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  • 1. Who Is Paul Famer? He was A Medical Anthropologist A physician A founder of Partners In Health

2. Early Life Born October 26, 1959 in West Adams, Massachusetts Moved to Florida when he was twelve Elected president of his senior class and won a full scholarship toDuke University in North Carolina Received a Bachelor Degree and a M.D. and Ph. D. in Anthropology 3. Contributions to Global Health Created Partners in Health Provides many services to poor countries including Haiti Examination of Haiti after the earthquake Found cholera in Haiti 4. Discoveries Wanted to improve living conditions of poor countries Found in Haiti there was no access to clean water, education, ormedical care Malaria, tuberculosis, and typhoid were spreading 5. Life TodayToday Paul Farmer Gives Speeches Helps people all over the world that are in need Finds ways that he could help people 6. Awards/Achievements Chairmen at Harvard Medical School United Nations Deputy in Haiti Built a hospital in Haiti with Partners in Health Achieved the Heinz Award 7. Bibliography