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  1. 1. Fit Foodie - Overview Saffola Fit Foodie is an online recipe portal for healthier recipes, which are delightful, tempting and yummy to taste. This platform is a joy not only to foodies but also to the individuals who esteem fit lifestyle. Discover an astonishing mixture of healthy and tasty dishes going crosswise over distinctive cuisines, meals utilizing diverse ingredients Each recipe here has been carefully worked on, analyzed, tasted and has been scrutinized by Saffola's master board containing foodies, culinary experts, chefs and nutritionists to guarantee that you outwit both health and taste. The Fit Foodie board is led by Michelin featured cook, Vikas Khanna.
  2. 2. Fit Foodie - Features Explore the latest video recipes by the Michelin starred Indian Chef Vikas Khanna Filter the recipes as per your choice of cuisine, course, ingredient, veg. & non veg. factor, etc from the number of recipes stocked at Fit Foodie Know the nutrition value of every dish you make from the recipe available at Fit Foodie Recipes at Ft Foodie are reviewed by our Expert Panel led by Chef Vikas Khanna including Rekha Kakkar, Deeba Rajpal, Archana Doshi, Jigna Sheth & Purvi Varma Register at Fit Foodie Corner where you can create your own recipe diary, submit your recipe or ask the experts.
  3. 3. Fit Foodie Panel Experts Vikas Khanna - Chef
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  5. 5. Fit Foodie Corner Register on Fit Foodie Corner and get an access to the below features absolutely FREE.
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