DIY Digital Activism

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Transcript of DIY Digital Activism

  • DIY Digital Activism: Using Alternative & Digital Media For Activism & Advocacy

  • OutlineThe ToolsThe TacticsLocal Organizations Using Digital MediaSusan McAllisterOne Million BonesZachary Kluckman100 Thousand Poets for Change

  • The ToolsAlternative Media Blogs & ZinesIndie News SourcesMainstream Media Digital MediaCell PhonesWebsitesPodcastsElectronic MapsSocial MediaVideo

  • Using Alternative MediaEconomic Power of Media Makers Mainstream Media vs Alternative MediaAlternative Media, Online & OfflineHow to use Alternative Media SuccessfullyPro & ConsAvailability & AccessibilitySecurity ConcernsAudience

  • Using Digital MediaCell PhonesWebsitesPodcasts & AudioElectronic Maps Video GamesSocial Media

  • Cell Phones

  • Podcasts & Audio

  • VideoAnimationPSAsWitnessing/RecordingProtestCommunity Journalism

  • Maps

  • Games

  • Social Media Analysis & Understanding of Social Media Digital Activism & Advocacy in Social Media Making A Strong Social Media Strategy For Your Organization

  • The 4 CsContentCollaborationCommunityCollective Intelligence

  • ContentEveryone As CreatorCitizen Journalismability to report hyper-local community newsJust because anyone can create doesnt mean that they willMost users consume not create

    The 1:9:90 Rule: 1% Creators9% Curators90% Consumers

  • CollaborationSmall, individual actions creating meaningful collective resultsHappens at 3 levelsConversation: going viral Co-Creation: wikisCollective Action: protests, petitionsDifficulty grows with each levelMinimize by breaking down a big task into individual, small actions that will still create a workable wholeBridge online with offline for best results

  • CommunityEvery page = a communityOnline communities are of varied strengths & vibranciesVibrant, strong communities are built around a meaningful social object

    Choosing the right social object is crucial for successProgressive ideasStrong community leaders Meaningful public locale

  • Collective IntelligenceNot only based on individual action, but also on algorithms & extracted meaningCan be based on implicit and explicit actionsReputationRecommendation systems

    Becomes easier to extract meaning as the size & strength of a community growsIf shared back with the community, members find more value in the community & it grows even more

  • 4 Cs SummaryLevels become harder to observe & activate as we move up the hierarchyEach level is often a pre-requisite for the next level to occurThe best initiatives involve all 4, but most get stuck between Collaboration & CommunityEach level is valuable in itselfCan design a successful initiative that uses the first 2 Cs only

  • Using the 4 Cs for Digital ActivismMany DA groups focus on using digital media to create & share ContentSome DA groups focus on a collective action around specific events: Collaboration

    Very few DA groups reach a Community &/or Collaborative Initiative level. Those that do:Work over a long term time frameOften are connected by an ideaAre flexible & active

  • The Tactics

  • 14 TacticsMobilize PeopleWitness/RecordVisualize MessageAmplify Personal StoriesHumorManage ContactsUsing Complex Data SimplyInformation to ActionReal Time ResponsePower to the PeopleInvestigate & ExposeResearch & AnalyticsMusicMemes

  • Mobilize People

  • Witness & Record

  • Visualize the Message

  • Amplify Personal Stories

  • Humor

  • Manage Contacts

  • Using Complex Data Simply

  • Information to Action

  • Real Time Response

  • Power to the PeopleLetting people ask the questionsGetting vital info to people when direct communication is difficult or popular info sources are incomplete or misleading

  • Investigate & Expose

  • Research & AnalyticsDoing supplemental studies in order to make sure official studies are reporting honestly Using personal or group created research to make changeThink Tanks (CAP, DATT, & Tactical Tech Collective)

  • Music

  • Memes

  • Q & A