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Shehzad AnwarGeneral Manager SNS Hospitality Pvt Ltd Lahore, Pakistan(February, 2015)TABLE OF CONTENTSTopics Pg#Introduction3Purpose & Responsibilities4Your Attitude4Attitude While Dealing With Guests5Sequence of Service6How We Make Our Guests Unhappy7Appearance and Personal Hygiene8-9Information and Expectations10Grazing11Safety12Service Steps13The Donts14Important Sentences to Remember15Telephone Handling16Busser Duties17Server Duties18Bartender Duties19Goal for Service Staff20

INTRODUCTION OF TOKYO & JAZZ CAF & GRILLTokyoOperation Timings:Lunch: 12:00noon 3:30pmDinner: 7:00pm 11:30pm Friday, Saturday, 12:00amJapanese Tea Ceremony: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 4:30pm 6:00pmType of food: Japanese Live Teppanyaki & Sushi BarPopular Dishes: Teppanyaki, Sashimi, Sushi, Sushi Rolls, Teriyaki, Donburi Dishes, Type of Service: Ala carte, American, Family serviceSitting Capacity: 92- (Teppanyaki -30 & sushi Bar-12, Ala carte Section- 50)Jazz RestaurantOperation Timings: Monday to Thursday Friday, Saturday, SundayLunch: 12:00noon 4:00pm, Breakfast: 7:00am to 11:30Shaam Ki Chai- Hi-tea Buffet / Ala carte: 3:30pm 6:30 Dinner: 6:30pm 12:00am Friday, Saturday& Sunday Dinner: 6:30 - 12:30amType of food: Italian, Continental, Steaks, Thai, Chinese & Oriental Popular Dishes: Italian Pizza, Burgers & Sandwiches, Thai & Chinese food Imported & Local Steaks, Grilled food, Italian Pastas, Salad bar, Gelato ice cream, Cheese cakes, live cooking station, Mock tails & Coffees.Type of Service: Ala carte, American, Family service, BuffetSitting Capacity: 110- (Garden Room-36 others-74)

Purpose of This ManualThe Purpose of this training manual is: To train you in the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to properly perform your duties; To train you with a string service ethic toward our customers and your fellow workers; To provide you with the tools and techniques to comfortably perform all assigned tasks; To prepare you for potentially difficult situations by providing you with the approved way of dealing with them

Responsibilities The Restaurant Manager is responsible to give you proper and complete training for your position. It is your responsibility: To diligently apply yourself to mastering the material presented in this manual, and To notify the Dining Services Manager of any difficulties encountered in the performance of your duties that might require modification of Front of the House operational policies, procedures, standards, or training.

Your Attitude Satisfying our CUSTOMERS is not an easy matter. They expect high quality food, recreation, and service in a clean, friendly, well-maintained and operated environment. To meet their expectations you must have a keen commitment to our standards of service and the right attitude to make it happen. The right attitude is the most important requirement for success in any field of life. How you approach your work has a direct effect upon the quality of your work If you think on the negative, your work and every aspect of your life will be negative. You must choose that your work in a positive way and take pride in your contributions to the larger effort. We feel strongly about maintaining a positive attitude. One sour, negative attitude can be very bad for the workplace & for all of us. Our CUSTOMERS dont need it and we dont need it as well. So we say with deep conviction, BE POSITIVE HERE, OR DONT BE HERE!

ATTITUDE WHILE DEALING WITH GUESTSThe best way to make a guest comfortable is to combine a warm, cheerful attitude with good grooming. Chances are your guest will respond with a friendly smile and perhaps an appreciative, Thank you. Being able to make the guest comfortable and keep him/her comfortable is easy once you know what bothers him/her and how your attitude affects the guest.

Listed below are some attitudes you should be aware of when dealing with guests:

Greeting & Cheerfulness

A warm Greeting & cheerful attitude makes guests comfortable, and cheerfulness begins with a smile and a cheerful friendly voice.


Courtesy works hand-in-hand with attitude. Always address your guest as Sir, Miss or Maam. Always use their name if you know it. Never use Dear, Friend or Honey. Find out the guests name. Using the guests name makes him or her feel important and also demonstrates a high degree of professionalism. The guests deserve courtesy even when they are unpleasant. Never get angry with a guest or talk back.Always make the guest feel welcome and glad he came in. This is done with a smile. Always smile, it makes our guests comfortable.

