Digital Activism Strategy

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The 5 decisions of digital activism strategy, plus audience types and diagram of media decisions.

Transcript of Digital Activism Strategy

  • 1.Digital Activism Strategy Mary Joyce | Oslo, Norway | October, 2011 Images: Ushahidi, Pro Publica Technorati, The Guardian

2. 5 Strategic Decisions of Digital Activism MessageAudienceAction GoalWhat will motivate The people (targets What needs to What the the audience to and allies) that need happen for the organization take the actionto take that actionorganization to wants to achieve its goal achieve Specic Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely 3. 5 Strategic Decisions of Digital ActivismMedia choices come at the end.They can only be made after all otherelements of the communicationsMedia strategy are in place.The most effectiveMessage medium for transmitting the message to the Audience audience ActionGoal 4. Types of AudiencesYou inuence Target Sometimes you canAudience inuence the targetdirectlyenc uein inuence Sometimes youneed to mobilizeAllyallies to help you.Audience 5. How to Make Media Choices Attention Access Best Media ChoiceEmail? Tweet? TV Spot? In-Person Meeting? Poster?