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My presentation in H4ck3rZ Duo

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  • 1. Google Documents Sinar Kamal Shebl

2. Agenda Whats Google Documents? How to access? Upload from desktop, Download as PDF Templates for everything SHARING (viewer , collaborator) Revision History Using Forms in Google Documents Conclusion 3. Whats Google Documents? Google documents is a free web-basedoffice application Its an SAAS (Software As A Service) Word Processor, presentations , excelsheets, and forms 4. How to access Google Docs?Therere two similar methods:1. with your google account2. Directly from your Gmail account, on the top left, theres a link Documents will lead you there. 5. Upload & Download You can upload any desired document to yourGoogle Documents account, and make itaccessible all the time from anywhere you canbe. You dont have to store on your hard disk, allcan be in one place, online , with very secureaccess to them. Any document can be downloaded in manyformats (PDF, HTML) and the other regularformats for it. 6. Templates, Sharing & History Therere templates available for everything(resume, photo albums, calculations , etc) You can choose members to share the documentwith you (as viewers or as collaborators ) Sharing saves time, make things more flexibleand very effective. You can revise the older versions of youdocument, compare them, and even retrieve backto an older one. 7. Using Forms Create a form with everything you need to askabout. Send the form to members to fill Each submit in the form will be saved in an excel sheet with all the results organized. Saves so much time, instead of receiving every single document by itself. 8. ConclusionGoogle Docs .. Rocks Thank you 9. Thank you