Introduction to Growth Hacking - Pune Mobile Startups Meetup

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Transcript of Introduction to Growth Hacking - Pune Mobile Startups Meetup

  • Getting growth on App Store Meetup Pune5 Million+ Downloads

  • In Product LandMarketing needs to be aligned with product, cannot be separate.AARRR framework for startups is the go to model for customer lifecycle.Best definition of Growth Hacking is set of tactics or best practices to deal with user growth.Product Marketing/Management mixed.

  • AARRRAcquisition Use multiple sources to get usersActivation Onboard users to your site/app. Retention Make sure users are coming backReferral Delight the users so that more comeRevenue Finally make money of the users.

    Need to run experiments to increase conversion %tages in every stage.

  • Focus on each step during beta or testingSlide by Martin Griffel

  • By Andy Carvell

  • Cross Sell Chartboost, Email etcASO Sensor Tower & iterationPR - SelfPaid Channel - SelfPartnerships Apple, GoogleViral creating viral loops in the game.

  • PR = Hustle + MagicQuantify your targets. Profile where your target market reads stuff.Build relationship with writers and dont just do a PR blast get their beat.Personalize pitches A/B test subject lines, use gmail plugins for read rate.Meet them if possible.Magic = Timing it needs to be right. Use alternatives like Product Hunt it is awesome for early adopters.

  • What can you do right now?Image courtsey tapstream

  • Case Study Organic

    Rolomotion seeded beta to media/super users Measured PR Created Video pitch for Platform support10,000 sign ups in 1 week!Planned launch campaignApp Store Feature confirmed before releaseWhat we missed?

  • Some real life hacks we did Our first game Touch Squash.First game no brand.Partnered with Dunlop sport to get branding got money from brand + credibility for app.Downloads increased!

  • Some real life hacks we did Price drop Flick Tennis.Timed during French open. Hustled online.Got 400k Free users in 3 days that we monetized with ads.Paid conversion increased 200%Reached #1 Free overall app in Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, India and many more.

  • @anuj_tandon, @roloculeThank You

    How do I get more users?How do they reatain?Whats the AHA moment? Why arent my users more active.*Selection of Acquisition source on deeper analytics.*By Andy Carvell*How we cross sellHow we do ASOHow we do PRPartnerships B2B marketingCreating promo codes as viral loops**Marketing is not PR PR is a function of MarketingYou can measure PR but its difficult.We missed community creation and engagement, we missed getting viral loops, we missed having inbound media traffic, no blog, *