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Transcript of Course Catalog RECA and RWCE - January to June 2011 · PDF filecoursE cAtAlog rEcA And rwcE...

  • Ericsson AcAdEmy

    coursE cAtAlog rEcA And rwcE

    January to June 2011

  • Providing a comprehensive Learning Services portfolio to optimize your training investments

    What We Offer

    The range of our Learning Services portfolio is extensive. It covers Managed Learning, Structured Knowledge Transfer, Learning Solutions and Training Programs, thus enabling us to offer you and your employees a variety of options. We can provide customized or off-the-shelf courses, using flexible delivery methods. Alternatively, through our comprehensive Managed Learning service we can successfully run your complete learning organization. Whichever option you choose, we are able to cater for all your competence requirements in the

    areas of Telecoms, IT, Sales, Marketing and Management.

    Overall Benefits of Learning Services

    Increased revenues through comprehensive learning management initiatives

    Increased performance and efficiency in network operations through improved staff competence

    Faster time to market with new services and solutions through the provision of the right skills at the right time

    Todays telecommunications business is driven by technology. Our business is to provide you with the right skills and competence so that you can make the best use of that technology. This is achieved through a comprehensive Learning Services portfolio.

    2 January to June 2011


  • Managed Learning

    With the Managed Learning service, we take full responsibility

    for all your training-related activities. You can focus on your

    core business operations, while we plan, design and deploy the

    appropriate learning strategies, and manage the day-to-day

    training operations to meet your performance goals.

    The following are the benefits of Managed Learning:

    - Increased Revenues: When we manage your training functions, your management can give full attention to the core business, focusing completely on customer needs and on revenue-generating activities.

    - Increased Efficiency: Because of the comprehensive Service Level Agreement with

    Key Performance Indicators that we put in place, you have

    the assurance that we are operating the training functions as

    efficiently as possible.

    - Improved Business Performance: With Ericsson managing your training functions, you can concentrate on defining strategic goals for training and ensuring that they are aligned with your business needs.

    - Effective Learning: Our proven learning-solution design and delivery skills ensure effective learning.

    - Decreased Cost: We implement best practices, ensuring cost-efficient operations.

    Learning Solutions

    The Learning Solutions service is designed to meet all your

    competence development needs, with strong links to business

    and operational requirements. We create a clear line of sight

    from your business objectives to the learning activities in order

    to show that these activities are aligned with your underlying

    business strategy.

    In practice, we have developed tools to help analyze

    competence needs from a business perspective, and to build

    and deliver an optimal competence development solution. We

    continually evaluate that solution against meaningful success

    criteria to ensure that we are on target.

    The following are the benefits of Learning Solutions:

    - Alignment with your Business Objectives: Competence development activities are aligned with your business and performance objectives.

    - Predicted Return on Investment in Competence Development: Our methods and tools enable us to predict the Return on Investment from competence development activities.

    - Competitive advantage: You will have the right skills at the right time for quicker time-to-market.

    - Increased performance: Competence gaps are addressed, thus improving efficiency in network operations.

    Structured Knowledge Transfer

    Structured Knowledge Transfer (SKT) is an accelerated learning program designed to raise the competence levels of operational personnel to the intermediate level in a short amount of time. This on-the-job mentoring program is designed to transfer knowledge from experienced mentors to your technicians and engineers involved in network operations, thereby enabling them to meet their job responsibilities in a more effective and efficient manner. Your staff will be brought up to speed in a shorter amount of time than if they had been exposed to opportunistic and unstructured training methods or to trial and error on-the-job training, with little or no provision for work support.

    The following are the benefits of Structured Knowledge Transfer:

    - Accelerated task-based learning

    - Expert mentors

    - Duties and tasks tailored for all job roles

    - Real-world context for the learning experience in your working environment

    - Intensive and meaningful mentoring experience as one SKT mentor is assigned to every four attendees

    2 January to June 2011 January to June 2011 3

  • Training Programs

    The Training Programs service is delineated into packages that

    have been developed to offer clearly defined yet flexible training

    that targets key system and technology areas. Each package is

    divided into flows, to target specific job categories or functional

    areas within your organization. Over 500 titles are included

    in our portfolio and these employ flexible delivery methods

    (blended learning), ranging from traditional Instructor-led train-

    ing to task-oriented learning and e-learning.

