RECA-UK Product Guide 2018 · PDF file INTRODUCTION Page 2 RECA-UK LTD is part of the European...

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Transcript of RECA-UK Product Guide 2018 · PDF file INTRODUCTION Page 2 RECA-UK LTD is part of the European...

  • RECA-UK Product Guide 2018


    RECA-UK LTD is part of the European RECA Group. The RECA Group, with over €500 million turnover, offer massive resources to help give you, the customer, the best possible service.

    RECA-UK LTD has a sales force of over 80 sales professionals giving nationwide coverage, offering technical advice on over 5,500 lines that are available from our distribution facility in West Bromwich, where we have a service degree of 98.5% and we offer a next day delivery service as standard.

    With over 8,000 active customers already in the UK, it is easy to see that our high quality consumable products offered within the RECA range make sense to all professionals in every trade. Every RECA product offers innovation and improved performance to that which is standard within the industry.

    What we can offer you. • Product Quality – The cornerstone of success for the entire group. RECA products are designed and

    specified to German standards so that quality and reliability are guaranteed. RECA products are sold exclusively direct to professionals in the metal and construction trades; they are not available through retail or trade distribution.

    • Our range of RECA products gives the user a superior performance and quality to that which is the industry norm.

    • RECA are consistently refining and improving products with state-of-the-art technology and new manufacturing techniques to produce and develop an unprecedented range of superior products.

    • Next day delivery – For your peace of mind we offer a next day delivery as standard to our customers, to any UK mainland address including sites.

    • Price - Although it is not always possible to have the lowest price, we like to think that our competitively priced products provide value for money when tool life, reduced down time and quicker cut/drill time are considered.

    • Technical support and backup – Available either through your local sales representative or our technical customer service team in West Bromwich.



    Page 3


    Cutting Tools 5

    SDS and Masonry Drills 6

    Diamond Blades 7

    Abrasives and Cutting Discs 8 - 9

    Fixings - Screws and Bolts 10 - 12

    Fasteners - Nuts and Washers 13

    Anchors - Heavy Duty 14

    Anchors - Light Duty 15 - 16


    RECA Holesaws Page 5

    RECA Ultra H Diamond Blade Page 7

    RECA Arecal Pages 18-19

    RECA Lights Page 27

    RECA Jigsaw Blades Page 5

    RECA Sabre Saw Blades Page 5

    RECA All Steel Screw Clamps Page 26

    Silicones Pages 20- 22

    PRODUCT PAGE NUMBER Electrical and Decorating 17

    Arecal Aerosols 18 - 19

    Silicones, Sealants and Adhesives 20 - 23

    Assortments and Storage 24 - 25

    Hand Tools 26 - 27

    PPE 28 - 29

    Clean and Protect 30

    Power Tools 31



  • GROUND DRILLS l1-10mm diameter in 0.1mm increments and from 10-20mm in 0.5mm increments. lGround for long life. l118° split point.

    STUB DRILLS l2.5-10.0 mm diameter. lIdeal for rivet holes and shallow drilling in sheet metal.

    DOUBLE ENDED DRILLS l3.0-6.5mm diameter. lTwice the drilling capacity with equal quality. l46-70mm in length.

    LONG SERIES TWIST DRILLS l2.5-13mm diameter. lFor applications where deeper depths are required.

    Art. No. 0624 Art. No. 0635 Art. No. 0636

    Art. No. 0628 Art. No. 0620

    Art. No. 0621 Art. No. 0620 / 0624

    Art. No. 0678

    MORSE TAPER SHANK DRILLS l12-26mm diameter. lFits into machine spindle.

    DRILL SETS lSupplied in metal case. lComplete with centre punch.

    ULTRA TWIST DRILLS l2.0-13mm diameter. l135° split point. lRapid drilling in sheet metal.

    ROTARY BURRS lDouble cut. lRapid stock removal. lIndividuals and sets available.

    CONE & STEP DRILLS lDesigned for widening holes in metals, plastics and wood. lStep drill set available.

    COBALT DRILLS l2.0 -13mm diameter. lFor stainless steel and other harder materials. l118° split point.

    ROLLED DRILLS l1.0-13.0mm diameter. lIdeal for use in metal, wood and plastic.

    90° COUNTERSINKS lCan be used in metals, plastics and wood. lIndividuals and sets available. lHSSCO available for Stainless Steel.

    Art. No. 0692Art. No. 0692

    Art. No. 0625

    Art. No. 0629

    HSS DRILLS Page 4



    HAND TAPS lSizes M2 - M20 lTaper, second and plug.

    MACHINE TAPS lSpiral point metric course. lM5 - M10

    COMBINATION TAPS lDrill, Tap and Countersink in one process. lM4 - M10.

    Art. No. 0623

    MAG DRILLS lPowerful motor, moulded carry case and gravity oil feed.

    Art. No. 0627

    Art. No. 0640 - Individual Art. No. 0639 - Sets Art. No. 0640 Art. No. 0641

    LDX CARBIDE HOLESAWS lTungsten carbide teeth. l14-75mm.

    RECA HOLESAWS lConstructed of hardened heat and abrasion resistant high speed steel.

