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Foodie handbook. A new media entrepreneur project telling you how to deal with strange food and eat healthily.

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  • 1. Handbook 1

2. AGENDA Discover Define Develop Delivery Marketing 2 3. Focus group; marketing researchDiscover Focus group Marketing research 3 4. They all have had embarrassing experience with eating. Discover Focus group 4 5. Discover Focus group San Nak Ji Spirrali piain hot-and-dry noodles Trionychidae 5 6. Discover Focus group Using Google, Baidu search engine UGC not authentic; Take long time to find a feasible solution; Text, no images and detailed instructions; Only if they know the exact name 6 7. Discover Focus group Using Google, Baidu search engine UGC not authentic; Take long time to find a feasible solution; Text, no images and detailed instructions; Only if they know the exact name 7 8. Discover Focus group Watch Video at home; not simultaneously 8 9. Discover Focus group Watch Video at home; not simultaneously 9 10. Discover Focus group Watch how people around it embarrassing Asking merchants to teach Language???? 10 11. Discover Focus group Watch how people around it embarrassing Asking merchants to teach Language???? 11 12. Discover Focus group 12 Satisfied 0% Mostly satisfied 12% Barely satisfied 25% Not satisfied 63% ATTITUDE 13. Marketing positioningDefine 13 14. Focus group; marketing researchDefine Business objectives Personas Site content clarification Site map 14 15. Business ObjectivesDefine Attract new customers to use our app and create a buzz Enrich our content and improve software quality Cultivate customer loyalty Try to be the leader in the online food encyclopedia platform 15 16. PersonasDefine Jessica SUN I like to try new food, and I want a tool to help me quickly learn the eating ways of some strange food. Jessica comes to Hong Kong from Harbin to pursue her master degree. Being young and energetic, she loves outdoor activities, delicious food and shopping. She is full of curiosity and loves to try new food, but sometimes she cannot figure out how to eat some food, especially for these strange seafood as she is from north China and has little experience before. She is looking for a tool to help her quickly learn new food eating ways. Goals (in order of preference) To know how to eat some strange food quickly To share the eating way with her friends on SNS Quick Stats Age:22 Occupation: master student Location: Hong Kong Phone: Samsung s4 (Android) 16 17. PersonasDefine Tina XIA Dishes on my table are never the same. I like the happy face when my family eat food I cook. Tina is a young and beautiful housewife. She spent most of the time at home or with friends. She cares much about the quality of life. Tina often cooks for her family and she wants to know the most correct and healthy way to eat some food materials. Tina is also keen on selfie and share her everyday quality life photos on WeChats Moments. Therefore, she will sometimes cook strange but expensive food at home and post the dishes online. Goals (in order of preference) To know the most correct and healthy way to eat some food materials To share her quality life on SNS Quick Stats Age:32 Occupation: housewife Location: Guangzhou Phone: iPhone 5S (IOS) 17 18. PersonasDefine Eric CHEN I am a travelling guy. So I often meet strange food during different journey. I want to know the eating ways. Eric is fond of outdoors sports, travelling and photography. During trips in different locations, all over China and even sometimes abroad, he often finds himself confused with many strange food. He wants to know the eating ways quickly and conveniently, as he thinks its troublesome to use too complicated Apps during the trip Goals (in order of preference) To know how to eat some strange food conveniently Want the App to be simple and easy to use. Quick Stats Age: 46 Occupation: senior manager Location: Shanghai Phone: iPhone 5S (IOS) 18 19. Site content clarificationDefine How to deal with unfamiliar food material Nutrient value of a certain kind food material User generated content 19 Provide personalized contents 20. Site MapDefine 20 21. Focus group; marketing researchDevelop Usability test Business model canvas 21 22. Usability TestDevelop Problems 1. Content Construction Add the nutrition value 2. UI design The representative buttons Lack of quick link Infrequent usage of search box Lack of customized function Unappealing style of our feedback page 1st Solutions 1. Select more generally-recognized symbols to represent some certain functions. 