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Transcript of Web 2.0 Government 2.0

  1. 1. WEB 2.0 GOVERNMENT 2.0Next generation websitesZoe Laycock Front of Mind
  2. 2. presentingFRONT OF MIND
  3. 3. Spin?Web 2.0quot;a popular (though ill-defined)buzz word amongst certain technical andmarketing communities?quot; FRONT OF MIND
  4. 4. What is Web 2.0? Business Model? Technology? FRONT OF MIND
  5. 5. Beyond the buzzNot about the how, but what. Read Write ExecuteFRONT OF MIND
  6. 6. Web 1.0 - first generation Read Static websites Information driven Provider led One-directional communicationFRONT OF MIND
  7. 7. Web 2.0 - next generation Read - WriteSignificant evolution brought about by the communityand the nature of the web itself. Dynamic, rich user experience Blurs traditional line between Web Apps and Rich Client Apps Harnesses the power of community Collective intelligence Takes usability to its ultimate level user definedFRONT OF MIND
  8. 8. User Experience FRONT OF MIND
  9. 9. Technologies not new Web 2.0 Poster Children RSS Blogs Wikis1999 RSS first introduced FRONT OF MIND
  10. 10. Google Mash-upsFRONT OF MIND
  11. 11. Second Life virtual communitiesFRONT OF MIND
  12. 12. Digg user powered news content FRONT OF MIND
  13. 13. FaceBookFRONT OF MIND
  14. 14. Not just social networkingCollaborative & mobile working Basecamp Google docs FRONT OF MIND
  15. 15. BasecampProject collaboration, management, and task software. Project management Client/ project extranetFRONT OF MIND
  16. 16. Google DocsWeb based word processor Usual word processor features No need for large, memory/ processor intensive application Type into your browser Auto save every few seconds Share work easily Computer crash no problem! FRONT OF MIND
  17. 17. Why should you care?FRONT OF MIND
  18. 18. Opportunities Self service Engagement Participation/ collaboration Take-upE-DEMOCRACY Co-production of web content Public sector sets the framework Customers/ stakeholders define the experience FRONT OF MIND
  19. 19. Government 2.0Examples hard to findPublic sector has been slower in its take up.FRONT OF MIND
  20. 20. L.B Redbridge FRONT OF MIND
  21. 21. L.B Redbridge step 1 registerFRONT OF MIND
  22. 22. L.B Redbridge FRONT OF MIND
  23. 23. L.B Redbridge FRONT OF MIND
  24. 24. L.B Redbridge FRONT OF MIND
  25. 25. L.B Redbridge - iMapFRONT OF MIND
  26. 26. Challenges: Broadband dependency Ajax web development framework for creating rich internet applications: Browser integration Response time Search engine optimisation Web analytics Reliance on JavaScriptFRONT OF MIND
  27. 27. Exciting opportunities To create websites that are: User centred Rich online experience Useful, usable, usedWeb 2.0 represents a next generation approach to website provision User centredUser definedFRONT OF MIND
  28. 28. ConclusionWeb 2.0 approach is the key to Take-upPutting website users in the driving seat! FRONT OF MIND
  29. 29. Thank You! Zoe LaycockNew Media Directorwww.frontofmind.co.uk Web That works!FRONT OF MIND