    The following are the benefits of Training Programs: - Cost-Efficient Operations: Our experts use task-oriented

    and blended training to ensure that your staff is operational quickly and in a cost-efficient way. We can build your staffs competence rapidly, enabling, for example, an early service launch.

    - Enhanced performance: Our task-oriented and practical training increases the skill and competence of your staff, ensuring that you can provide a high quality of service to your customers and, ultimately, generate increased revenue streams.

    - Return on Investment: Blended training provides an optimum return on training investment by using the right delivery method at the right time. Training investments and resource utilization can be optimized while the staffs competence requirements are still met.

    Ericsson, Providing World-Class Learning Services

    Ericsson has world-class learning consultants, globally supporting operators with the right competence at the right time. Ericssons Learning Services ensure optimal return on investments by supporting operators in planning, managing and delivering the right competence development in accordance with their business goals.

    For further information and reference cases on the services described above, please contact your local Ericsson Company.

    Disclaimer Note

    While every effort is made to ensure accuracy at the time of printing, please note that the course schedule is subject to change.

    The up-to-date schedule will be available via and

    4 January to June 2011

  • Core Networks 6

    DXX 13

    IP Networking 13

    Microwave Networks 15

    Multimedia 15

    National Security and Public Safety Products 19

    NETwOrk MaNagEMENT PrODuCTS 19

    Optical Networks 22

    Platforms and Integrated Site 23

    radio access Network 25

    LTE 27

    revenue Management 31

    wireline access Products 34

    web-Based Learning (wBL) 34


    4 January to June 2011 January to June 2011 5

  • COurSE LZu Number Days

    COrE NETwOrkSSignalling in the Core Network Classic LZU 108 7518 3

    Signalling in the Core Network Mobile Soft-switch Solution LZU 108 7519 3

    SIGTRAN Workshop MSS R5 /MSC R13 LZU 108 6809 2

    Fixed SwitchingAXD301/305 7.1 Conf & verification LZU 102 709 3

    AXE 810 Configuration Delta LZU 108 5412 2

    AXE 810 Data Transcript LZU 108 6134 5

    AXE 810 Delta LZU 108 5411 1

    AXE Hardware Maintenance LZU 108 6131 1

    AXE Operation and Configuration LZU 108 6145 5

    AXE Survey LZU 108 775 5

    AXE10 Emergency Handling Periodic Refresh LZU 108 094 5

    Engine Integral 2.0 to 3.0 delta LZU 108 6132 3

    Engine Integral 3.1 Network Fault Finding LZU 108 5932 3

    Engine Integral Network Integration & Verification LZU 108 5860 5

    Engine Multimedia 2.1 O&S LZU 108 6148 4

    Engine Signalling in the core Network LZU 108 897/5 3

    TSS EIN 3.1 to TSS 4.0 IN&V Delta LZU 108 6629 3

    TSS Fault Finding LZU 108 6639 2

    TSS Integration & Verification LZU 108 6638 5

    TSS Introduction LZU 108 6637 1

    TSS Signaling LZU 108 6640 3

    IMSBCS 2.0 Mobility Server Operation and Configuration LZU 108 7719 2

    BCS 2.0 End to End Signalling LZU 108 7720 1

    BCS2.1 Mobility Server O&C LZU 108 7964 3

    Broadworks Operation and Configuration for IMS LZU 108 7710 4

    CSCF 4.1 Operation and Configuration LZU 108 7197 3

    CSCF 4.1& HSS 4.1/SLF1.1 Operation and Configuration LZU 108 7198 5

    6 January to June 2011

    The up-to-date schedule will be available via and

  • COurSE LZu Number DaysCSCF5.0 and HSS SLF 5.0 Operation and Configuration LZU 108 7709 5

    HSS 4.1/SLF1.1 Operation and Configuration for IMS LZU 108 7196 3

    ICS 10B PSTN Gateway Operation and Configuration LZU 108 8144 4

    ICS 5.0 IS-PSTN Gateway Operation and Configuration LZU 108 7706 4