    FLAT BITS lVersatile woodworking bits for use with electronic drills at speeds greater than 1000rpm.

    Art. No. 0619 Art. No. 0609 Art. No. 3157

    RIPPA BLADE lA carbide cluster, bi-directional blade for cutting tree roots, wood with nails etc.

    ZAKKO BLADES lUltra clean cuts in wood, plastics, metal, UPVC, copper and other common materials.

    Art. No. 3819 300 20 Art. No. 0627 Art. No. 3817

    COMBINATION AUGER BITS lMilled auger twist bit. lGood chip clearance. lSDS auger bits also available.

    WOOD BEAVER BITS lHigh speed drilling in soft and hard wood. lFits directly into a cordless drill. lSizes 12-32mm.

    SAW BLADES lComprehensive range of jigsaw, sabre saw and hacksaw blades.

    Art. No. 3156 Art. No. 3158

    Art. No. 0604/2608 - Jigsaw Art. No. 0605/2608 - Sabre Saw Art. No. 0603/0609 - Hacksaw

    EVOLUTION SAWS & BLADES lSuitable for cutting steel, stainless steel, wood with nails or aluminium. l180mm-355mm.


    SUPERCUT ROTABORS AND TCT ROTABROACH CUTTERS lM2 cutters in 12-60mm. lM42 cutters in 12-22mm. lFull range of accessories is also available including pins, countersinks and morse taper adapters. lTCT Cutters available in 14-30mm.

  • SPEED-TRON SDS PLUS DRILLS l4-22mm diameter. lFast dust removal. lReduced clogging.

    SDS ULTRA CHISELS lExtremely resistant to breakage. lSDS Plus and SDS Max available.

    CORE DRILLS lLightweight core drills 50mm & 66mm diameter. lHeavy duty core drills 30mm - 115mm diameter. lHardened tooth pattern. lSDS Plus and SDS Max adapters.

    MASONRY DRILLS l4-12mm diameter. lStraight shank. lPercussion drill.

    UNICON MASONRY DRILLS l4-14mm diameter. lStraight shank. lRotary and impact drills. lMultipurpose for tiles & ceramic, masonry, concrete, timber, laminates & plastics and metal.

    DRY DIAMOND CORES lUsed for accurate, fast, clean cutting or larger diameter holes in masonry. lCore diameter 28mm-152mm.

    Art. No. 0648 5 Art. No. 0648 Art. No. 0649 2

    Art. No. 0649 4 Art. No. 0638 Art. No. 0638 7

    Art. No. 0637 Art. No. 0650

    Art. No. 3165 0

    X-TRON SDS MAX DRILLS l12-40mm diameter. l4 cutting edges from 16mm. lFor 5-11kg SDS Max hammer drills.

    X-TRON SDS PLUS DRILLS l5-30mm diameter. l4 cutting edges. lFor 2-4kg hammer drills.

    SDS MAX MEGA-TRON III BREAKTHROUGH DRILLS l45-55mm diameter. lChisel action reduces drilling time. lReduced vibration.

    SDS HARDENED CHISELS lHardened and tempered for long life. lSDS Plus and SDS Max available.

    ECO DRY DIAMOND CORES lContractors core kit comprising of 5 dry diamond cores, 127, 117, 65, 52 and 38mm, short chuck adapter, long chuck adapter, short SDS plus adapter, long SDS plus adapter, pilot drill, drift key and carry case. lSuitable for house bricks.

    Art. No. 3165 1


    Art. No. 3135


  • DIAMOND BLADES Page 7Page 7

    DIAFLEX RS10A lPremium asphalt blade. l7mm segment height.

    Art. No. 0664

    DIAFLEX RS10AT lPremium asphalt blade. l10mm segment height.

    Art. No. 0664

    DIAFLEX RS10AC lCombination blade. l10mm segment height.

    Art. No. 0663

    DIAFLEX RS10B lMedium hard materials. l9+1mm segment height.

    Art. No. 0661

    DIAFLEX RS10FE lSteel and concrete blade. l10.5mm segment height.

    Art. No. 0664

    DIAFLEX RONDO lCuts curves in hard materials.

    Art. No. 0662

    DIAFLEX XL10 lMedium abrasive materials. l10mm segment height.

    DIAFLEX RS10H lFor a clean cut in hard materials. l10mm and 12mm segment height.

    Art. No. 0664

    DIAFLEX DIAMOP lFor grinding concrete and masonry. lFor levelling surfaces.

    DIAFLEX RS10F lSpecialist tile blade. l8mm segment height.

    DIAFLEX AX12 lSpecialist hard materials blade. l12mm segment height.

    Art. No. 0664

    WET DIAMOND CORES lFor drilling reinforced concrete. l12-122mm.

    Art. No. 0663

    SHARPENING STONE lA manmade block purposely designed for sharpening diamond blades. lThe particles abrade the alloy matrix to reveal fresh, sharp diamonds. Art. No. 0664 001 001

    Art. No. 0664 Art. No. 0664

    Art. No. 0662 / 0664

    DIAFLEX DIADRILL lFor drilling hard material. lM14 flange to fit grinders.

    Art. No. 0663

    SITE MARKER lStandard quality temporary acrylic paint line marker. lAvailable in a