2. Add a quick link button on an obvious position in every sub-page. 3. Add a short instruction under the search box. 4. Homepage will make some change after users login in. 5. Redesign the feedback page, try to encourage people to report new food material to us. 2st 22 23. Business model canvasDevelop Key Partners Food retailers Restaurants Flavor providers Key Activities Instructions about how to deal with unfamiliar food Food nutrition value UGC Food Guidelines Value Propositions Diverse species Step-by-step teaching Plain and clear, easy to understand Personalized Authentic Customer Relationships Coupons from sponsor brands User generate content/ get involved in our content Updated Sale information from ad clients Customer Segments Who will in face of various food Traveler Foodie Housewife Business people Key Resources Content Contacts Channels Search engine Official website SNS e-Magazine Cost Structure Serve Cloud /posting service provider Content provider Web designer Project Personnel cost Government grants Marketing Rent and Administrative cost Revenue Streams free model Advertising Sponsorship E-commerce (link to the ingredients user searched) 23 24. Focus group; marketing researchDelivery Ideal User Journey Income Statement 24 25. Idea Ideal User Journey y Delivery Jessica is a CUHK postgraduate student , who comes from the northeast of China. Once she had a trip to Sai Kung with her friend, since Sai Kung is famous for seafood, they would not miss it absolutely. Since the two girls are both from the north of China, they were not very familiar with seafood, therefore, they were totally confused with the items in the menu. Without Foodie handbook They have no idea what to eat, so the situation may probably happen again when they prepare to order seafood. Within Foodie handbook Jessica opens the foodie app, and searches almost every item of the menu. At last, they have a great dinner with happiness. After that, Jessica falls in love with seafood and becomes an expert. 25 26. Idea Ideal User Journey y Delivery Tina is a housewife from Xiamen. In her daily life, she loves to find new food materials and try to cook some creative dishes, One day, Tina wants to cook a new style food. However, she can only figure out one new way since she has cooked so many kinds of food materials. Without Foodie handbook Finally, she does not find a new food material and cooks a daily dinner. Although it is not a big deal to her, she still feels disappointed for that. Within Foodie handbook Tina opens Foodie app, she scans some food materials through categorization offered by the app and finds out a new food item Eventually. And now she can tell a lot of other new items now. She is quite satisfied about that. 26 27. Idea Ideal User Journey y Delivery Eric likes travel very much. He constantly focuses on traveling, and the biggest obstacle for him is eating. Today, Eric visits a little remote town of Guizhou province, and local people welcomes him warmly. When he has his lunch, local people offer him some local special food. He is very excited about that, but he cannot figure out what he was eating because of the dialect. Without Foodie handbook After lunch, Eric does not remember what he has eat exactly. When he wants to recommended local food to his friends and family, he cannot tell the name about the dishes and materials. Within Foodie handbook Eric opens Foodie app, he finds a lot of local food materials through the LBS function. He knew what he was eating even though he cannot understand what the local people talk about. And he recommends some good dishes to his friends when he goes back home. 27 28. Idea Income Statement Delivery Revenue 110,000 Online advertising (Google Adsense) 10,000 Brand promotion 60,000 Product link 40,000 Cost 132,800 Rent and administrative cost 18,000+12000 Software and Hardware cost 40,000 Project personnel costs 48,000 Government Grants 4,800 Marketing 10,000 Net income (22,800) 28 29. Idea Income Statement Delivery 29 CF0 -200,000 CF1 -22,800 CF2 65000 CF3 107900 CF4 163670 Assume the revenue growth rate is 30%. And at the beginning of the period, we can generate 200,000RMB. And our cash flow are as following: 30. Idea Income Statement Delivery Recently, the risk-free rate of interest is 3%, namely, the discount rate is 3%. NPV =-200,000-22800/(1+3%)+65000/ (1+3%) +107900/ (1+3%) +163670/(1+3%) =72329>0 Accepted 110,000 143000 185,90030% 30% 30 30%2 3 4 31. Focus group; marketing researchMarketing 31 32. Search Engine Marketing Keyword-Rich Page Title Answer related questions 32 33. Social Media Marketing Build community on major social media platform Create buzz 33 34. Video Website Marketing Promotion video 34 35. Official Website Marketing 35 36. Official Website Marketing 36 37. Thank you! 37