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  • 1. 9/21 Amuse Bouche: Record the quote inthe bell work section of your binder thenwrite your response. One cannot think well, love well, sleepwell if one has not dined well.~Virginia Woolf~

2. Announcements:Binder Check on Monday! Make sure youhave all Amuse Bouche/Bellwork responses,class assignments, notetakers, articlesummary, etc. up to date.Homework assignment due Wednesday(Prepare a meal for your family then take apicture or write a summary. Must haveparent signature verifying that you preparedthe meal) 3. Cake Off Winners: Augusta ThompsonCeleese DockeryDeb KitchensThese students will go on to the state competition October 24th! Congratulations 4. USFoods Food Show Field Trip on 9/25 (Pleaseturn in permission slips by Monday 8am)Jason GarciaDeb KitchensDani AntoshBethanie SpencerConner LongCameron CorensWe will be leaving at 730 am Tuesday- please dress Casual Professional. We will return at 6pm 5. Officer Training on 9/27 (Please turn in permission slips by Monday 8am)Bethanie SpencerDeb KitchensJason GarciaDani AntoshKatelynn RenzulliCameron CorensMatthew Garciacona 8am 3pm , Wear professional dress 6. 10/1 Apple Annies Field Trip (Please turn in signed form by Tuesday, September 25th) 7. 10/5 Biosphere Field Trip (Please turn inPermission forms by Tuesday, September25th) 8. ObjectivesStudents will be able to:1.Identify the general rules of table service2.Explain side work for opening and closing3.Identify appropriate dress forfront of the house 9. Make a list of things that you think can make eating at a finedining (fancy) restaurant special.Be prepared to share with the class 10. Before/After 1. What is the proper way to handle flatware whenserving guests? 2. Which guest should be served first at the table? 3. What are 2 ways that you will know a guest is doneeating a meal/course? 4. What needs to be done before guests arrive and afterthey leave? 5. Describe appropriate dress for Front of the House. 11. K.I.M. Form of ConceptK=I=M= Key Word or Information MemoryMappingConcept or data Strategy Words incombinations orrelevant contextand not taught inisolation are morelikely to beremembered 12. Vocabulary Term: CustomerServiceEffectively servicing guests/customers from the beginning to end of their purchase. 13. Vocabulary Term: SoiledTo make unclean especially on surface. 14. Vocabulary Term: Clearing Removing soiled dishes from a guest table.If unsure ask 15. Terminology: Team Work Team Work- Cooperative or coordinatedeffort on the part of a group of personsacting together as a team or in the interestsof a common cause. 16. How do you knowthe guest is finished with the course?Criss cross4 o clock 17. Four Stationsor Four Corners1. Go to your assigned station2. Discuss the prompt and take notes3. Rotate to the next station when time is called4. Return to your seats and be prepared to share4 Minutes at each station 19 18. Which Is Correct?(hold up fingers)1. Dinner plates are needed for coffee service2. If you are unsure if a guest is finished with a course you should go ahead and clear it.3. Beverages should be poured into beverage containers directly on table.4. Guest must remind you if they need utensils.5. Heavily soiled napkins should be replaced. 19. PREDICTPredict what would happen if Therewere no folded napkins, no polishedglasses, and only half of the tables were setfor dinner service and several guest beganto arrive. Write down your prediction inthe Assignments section of your binder.Be prepared to share. 20. Side WorkSmall jobs that must be completed to ensure thatservice runs smoothly. (Must be be done before service begins and after itends) 21. Brainstorm With the person next to you, list atleast 6 side work duties that you think must be done beforeservice begins.Be prepared to share 22. Graphic OrganizerWrite down information fromthe text or presentation into your graphic organizer 23. Dining Room Manager (DM)Opening Side WorkCheck reservations (if any)Draw floor plan plot tables and large partiesSupervise set up of dining roomMeet with chef for specialsVerify tables are set and detailedConfirm drink specials (if any)Run pre shift meeting 24. Dining Room ManagerClosing Side WorkDo final walk throughEnsure all closing duties have been completed and lock all doorsAdjust lights 25. Hostperson Opening side workCheck cleanliness of restroom and lobbyCheck messagesReturn callsVerify reservations for next business day (call and mark)Thorough menu check (count, cleanliness, ensure they are correct menus) 26. HostpersonClosing Side WorkWipe down menusFinal check of the restroom and lobbyStraighten host standEnsure all guest checks are closedFinal message checkSee DM for closing check out 27. ServerB.O.T.H. Opening Side WorkPlace sanitation bucketsClean and polish glasses for service and silverwareCut lemonsGarnish tray for drinks if neededSet up water glassesFill water pitchersMake sure coffee and tea are made for service 28. ServerB.O.T.H. Closing Side WorkReturn sanitation bucketPlace any soiled beverage containers in rackStart organizing shelves with F.O.T.H. Server (Sugar caddies, tea, etc.)Dump coffee and tea, cleanWrap garnish traysSee DM for closing check out 29. ServerF.O.T.H. Opening Side WorkFold napkinsPolish silverwareSet tablesDetail tablesSet up service traysCheck and fill salt and pepper shakers (S&P) 30. ServerF.O.T.H. Closing Side WorkHelp replace tablecloths if neededWipe down salt and pepper shakersSpot sweep dining roomFill sugar caddiesStraighten service station (sugar caddies, tea, etc.)See DM for closing check out 31. Bus PersonOpening Side WorkVerify dining room floor is clean and free of debrisHelp set up dining room for serviceHelp set up water glasses and water pitchers for serviceSet up Iced tea pitchers 32. Bus PersonClosing Side WorkClear tables and change soiled linensTake linen bag from B.O.T.H. to backBreak down traysWipe trays with sanitizing solution (wash if needed)See DM for closing check out 33. Pa r ap h rase rson next re the pe t least With you e down a to you, writbout why points atwo key te am whileworki ng as ao rk is so n g side w completi im portant. your keySummarize n words! your owpoints ind to share B e prepare 34. Think-Pair-ShareDescribe what you think isappropriate attire for a front of the house employee to wear andwhy. 35. Appropriate DressClean solid shirtClean black pantsClean apronClean non slip closed toed shoes**Every restaurant isdifferent but, you cant gowrong with a cleanuniform** 36. Partner A turn to partner B. Tell or teach your partner thetwo most important things youhave learned so far at thestation you are at... Switch roles and repeat theprocess.38 37. Before/After 1. What is the proper way to handle flatware whenserving guests? 2. Which guest should be served first at the table? 3. What are 2 ways that you will know a guest is doneeating a meal/course? 4. What needs to be done before guests arrive and afterthey leave? 5. Describe appropriate dress for Front of the House. 38. Find Someone WhoFind someone who can answerone of the questions on yourhandout.Have them write the answer andsign your paper.Now, find a different personto answer another question.Keep going until all of thequestions are answered. 39. Closure: Snapshot Write asnapshot of todayslearning in 25words or less.