Digital Activism For Amnesty

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Transcript of Digital Activism For Amnesty

  • 1. Studentnettverkstreff 2010: AMNESTY 2.0ANDDIGITALACTIVISM Kristin Rdland Buick Web editor[email_address]


  • Illustrasjon: Matt Hamm

3. Human rights action in cyber space 4. Amnesty anno 2009 It would have been nice to know why the need me. Theyre a bit distant.

    • They are so incredibly eloquent and intellectual. Everything about them is serious.

They argue with reason, not so much emotions. Only hard hitting facts.

    • I will read their reports and articles. Once - when Ive got time.


  • New communication strategi
    • We will be the organisation in Norway with which most people associate action for human rights.
    • We will be the organisation in Norway which is the best at mobilising for activism.
    • We will be the organisation in Norway which is best at using new media.

6. From monologue to dialogue 7. 8. Amnesty 2.0per March 2010 Twitter: 3 492 followers YouTube: 43 subscribers Facebook: 14 214 fans Flickr 9. What we want you to do?

  • Step 1: Sharing
  • Share (like and digg) Amnestys articles, blog posts, Facebook posts, youtube films and retweet @Amnesty_Norge in your networks
  • Share your thoughts, interests, activities, blog posts with Amnesty on all platforms
  • Foto:Micah Taylor

10. What we want you to do?

  • Step 2: Commenting
  • :
  • Commen on articles
  • and actions, tell us how
  • youve taken action
  • Comment on posts.
  • Introduse yourself!
  • ( )
  • Facebook, Twitter,
  • Flickr, YouTube
  • comment, comment,
  • Foto:Desire Delgado

11. What we want you to do?

  • Step 3: Making link love
  • Link to and from your blogs, sites, platforms
  • Let us know who you are and well link up with you too!

Foto:onesevenone 12.

  • Step 4: Produce
  • Document all activities you do and send us pictures, films, texts
  • Choose human rights and Amnesty themes for your blog posts
  • Create an Amnesty or activist blog for your group or network
  • (word press, blogger, blogspot, ipublish)Foto:LadyMadonna

13. Blog it your way Hjelpe Amnesty samle inn 15 000underskrifter mot at oljeindustrien,medShell i spissen, er ansvarlige for omfattendemenneskerettighetsbrudd i Nigeria.Hper dere vil gjre det.Det er slike firmaer som shell sombare vil tjene penger, p tross av skadene depfrer jorden! Ikke godta det ()Dere kan ogs underskriveher. 14.

  • Step 5: Become a digital agent
  • Participate in blog campaigns instigated by Amnesty
  • Write about Amnesty stories, reports, actions, campaigns
  • Help us to moderate negative comments by counter commenting
  • Survey and report from your media sphere online
  • Send us your email, URL to blogs, sites, social media profiles and
  • special field of interests online and URLs
  • Illustrasjon:star5112

15. LOGO a common profil


16. Campaign Spring 2010: Safety and Human Rights

  • Participate and share main campaign film
  • Sign and share actions on
  • Document and share with Amnesty all street activities and travel stands
  • Send MMS-pictures to 924 19 276
  • Participate in Photography competition: Disappearances on Flickr
  • Step 1-5 on the digital activist ladder!

17. Weve given Shell Hell