Google drive, google docs and google groups

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Transcript of Google drive, google docs and google groups

  • 1. Google Apps-Google Drive, Google Groups & Google Docs

2. Google Apps How Google Apps work 3. Google Drive, Google Docs and Google GroupsWhat are they? Google Drive and DocsGoogle Drive is a Internet cloud storage service thatallows you to store your documents, photos, videos and more online in one place. From Drive, you canalso access Google Docs and Google Groups, whereyou can create, share and collaborate ondocuments, spreadsheets, presentations and morefrom anywhere while online. 4. Google Drive Google Drive is a free service from Google that allows you to store files from yourcomputer online and access them anywhere, with multiple devices, using the cloud.Google Drive also gives you access to one of Googles most popular services, Google Docs. Google Drive really evolved from Google Docs.In order to use Google Drive, you need a Google Account. Google Accounts are free, during the signup process, you also receive a Gmail (Google Mail) address andGoogle+ profile.Once your account is created, you can use your Gmail address to access not onlyGoogle Drive, but other Google services like Groups, Calendar, YouTube, Reader, and more!Fortunately, none of you have to create your Google account here at SVSU, youalready had one created by your dedicated IT dept. The Google Login Usernameshould read as follows: First [email protected] The Password shouldbe the same as the one used to login into the SVSU domainRemember, if you already have a PERSONAL Google Account, dont use it for any SPED related tasks, they are separate entities when accessing SPED related materials!!! 5. Google DriveAfter login, make sure you install GoogleDrives software to your personal or work PC/laptop/PDA, this will enable your device to synchronize all your Google documents. 6. Google DriveGoogle Apps Google ReaderGoogle Docs Google GroupsGoogle EarthSynch. 7. Google Drive 8. Google Drive 9. Google DocsGoogle Docs is a free, web-based application that lets you create, share, andmanage documents, or docs. If youve ever used a productivity suite like MicrosoftOffice, Open Office, or Libre Office, some things about Google Docs might seemvery familiar.For instance, the types of docs you can work with in Google Docs resemble filesthat can be created with various Microsoft Office programs, such as:Word Documents: For composing letters, flyers, essays, and other text-basedfiles (similar to Microsoft Word documents).Spreadsheets: For storing and organizing information (similar to Microsoft Excelworksheets).Presentations: For creating and presenting slides (similar to Microsoft PowerPointslideshows).Also:Forms: For collecting and organizing data.Drawings: For creating simple vector graphics or diagrams.Tables: For creating visual representations of your uploaded data. 10. Google DocsSoWhy Use Google Docs? You can access it anywhere, and its easy to share and collaborate on docs. Google Docs lets you decide exactly who you want to see your docs by offering three sharing settings.You can choose to: Keep a document privateShare it with a few peopleMake it public on the webYou can also customize these settings to allow others to edit yourdoc. This can be extremely useful if youre working on a documentwith a group of people.Instead of sending multiple versions of a document back and forth asyou each make edits, you will all be able to make comments and edit the same file in real time. 11. Google DocsWhat kinds of files would you keep on your Google Drive?Can you think of any files youd like to sync across multiple devices? Try using one of the demos on the Google Docs Demo page. How does Google Docs compare with other programs youve used before?Think of a few situations when you might need tocollaborate on a file with others. 12. Google Groups SVSU Plus Student Projects on GoogleDocs2012 SVSU Paraeducators on Google DocsFamily CookingForum on GoogleDocsVolleyball Club onGoogle Docs 13. GroupWhat is an online group anyway? A group is an online environment for discussing items related to a specific subject, such as soccer or Gmail.A group can contain multiple topics. Topics are different discussions related to the groups subject. Topics in agroup about soccer might be What are the rules of the game? or Soccer game this Saturday.Topics can contain multiple posts. Posts are replies fromreaders to the topic. 14. Google GroupsGoogle Groups is a Google online application allowing you to createemail groups. Google Groups is free of charge and available Again, you dont have to create your ParaGroup, as you can access it in your SVSU Google Drive Account.Theres a lot you can do with Google Groups:Engage in discussions about a specific subject.Create a question and answer customer support group for a product, suchas a piece of software your company has written.Organize meetings, conferences, or social events among members of agroup.Find people with similar hobbies, interests, or backgrounds.Read group posts through email, the online interface, or both. 15. Types of Google Groups User Roles:Administrators vs. Participants There are two types of Google Groups user roles: Participants and Administrators. Administrators create new groups and manage group members, discussions, and other settings. (E.g. Meg posts an article on Autism to share with the ParaEducators) Participants subscribe to groups and participate in groupdiscussions. (E.g. Para in Sped posts her or his view on Megs article.)A roles permissions determines what a user can do within a group. 16. Class Lab ExerciseLets Find Our User Group and Post a Reply on one of Meg Seffs Articles. 17. Class Lab ExerciseLets Create Our Own User Group, Create A Google Document and Share it with OurCreated Group 18. Helpful Google Tutorial Websites on Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Groups and other Google Apps Google Drive Google Groups Docs