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A simple presentation for citizens who'd like to learn the principles of digital activism, and affect the decision-makers and companies. Designed and presented at a training for NGO coalition campaign against coal called "Hiilivapaa Helsinki", in Finland, Sat 1st of March 2014.

Transcript of Digital citizen activism

  • 1. Digital citizen activism a viewpoint by Veera Juvonen, Digital Marketing Manager at Greenpeace Nordic

2. My stuff... 3. ...more stuff 4. Glossary Activism is the intent to make or change history. Digital activism is the process ofusing Internet-based socializing and communication techniques to create, operate and manage activism of any type. Digital activism relies on technological competence and mobile devices. 5. definitionCant really do a presentation about anything digital without a picture of these guys, can I. 6. Hactivism Computer hacking for political or social change The nonviolent use of legal and/or illegal digital tools in pursuit of political ends 7. 8. Slactivism We live in an era where its easy tosupport a cause without doing much to help. You dont wanna be THAT guy, do you? 9. 10. CITIZEN HACTIVISM JOURNALISM 11. Choose your weapons Make a power analysisChoose your target Who is the person or the company whose opinion you must affect to create change?Choose your channel In which social media channels are they active in?Choose your approach How is their opinion affected? 12. Targeting politicians: channel 10 phone calls fromcitizens is the equivalent of 10 000 mass emails Shy Finns, try SMS Personalize mass emails 13. Targeting companies: channel Big companies have different teamsresponsible of their various channels such as customer service and SoMe. Attack from all sides is more likely to getthe message through, increasing the odds of feedback being reported to the management. 14. Targeting anyone: channel Engage in a public conversation (on SoMe) instead of a private one (by email or via feedback form) to get more exposure on the issue.A quicker and a better reply guaranteed, since they are not replying only to You, but to their whole audience. 15. Of approach: Which one do you think is more effective, boycott or customer feedback? 16. Approaching companies If you leave something undone, no one but you will notice it - unless you tell them. TELL the company and everyone else, if you are not buying! Companies value feedback of their existing customers, since it could affect their profit I love my Apple - may I please have it in green? 17. Approaching politicians Use basic human behavioral psychology, also known as common sense.Are you more likely to do something because you are being a) told to firmly b) suggested politely?You are talking to a person you might know, but (s)he doesnt know you. Introduce yourself to make your opinion count. Im a voter... Encourage the person to change his/her opinion: Id vote for you if... Reward success. Thank you for... 18. Now, go out and make Slactivism a difference.