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Part discussion, part demonstration. Open forum to candidly discuss basic design concepts and patterns that are used in today's compelling mobile, web apps and emerging platforms, including TV and wearables. The purpose of this event is to act as a primer for developers, designers too, to discuss and evaluate current, trending design concepts for user interfaces and experiences. This is a followup based on overwhelming interests from Wednesday's 40 Developers and Designers (Only) Forum/SkillSwap Sessions event. We will continue the conversation on the tools that were presented and other resources that are available for rapid design and development. Location has not been confirmed yet. TeqCorner (Tysons) is a high probability. It';s located literally around the corner from metro station in VA. What to expect: • Live Demonstration of designing a wireframe/prototype of a mobile app UI/UX elements from scratch • Evaluation and discussion of design patterns for popular mobile apps, websites, and emerging platforms, including wearables, TV and internet of things appliances. One of the resources for discussion: http://www.pttrns.com/ • We could possibly discuss industrial design and the emergence of 3D printing tech and related concepts that are used for product design and development. • Open discussion on design - origins, concepts, and perspectives in the world of interactive and user experience for digital platforms and media. • Call to action and discussion for workshops, presentations and demos to support participants existing design needs and education. We will discuss available tools, local and online educational opportunities, and other resources that could help you guys move forward. This will include General Assembley, meetup groups, and sandbox sites like CodePen. This event is a part of a new initiative to host more frequent activities and promote followup of topics that are covered previously to keep the conversation and interests going. Since it is Friday, there will be no established end time, so come in when you can, the discussion and demos will be ongoing through the evening.

Transcript of Unscripted Hacking Design (Startups Cemtral)

  • 1. HACKING design.
  • 2. remember.
  • 3. fidelity
  • 4. UI KITS
  • 5. deflsaitgn
  • 6. design patterns trends
  • 7. LAYERS
  • 8. transitions
  • 9. typography
  • 10. simplicity
  • 11. pttrns.com
  • 12. everything
  • 13. cclloonnee cclloonnee cclloonnee clone clone cclloonnee
  • 14. asymmetrical
  • 15. watch.
  • 16. who made that video? 2011 Productivity Future Vision
  • 17. the future is now
  • 18. who made that video? 2014 Androd L (Material Design)
  • 19. material design
  • 20. lets get started.
  • 21. wheres the UI/UX
  • 22. wheres the UI/UX Claw Claw Eye Great for Torque Handle Face Color Rubber Grip Great Brand Recognition/ Identity Great for inventory by vendor, product info easily visible
  • 23. wheres the UI/UX
  • 24. wheres the UI/UX This UI may be beautiful to some. Very informative and intuitive to certain groups Great for inventory by vendor, product info easily visible
  • 25. wheres the UI/UX
  • 26. Designed for specific markets Very Intuitive and user friendly Legible controls, even in darkness wheres the UI/UX
  • 27. what helps makes a great GUI/UX ui components framework apis toolkit IDE social login device templates UI Kits pattern sites
  • 28. UI consist of 2 base geometric shapes they act as containers and structure for app + data, content, media, fileds and other elements
  • 29. fidelity
  • 30. low wireframes fidelity simple, minimal detail, topography, layout, basic design concepts, storyboarding mid fidelity high fidelity mockups prototypes hybrids more detail, ui kits, mood boards, avatars, layers, coversion to production components the ultimate form of expressing your idea., high interactive, some can be converted or repurposed to production application balsamiq Indigo Studio framer Justinmind proto.io HotGloo InVision App Marvel App PhoneGap Fluid UI Ionic
  • 31. UI KITS
  • 32. which avatar is more appealing? vs
  • 33. get all the avatars you want.
  • 34. design patterns trends
  • 35. design patterns are trends. user experience (ux) user interface (ui) layout typography topography login method colorscheme texture images screen real estate buttons menus
  • 36. pttrns.com/
  • 37. is this good ux?
  • 38. Photo Capture on-demand with reduced clicks user interface wheres the UI/UX great use of space between post and ui elements round avatars, warmer image. does a better job of standardizing disimilar user photos
  • 39. TIME
  • 40. patience
  • 41. persistence
  • 42. $50 Adobe Cloud Subscription