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2. MONTBLANC Montblanc is a small inner town in Tarragona. Montblanc is the capital of the Conca de Barber. Its on the river Francol. This river is longer than Bess but its shorter than Llobregat. The Francol is very dry. 3. MONTBLANC Montblanc has got City Walls and its famous for them. The City Wall are buildings that enclose the town.Theyre high and medieval. 4. MONTBLANC There are lots of towers and gates. This is The Raval. 5. MONTBLANC Santa Maria is very ancient and beautiful. Its a Gothic church. Santa Maria church is in restoration and its the biggest church in Montblanc. 6. MONTBLANC Its got beautiful squares. The main square is the Plaa Major. There you can see the Town Hall and its in the centre of the town. 7. MONTBLANC This is the main street Carrer Major. Its the longeststreet and it crosses the old part of the town. 8. MONTBLANC Sant Francesc church is very beautiful. Its got a garden and a bell tower. Its an ancient building. Sant Francesc is smaller than Santa Maria church. In this building, you can see some performances with the king, the queen, the princess and St. George in the Medieval Week. 9. MONTBLANC There are lots of streets in Montblanc.These streets are indoors. 10. MONTBLANC The streets are narrow. They are beautiful for their old houses. 11. MONTBLANC This is the Pont Vell in Montblanc. The Pont Vell is very ancient and its over the Francolis river. Its outdoors and its opposite Lleidas road. The Francol has got little water. Its dry because of drought. 12. MONTBLANC The Legend of St. George is very popular in Montblanc. The legend of St. George and the dragon is celebrated in Montblanc every year during the Medieval Week. This legend happened in Montblanc a long time ago. 13. MONTBLANC The City Wall are fabulous and impressive at night. Everybody can watch the Legend of St. George and the dragons performance in front of them on Saturday night at the Medieval Week. 14. MONTBLANC The medieval market is very big and beautiful. The Medieval market in St Georges week is very crowded. You can watch ancient jobs and professions: blacksmith, tailor, stonemason You can buy alive animals. Chickens, hens, birds, horses You can buy honey, medicine plants and handmade objects. 15. MONTBLANC The weather in Montblanc is cold in winter. It sometimes snows in Montbanc. Its fantastic! We can play with the snow in the streets. 16. MONTBLANC The giants are tall and big. Theyre bigger than a person. The giants dance in the Festa Major. 17. MONTBLANC La Vall is a valley near Montblanc. It flows the Francol and the water is very cold. La Vall has got a big waterfall where you can swim, play and walk. People go to La Vall in summer afternoons. 18.

  • La Riba is a small village.
  • Its near Montblanc.
  • It is high in the mountains.
  • Its got steep and narrow streets.
  • Its on the river Francol.


  • This is our school.

It has got two buildings: one for Primary and other for Secondary. 20. MONTBLANC Here we are! In April, a new boy arrived to our class. His names Zithao andhes chinese.