Google Docs Basics UCFSD Google Docs Training On a PC Use Firefox for Google Docs Presentations

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Transcript of Google Docs Basics UCFSD Google Docs Training On a PC Use Firefox for Google Docs Presentations

Google Docs Basics

Google Docs Basics

UCFSD Google Docs Training

On a PC Use Firefox for Google Docs PresentationsClick on the Google Icon on the UHS Home page to get started

Google Docs - Logging InLogging in: From the district "web site" Just Username and PasswordGoogle Docs - Logging InLogging in: From Google.comFull email address and Password

Make sure you type in your entire username email here Google Docs Why Use?Click Documents to get startedGetting Started With DocsCreate New icon on left-->Choose Document We will type the information on the handout provided. As we do this, we will compare Microsoft Office Word Ribbons with Google Docs. When you create a new file first give it a nameUsing Google Docs so Google will start saving for you automatically.You will learn how to edit, & share a document as well as email an attachment using the document from the handout you will type. So let's begin!Creating a Spreadsheet1. Create -->New Spreadsheet or Upload one that is created. 2. We will Upload one that has been created for you for this exercise. 3. Upload Sales Report.xls from File Pickup4. Typing text and creating formulas are very similar to Excel. To add to cells in Google Spreadsheets you would type (=B3+C3) (Remember PEMDAS) order of operations in creating your own formulas5. Use the - to subtract, * to multiply, / to divideFunctions Same as Excel

1. Open the Sales Report.xls we will total columns using the Sum Function2. We will average columns using the Average function 3. Chart the Spreadsheet and insert on a new sheet.Working with the Sales Report

We will insert a Sum Function to Sum the WEB SALES Total In Cell B11 type =Sum then highlight the Cells as in Excel B4 down to B9 the close ) is added to end the function Press enter to see results 3,248. Second way to add a Function --Use the Insert Menu and choose Function and select the function Average, which we will do after copying this function to Columns C & D to see the sum of STORE & BULK sales totals columns

Copying the Function to other cell columns

1. Click in the Cell B11 until the cursor becomes a black cross and drag to Columns C11 and D11. You now have totals for Store & Bulk columns.2. In Cell A12 type the word AVERAGE3. In B12 go to the Insert Menu Choose Average Function and highlight the cells C4 thru C9. Press Enter and the Average appears in the cell 541.33.......Formatting Cells to two decimal places1. Go to the Format Menu and Choose 2 Decimal Places

2. Click on the cell B12 and copy to the Store & Bulk Columns 3. You now have AVERAGES for all columnsCreating a Chart1. Select Cells A3: D9 (varieties and amounts of each type) 2. Insert Menu--choose Chart or the Chart icon on the right of your menu bar 3. Chart Editor appears4. On Start Tab Google recommends type of charts for your Data5. Click More Charts to see other types-- 6. View All --choose Column for this example

Charting ContinuedChoose Customize to add a Title for the slideType -- April Sales ReportDecide where you want the Legend placedVertical (Y ) Axis type-- SalesHorizontal (X) Axis type --VarietiesClick Insert--chart now appears on top of your spreadsheet. You can also add a background colorClick on the Gray Bar at the top of chart and drag down below the spreadsheet orClick on the Chart 1 drop down arrow on the top right and select MOVE TO OWN SHEET & You can name the chart--> Done!!Please Note:When DOWNLOADING a Google Spreadsheet as an Excel file, the chart does not download on certain Browsers. You will have to click SAVE IMAGE in the Upper Right corner of the chart and it will have the extension .pngPresentations Creating --A New PresentationWorks very much like Google Docs (creating, naming first, auto saving & sharing)Click--> Create New icon & choose PresentationNext, you can pick a theme or insert an image as your background for all your slidesOn the next slide you will be able to see all the things you can do when opening a new Presentation from the SLIDE MENU->change background color, pick a theme or insert and imageSlide Menu OptionsYou can change the background color, layout of a slide like PowerPoint (blank, title only, title & 2 columns etc.)

Apply transitions as in PowerPoint SlideWorking on a Presentation1. In this lesson we will UPLOAD a Presentation from File Pickup called Orientation.ppt2. Add a background image called Background.png from File Pickup that will appear on all slides3. Type text on a slide4. Insert a Video on a slide5. Share the presentation with your peers to edit6. Download as a PowerPoint to add all the bells and whistles --so let's begin!!Working with the Orientation.ppt 1. Click on the UPLOAD icon and select Files then navigate to find your Orientation.ppt file2. To inserting a background image for all slides--> Slide Menu--choose Background-->Choose-->Image Click Choose an Image to Upload then navigate to the Background.png file and then click Select3. Click Apply to all 4. Click Done--Now all the slides have the new attractive background! Inserting an Image on Slide 11.Insert Menu--Choose Image and navigate to the Tree2.jpg

2.Once on the slide you can move it and resize the image (hold down the shift key to resize proportionally)

3. Place it attractively on the slide

Typing & Formatting Text1. Go to slide 22. Highlight Your Name and replace it with yours3. Type your hometown4. Type a job position for the company (example Public Relations Director)5. Now change the font color, size and font styleInserting a Video on the History Slide (4)1. To Insert a Video go to the Insert Menu-->choose Video a window opens and the YouTube search box appears!

Inserting a Video on slide 4 (Continued)5. Type olive oil in the search box. I chose "How To Make Extra Virgin Olive Oil--you may choose any one you wish

(Suggestion --one that is not too long)

Please see next slide for an example

Screen shot of inserting a Video Type what you want to search here & a list of videos appears below. Click SELECT SHARING YOUR .PPTJust like in Documents!! 1. Click on the Share Icon on the right of your screen2. Choose someone in in the class to work with3. On slide 2 of the Orientation.ppt one person change the title of your job to: Human Resource Director4. On slide 4 your partner should change History to Click to Play MovieHow to Download your .ppt file to an Office PowerPoint1. When done collaborating you can download the file to an Office PowerPoint file.

File Menu--> Download as-->choose file as Microsoft PowerPoint.pptx file

THE END--created by Jean C. StevensComputer Applications Dept.