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  • I started off by designing the layout for the contents page. This consisted of making a black box which was used as a background for the title, contact information, issue number and a date. I chose to make it black and I did it by using a brush and colouring it in.

    The reason why I chose black was that it looks good on the page and usually black goes together with all colours and it is important that colours on contents page match.

  • Reason I've chose to colour the box at the top in black is because this colour is within my colour scheme.The title contents is written in purple because this colour is the dominant one of the magazine. The other text, such as contact information is written in white because it goes together with the purple colour and matches the black background.Also I have included social networking logos to emphasise that my music magazine can be found online. I did it by saving the photo on the computer/laptop and then opening a new image.

  • Then I added a sub-heading which says features to show that there will be included peoples names who my audience will be able to read about in this magazine. Page numbers always have to go with the names too so then the audience knows what page to find their articles on.I decided to write this in black because then it looks casual and suits the white background. The page numbers are written in purple because it's one of my colour scheme colours. I put artists names but underneath that I also decided to put a little sub-text to give the readers an idea what the article will be about.

  • I used the same artist on contents page as on my front cover because it is important that there is continuity all way through the magazine therefore front cover, contents page and double page spread have to have the same artist on them to show that it is still the same magazine. At some point I used lasso tool, but at some - polygonal lasso tool. For the hair it is a loteasier to use polygonal lasso tool as it doesn't have any small bits to cut off. If the head has sharp edges, then the rubber can be used to make the hair look more realistic. Lasso tool was used for the other parts of body, eg. legs, arms because they most likely will just be straight so there is no point in using the other lasso tool which takes more time.

  • After I cut my artist out, I put her in the box which is placed on the contents page because then it made her stand out as she's the main artist. Even though, grey is not in my colour scheme, the box is still coloured in grey because it goes well together with white, black and purple. I thought it was a good idea to use this colour because purple would be too much and too bright, black would be too dark and white wouldn't stand out. Also I had to hide some parts of her behind the box borders because if I didn't then it wouldn't look right.

  • After the previous step, I added some more parts on the page, such as editor's letter. It is important that this is included because then it makes the magazine look more informal which will obviously attract my target audience and they're people aged 16-21. 'Win! Leeds fest tickets' is there to show that those tickets can be won which will make people pay attention to that article where it explains about how to win them which is one of the main purposes - make the magazine be interesting.The text I put in the box with the main artist tells the audience a bit more what will be included in the main article of this magazine as well as it says the page number which it can be read on.

  • I couldn't decide which colour to use for the box so I tried both of my options and screenshotted them to compare. Purple looked good but it didn't really fit in therefore I thought grey would be better to use in this case. Also the box above it is coloured in grey so they both go well together.