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  • 8/12/2019 Fle July 2014


    July 2014

  • 8/12/2019 Fle July 2014


  • 8/12/2019 Fle July 2014




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    July 2014Volume 4 Number 7

    Its a jungle out there 5El Dorado Musical Theatre tackles an iconic Disneytale through mentoring programGet a taste of Japanese street food 16Aji Japanese Bistro is embraced by foodies

    Fireworks light up the sky 27El Dorado Hills Town Center ready for some fun

    Well the 100 degree weather has hit the region and that can onlymean one thing the Folsom Pro Rodeo and Cattle Drive willsoon take off.

    Bucking bulls throwing both dirt and cowboys are just part of thenon-stop action at the Folsom Pro Rodeo set for July 3, 4 and 5.

    If youre looking for a night of fireworks to help celebrate the Fourthof July, the El Dorado Hills Fireworks Jubilee will take place from 6-11p.m., Thursday, July 3, in El Dorado Hills Town Center..

    For those looking for a cool way to escape the summer heat, try Fol-soms $5 Movie Tuesdays at the Palladio 16 Cinemas.

    More in the mood for a laugh? Tommy Ts Comedy and Dinner The-atre is reopened and ready to serve up some giggles.

    Upcoming shows include the talents of comedians Mark Curry,Cocoa Brown and Guy Torry.

    For more information on all of these events and more, just peekthrough this issue.

    Yes, there are a lot of fun activities this month around the region Ilook forward to seeing you there!

    Happy Independence Day!

    Reach Laura Newell at lauran@goldcountrymedia.com.

    Summeris here

    whats inside

    ON THE COVER: The Painted Ladies ride into the rodeo. See page 4.

    by laura newellassociate editor

    Guy Torry is one of theacts slated for Tommy Ts.See page 8.

    Cowboys & Cornbreadreturns to El DoradoCounty. See page 23.

    Gone to the dogs? Checkout the calendar on page30.

  • 8/12/2019 Fle July 2014



    on the

    ropin &ridinB ucking bulls throwing both dirtand cowboys are just part of thenon-stop action at Folsom Pro

    Rodeo set for July 3, 4 and 5.According to rodeo officials, the fami-

    ly-friendly event will also include a high-flying motocross show, fireworks, rodeo

    clown antics and live music.Fans will struggle to stay dry-eyed as

    a huge American flag drops into the are-na by parachute with patriotic musiceach evening, said Kris Keables, withthe Folsom Chamber of Commerce.Just as the last cowboy gallops out ofthe arena, colorful fireworks will light up

    the sky.On Thursday, July 3, Make-A-Wish

    singer, 10-year-old DeLyla, will sing theNational Anthem.

    DeLyla, battling brain cancer, wasgranted her wish last year to be a popsinger for a day. She recorded a song,

    was interviewed by the TV show Extra,and performed before a crowd in CaesarChavez Park, Keables said.

    Traditional rodeo events which willinclude bull riding, bronc riding, steerwrestling, barrel racing and more.

    Not leaving anyone out, 5 and 6-year-old cowboys and cowgirls will do their

    best to cling on wooly sheep in the mut-ton busting competition.

    The gates open at 6 p.m. Rodeo actionbeginning nightly at 7 p.m. with timedevents such as steer wrestling, followedat 8:15 p.m. with riding events includingpopular bull and bronc riding.

    After the firework display, Mikes Gold-en Spike Saloon will heat up with danc-ing music by Dave Russell.

    Admittance to the saloon is free forrodeo fans.

    For more information, call the FolsomChamber of Commerce at (916) 985-2698.

    FILE PHOTO by laura newell / entertainer

    COWBOY UPCorral Club: Sit ringside atthe bucking chutes in the newCorral Club seating area for$39 and include no-host bever-age service. Reserved rodeotickets are $24.50 (available

    online only).General admission: $19.50Children/Seniors:$15Special: Family value bucka-roo packages are availableonline which includes fourgeneral admission tickets, foursodas, four hotdogs for $65($96 value).Info: FolsomProRodeo.com

  • 8/12/2019 Fle July 2014





    story by don chaddock / entertainerphotos by rick wilson

    n a warm afternoon in mid-June, 130 young performersbusily prepared to take a turn

    in the spotlight for Disneys TheJungle Book, Jr.

    In one room, children sang. In

    another, they danced. This is therehearsal space for El DoradoMusical Theatre (EDMT), housedin an unassuming building in theEl Dorado Hills Business Park. Theperformers, all between the ages

    of 6 and 14, have one more monthuntil opening night.

    What makes this particularshow unique? The older EDMTperformers are stepping out of the


    Above, dancers rehearse forDisneys Jungle Book, Jr.Below, Associate DirectorAndrew Wilson, 18,mentors Maya Ribadeneira,12, who plays King Louie.

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  • 8/12/2019 Fle July 2014


    way to give the younger actors a chance to take on leadroles in the iconic childrens classic tale.

    Rick Wilson, CEO of the musical theater group, saidthis move will groom the younger performers to takeon more prominent roles in future productions.

    For 13 years, EDMT hasbeen training actors,singers and dancers for

    stage productions.Andrew Wilson, son ofthe CEO, has taken onassociate director dutiesto help mentor theyounger performers. At18, Andrew has been in 40different EDMT produc-

    tions over the last decade. He is best known for hisroles as Captain Hook in Peter Pan, Gaston in Beau-ty and the Beast, Cat in the Hat in Seussical the Musi-cal, and most recently as Professor Harold Hill in TheMusic Man.

    Debbie Wilson, Ricks sister, is the director. Mean-while, her daughter, 17-year-old Anjie Wilson, is takingon the mentor role of assistant choreographer. With 44shows under her belt, Anjie is no novice.

    Part of the philosophy behind El Dorado MusicalTheatre is that all the cast members help and supportone another, said Rick. This is especially true of theolder performers looking out for the little ones. Anjieand Andrew spending their summer working with thecast of The Jungle Book is an example of that philos-ophy.

    The show is handled by two casts, dubbed Fireand Rain, comprising 65 actors each.

    Its a wonderful opportunity to flip the flows soinstead of learning everything, were creatingeverything to be seen on the stage, Andrew said,referring to his chance to be associate director.Im learning so much more. Were trying to keepthe show modern. Its a nice fresh take.

    In keeping with the modern theme, you wontfind actors donning monkey suits.

    We dont have people in animal costumes, hesaid. Theyre suggestions of the animals they areplaying. It wont be full face makeup.

    Folsom resident Stephen Knoble, 14, is lookingforward to his turn in the spotlight as Baloo.

    This is my first big role, he said. Ive done shows

    with some of the older kids and Ive had some partshere and there but I havent had the biggest amount oflines. With Baloo, (the character) goes back to(author) Rudyard Kipling and its different than the(Disney) movie. Its fun to be able to do something dif-ferent this time.

    Stephen said he appreciates being able to learn fromthe mentors.

    Ive learned a lot from Andrew, he said. They (thementors) are anamazing help.

    El Dorado Hillsresident KyraSchneider, 14, istaking on the roleof Bagheera.

    This is my sev-enth show withEDMT, she said. Iwas 11 when Istarted in 2011 inthe ensemble. Atthat point, I didnt know what it was like to be a lead.Its a lot different to be the lead. You have to thinkabout character development and the back story ofyour character. In the ensemble, you dont have all thelines and you dont have to think about the storybehind the lines.

    Another twist for Kyra?I have t