Email - The Best Growth Hacking Weapon for Startups

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Transcript of Email - The Best Growth Hacking Weapon for Startups

  • Email: The Best Growth Hacking Weapon for Startups


    WeWork Lunch and Learn Chris Coleman - Community Manager of Mailjet



    One solution to power both

    Marketing and Transactional Emails

    32,000 customers in 150+ countries

    1 billion emails per month

  • How do I make the most of my marketing budget?

  • Which communication channels

    should I invest in?

  • How do I start developing customer loyalty

    from Day 1?

  • Email

  • Everyone Uses Email

  • 0.9 billion

    1.3 billion

    3.3 billion


    # Email acct > # (FB + Twitter) acct

  • Email is Cost efficient

  • Email CPC x 1000 = Social Media CPC

    $0.00028 / email

    $0.29 / click $0.32 / click

    Sources: h

  • Email = Highest ROI

  • Email = best digital channel for ROI





  • Email = weapon for mass personalization

  • Personalized communication wins customer loyalty

    One-to-one communication channel with customers

    Use data to create a personal experience

    Best tool to control customer journey from beginning to end

  • Tips for growth hacking

    with email

  • Build your contact list

  • Building contact list = farming

  • Find the right seeds (contacts)

  • Ask new customers to opt-in for your mailing list

    Ask user to Opt-In during service / product registration

    Clearly identifying what the user is signing up for!

  • Capture leads from EVERYWHERE

    Asking user to Opt-In to mailing list

  • Communicate regularly with your customers via newsletter

    Description on what user is signing up for

    Alternate call-to- actions to help segment data

  • Get rid of weeds (inactive contacts)

  • Respect subscription preference

    Offer to adjust email frequency upon unsubscription request

  • A purchased list contains spam trap and hurts your deliverability!

  • Provide quality fertilizer (content)

  • Content marketing is a LONG TERM



  • Shape Customer Journey with Triggered Email

    Welcome emailGetting started email

    Status email

    Re- engage ment email

    W i n back email

  • Use customer information to trigger personalized email

    Collect the right information about your

    customers: name location gender ...

    Respond to the behavior and usage of

    your customers: open/click rate open/click time ...

  • Welcome email - Dropbox

    Branded design

    Help to get started

    Incentive to share

  • Getting started email - Twitter

    Next steps to take

    Call to action

  • Localized content - Vamos

    Localized segment

    Personalized greeting

    Localized recommendations

  • Subject Line personalization

    Content personalization

    Content based on previous engagement with service

    Status email - Netflix

    Call to action

  • Re-engagement email - Fitbay

    Call to action

    Highlight activity

  • Win-back email - Eventbrite

    We miss you

    Why you should

    come backClear call to action

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  • Take-off with Mailjet


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