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Transcript of Graduation Powerpoint1

  • Care for Kennedy Krieger By: Angelica Velikaris

  • My Inspiration My younger brother Christopher Diagnosed with Autism at age twoDuring June of 2008 he began to exhibit violent, self-injurious behaviors Was admitted to Kennedy Krieger Institute in May of 2010

  • Kennedy Krieger InstituteHospital for special needs children in Baltimore, MarylandCommitted to helping people with developmental disabilities achieve their potential and transition into their community

    Johns Hopkins

  • Neurobehavioral Unit (NBU)Unique 16 bed inpatient unitFor children with special needs also facing severe violent and self-injurious behavior Team of ABA therapists to help form treatment for every childLow staff to patient ratios to maintain a controlled environment

  • Fundraising

  • The Samaritan Saver Card

    The card is $20.00Pays for itself in a few uses Register online for printable coupons Receive discounts on over 100,000 places from shopping to travel Good for an entire yearSold 100 cards= $1,500 in profit

  • Wal-Mart

  • What Ive Learned Through the Project Importance of careful planning helps you plan for mistakes and work around themYou cant rely on others to do what you want How to present myself