films she stars in.

The main image is taking all of the space on the poster, her hair is hiding part of her face which is a direct comparison to Carrie being hidden by her Mother in the movie. The skin contrasts against the golden colour of the hair to make it stand out to the consumers. Also the colour of the skin is very pale, relating this to that she might be dead, and this also gives the connotation that she is physically cold which could reflect onto her personality as a ‘cold’ character.

As you can see her left eye is brown and it has a tear from it, whereas her right eye is red with blood coming down her face like a tear. The left might suggest that she still has some humanity within her and she didn’t mean for anything that happened to actually happen. So this suggests to the audience that she sis human because it gives the connotation of emotion and compassion. This links with the iconic scene in the film when Carrie is covered in pigs blood at prom, the fact her eye is red gives the connotation of her being possessed/the devil.

The irony as the crucifix is meant to protect religious people from bad spirits and this shows the audience that she is possessed by spirits. And this appeals to the audience as they find out more about the character in the film and shows that this is clearly a horror film poster.

The tagline of the film is just above the masthead and just under the masthead so included with the main image. It says “Know her name Beware her power” this tells the audience that the movie is based around the character in the main image (Carrie) and that she has powers. But this doesn’t specify what kind of powers this character but it is enough to draw the consumer in to find out about the film. also this gives the hint of supernatural in the film.

The image also has direct mode of address which catches the audience eyes and attention. As this would make the audience relate to the film as she is looking into the audience eyes. Her expression is very vacant and helpless which could make the audience make their own connotation about what she is thinking and how she feels as it left open to interpretation more.