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  • 1. Kirby Forbes

2. The Plan Now.. As of now, the fire evacuation plan is not safe, speedy, or organized. Acting as a human factors engineer with the job of redesigning this exit plan, I feel as if I have come up with a much better route as to which the students and faculty at LCHS should take in order to fix all three of these issues. 3. Safety The plan set forth currently is not the most safe evacuation plan for the following reasons: -Large amounts of students and faculty moving into tight convergent in several areas over campus -Once arrived at destination, it is extremely hectic due to so many people gathering in one central area The new plan will fix these issues by: -Spreading out students to go through different gates at the football field, so that students and faculty are not all headed towards one area. -Once arrived at football field, each building will be assigned a part of the stadium to locate to to avoid collision and keep everyone safe. 4. Speed Traffic Jams occur often when students and faculty exit their buildings for fire drills because: -The amount of people all going into one or two gates causes a back up and people end up standing completely still waiting to enter This will be resolved by: -Different gates will allow everyone to quickly, but not stressfully, get to their assigned location. -For the baseball field, it will be easier to get in quicker because not as many people are entering this area, and two gates will be of use. 5. Organization Is a problem because -Only two locations being used -Entryways to locations are usually blocked due to back ups Will be resolved by: -Adding one more location, the front area where the sign is -Making use of all gates and organizing classes once they get to assigned location 6. Locations: As of now, there are two places people are being sent, the football field and baseball field. The new plan will keep these two places and add the area in the front where the LCHS sign is. Also, it will make use of the gate by the tennis courts, the left side gate under the home stands, the left and right main entrance gates where the concession stands are, and the gate near the dumpster. On the football field, classes will have designated areas to report to in order to spread out and avoid hectic collisions. 7. Front: The left side of the career counseling building upstairs and downstairs will exit out and onto the grassy area in the front where the LCHS sign is. Adding this area, even for a smaller amount of people, will eliminate some problems with speed and safety because they can quickly get here, and will not be in the way of other people. 8. Football Field: Furthest gate by tennis courts: Main gym and physical plant Next gate that enters under home stands: Packard gym and upstairs core curriculum building Gate left side of concession stand: Academic wing Gate right side of concession stand: Admin building Gate by dumpsters: Band/Arts and Auditorium 9. Football Field Organization With the plan as is, there are many students all clustered in one central area on the football field. The new design will spread these students out based on what building they are coming from. Main gym and physical plant: Onto field in front of McCracken field Packard gym and upstairs core curriculum building: Into home stadium stands Admin building: Onto field on side of concession stand Band/Arts and Auditorium: Picnic table area/track 10. Baseball field: Brick entrance in front: Ag Science, Industrial Tech/ROTC Side gate: Right side of career counseling, and cafeteria if necessary 11. How this plan will be effective.. This new plan will be able to take place once the students are aware of how much more safe they will be. In order for students to know where to go with the new locations, teachers will have to ensure their students know exactly what their new designated location is. During a fire/fire drill, teachers in planning period should be in charge of helping students around them in the right direction. Fire drills will remain once a month in order to prepare the ones on campus for the worst, but the first month this plan is set forth, there should be a fire drill every 2 weeks with longer waiting time in between the bells in order to give students and teachers time to adjust to the changes.