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The genesis and evolution of the "Government 2.0 in Queensland" Community of Practice. A Community of public servants and others in Queensland, Australia dedicated to providing a space to share, discuss, workshop ideas relating to the use of Government 2.0 technologies and culture in their workplace.

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  • 6. n. community of practicea group of people who share an interest, a craft, and/or a profession.a. can evolve naturally because of the members common interest in aparticular domain or areab. can be created specifically with the goal of gaining knowledgerelated to their fieldIt is through the process of sharing information and experienceswith the group that the members learn from each other, and havean opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally.
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  • 13. This is the only opportunity I have to network and share ideas with my peers in other agencies.
  • 14. Gov 2.0 is too general for a community of practice Online + Face to Face Community DrivenVendor / Service Provider Neutral
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