Listening Guests Complaints

The polite and proper way to treat a complaint is to 1) Listen carefully, 2) Apologize, 3) take some action including reporting the complaint to your manager, and 4) report back to the guest on what you have done.

BASIC ETIQUETTES OF RESTAURANT Never talk about another guest in the dining room. Other guests may overhear your comments. Never argue or yell at a fellow employee, at any time. Never correct a fellow employee in front of guests, it makes employees look inadequate. Dont do anything to make food or atmosphere unappetizing. Chewing gum is offensive to people who are eating. People are germ conscious. Coughing and sneezing means germs. Be sure to cover your mouth and nose with your hand or a handkerchief and always wash hands immediately after. Noise makes people nervous and makes it hard to enjoy their food. Hustle and bustle of staff can be nerve testing. Never run. Be compact as you service a table. Your guest deserves your total attention. Never look around while talking to your guest or talk to anyone else not on the table. Eye contact is very important. Always be one step ahead of your guests-make sure he/she has everything he/she needs before he/she asks for it. Never blame the kitchen for delays in service. If there is a delay, the manager needs to be informed before the fact.

SEQUENCE OF SERVICE Greeting the guest with smiling face & call them by their names Wish them according to the time of day Asked if they have reservation Escort them to their table Follow the Code of Conduct Present the menu Take the beverages order Served the drinks Take the food order Repeat the guests order & tell the guest about the serving time 20-25 minutes Mention the guests preferences on the KOT i.e. condition of steak etc Write the order taking time on KOT Write the order placing time in the KITCHEN Remove the juice & shakes Glasses & ask the guests for any other drink Place the set up and condiments according to the order Served them food according to sequence of service Make sure the food is hot and presentation of food is according to standard Ask the guest about the food within 5-minutes after service Listen to the guest carefully about his comments If the guests make any complain about the food then immediately inform to the manager Wait until all guest of one table has finished their food Clear the soiled plates and silver form any suitable side of the guest Crumbed down the table with a neat piece of cloth Place the tooth picks Present the menu for desserts, take the dessert order Served the desserts in between 7-10 minutes time Take the hot beverages order & served hot, tea cup should be placed @ 4O clock position & tea spoon should be @ 3O clock, should be served with in 5-6 minutes During the whole service time keep eye contact with the guest as guests should not to ignored After the guests finished their meal present the comments card to guest ask them about their dining experience Present the bill when guests ask for it Check that everything is properly charged Do not pick up the bill folder in front guest See of the guests by wishing them Thank you sir / madam have a nice day or evening & escort them to the door When the guests leave the table immediately check that if they forget anything (like keys, mobile or any related thing) If anything found immediately return to guest & informed to manager If the guests has left the property then deposit in lost & found and return them on their next visit Make sure that the Happy Costumers are Repeating Costumers HOW WE MAKE OUR GUESTS UNHAPPY


Grouchy greetings or none at all Letting ladies seat themselves Improperly set tables Empty salt and pepper shakers Forget condiments for food items, (i.e.: ketchup, mustard, steak sauce) Guests having to ask for silverware Service from the wrong side Reaching in front of guests Not saying, Pardon me, sir/maam Dirty or bent silverware Chipped glasses, china Tea/Coffee spilled in saucer Finger marks on plates, glasses or flatware Touching mouth or nose with fingers Being too familiar with guests Servers in groups Loud talking or arguments Clattering of dishes Littered floors Forgetting items Empty water glasses Glasses too full Empty bread trays, no butter Dirty ash tray Thumb in soup Holes in or stained linen Not giving guest a new napkin when His/hers falls on the floor

Forgetting specific instructions no Gravy, no potatoes, no sauce, etc Rushing guests when not in a hurry Forgetting guests order Cold plates for hot food Scraping crumbs onto floor Spilling things on floor Touching food with hands Removing plates before all guests are finished Dirty side stands Ignoring guests on another servers Asking guests to pay check so Server can go home Making guest wait for check Placing check on table face up Not thanking guests Questioning size of tip Forgetting to assist guest when leaving Not saying good-bye Counting tips in dining room Dirty fingernails and hands Sloppy uniforms and shoes Body odor, bad br