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    PISMP SEMESTER 1 / 2013


    (a) Surf the internet resources related to suitable activities for socio emotionaldevelopment

    (b) Students discuss and produce an activity suitable for socio emotional developmentof students.

    (A) (B)

    Activities for Children's Emotional and Social Developmentby Susan Revermann, Demand Media

    Your childs social and emotional development starts as soon as he is born and continues todevelop for years after. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, early social-emotional development is a fundamental part of a childs overall health and well- being. Help your child build a strong foundation by planning some activities to encourage thisdevelopment.

    Dramatic PlayWhen children are involved in dramatic play, several components of social-emotionaldevelopment occur. They use verbal and nonverbal communication as they play. Vocabularyand language skills are strengthened as they interact. The children learn to appreciate eachother's feelings as they share space and work together to create the play scenarios. Since itis an open-ended type of play, the children can try on different roles and be anyone theychoose. A bin of dress up clothes, puppets, dolls and flannel boards all fit into this dramaticplay category.

    GamesChildrens games are not just for entertainment -- they can be educational, too. Games thatrequire kids to take turns and share help develop their social development. They must co-habitate the play space and decide on what rules to follow. When a child loses oraccidentally gets his feelings hurt, he must learn how to accept the loss or demonstrateemotional self-regulation. Age-appropriate board games, puzzles, field games, races or tagare all examples of games that can help your child mature socially and emotionally.

    Art Projects Art is an excellent means of providing an emotional and creative outlet for a child of any age.If you pair two or more children together to do a cooperative art project, you also tie in thesocial aspect. When the children have to work together, they must determine how to

    distribute the supplies evenly and share the art space to complete the task. Creating a largepainting, gluing together an ice pop stick birdhouse or mixing up a batch of homemade

  • 8/10/2019 Child Dev Isl


    modeling clay all require the kids to collaborate and brainstorm how to complete the task, aswell as learn the valuable lesson of give and take.

    What Else You Can DoThere are simple activities or actions that you can do to make a major difference in his lifeand development. One of the best things you can do for your child is to model appropriatebehaviour. He learns a lot from just watching you -- so set a positive example. Make sure tohug, kiss and praise your child often to let him know how valued and special he is. Spendquality time with him every day, even if it is only an assigned 15-minute block per day.Engage him in conversations, read to him and cuddle. All of these activities will helpstrengthen his self-image and allow him to develop a healthy view of the world.

    Taken from:

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    a. Surf the internet/ library on self concept to prepare for the forum/ debate in groupsduring tutorials.

    SELF CONCEPTDefinition

    - According to Rogers (1959), self is an organization or a perception that isconsistent and connected to other entity in one self- known as I or Me.

    - Self-concept is self- consciously to others by using the word I or Me.- An individual self-concept keeps changing as he tries to achieve what he wants.

    But the individual will maintain his original self depending on his childhoodexperience and perception of himself.

    - The development of self-concept depends on acceptance and treatment from

    family, society and environment.- The evaluation of an individual self-concept can be seen through three sources:

    i. Love and support they receive from their environmentii. Capability and abilityiii. Family and the society acceptance of them .

    - Ones personality is related to his self -concept as it is about their characteristic ofa person for example his thinking style and emotions.

    - There are two main individuals self-concept:-

    1. Negative Self Concept-Low self-esteem- Passive- Anti-social- Not adventurous- Moody and always depressed- Sensitive

    2. Positive Self Concept- Open minded- Optimistic- Sociable

  • 8/10/2019 Child Dev Isl


    - Adaptable to changes in the environment- Emotionally stable, relax when facing challenges- Confident

    - An individual with a positive self-concept will be able to evaluate himself, giveopinion, know his strength and weaknesses as well as accept critics from others.

    Taken from:

    Haliza Hamzah, J. N. (2008). Child Development. Subang Jaya: Kumpulan Budiman Sdn. Bhd. (Book)

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    a. Search for resources from internet / library related to a distinguished andimpressive personality

    What is distinguished?

    : known by many people because of some quality or achievement

    : making someone seem important and worth respect

    Taken from: dis t inguished

    What is impressive?

    : making or tending to make a marked impression : having the power to excite attention,awe, or admiration

    Taken from:

    The Mother Teresa Personality

    The chances are that you know someone who is generally quiet and kind, but who mightsurprise you with strong, incisive, and persuasive ideas and opinions about issues they feel

    strongly about. These people are extraordinarily attuned to the needs of others, dont seekconfrontation or conflict, but arent afraid to stand up for what they believe in either. When
  • 8/10/2019 Child Dev Isl


    you speak to the m, they will surprise you with their rich thoughts and ideas, yet theyre notinterested in status, power, or positions of authority. If you know such a person, youve metthe Mother Teresa or ISFJ (Introverted -Sensitive-Feeling-Judging) Personality. Otherdistinguishing characteristics include:

    They are the peoples person and will dedicate their lives to serving others who arein need.

    They are passionate about what they believe in, and wont shirk from rallying othersto fight against social injustice.

    They dont get involved in causes for selfish reasons, but are driven by ideologiesabout what is right and just.

    They regard it as their purpose in life to serve others, and will often rush to the sceneof a tragedy or disaster to help.

    Taken from:

    Why Nelson Mandela Was A Great Leader

    Mandela exemplified all the qualities of a great leader

    Published on December 7, 2013 by Ray Williams in Wired for Success

    Nelson Mandela, or Madiba as he was affectionately known, has died. Not only have welost a great man and a great leader for his country, but also a shining example of the kindof leadership we so desperately need today. He has left a huge inspirational vacuum.

    Mandela lived for 27 years in prison, mostly on Robben Island, where every day with a smallhammer he broke rocks apart in the blazing sun only to retreat into his only home, an 8 by 8

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    Mandela helped to unite South Africa as it dismantled apartheid, the cruel system of whiteminority rule. He symbolized for all of Africa a commitment to democracy and freedom.

    He was a man of quiet dignity to match his towering achievements; a man with an everradiant smile and immense and humble sense of humor . Mandela was a rare visionary who

    would see beyond the current struggles and pain. He was convinced that one day the bestparts of humanity would prevail over the worst parts. He even inspired his enemies to bebetter than they had been through forgiveness and reconciliation. The Truth andReconciliation Commission he established is a great model for achieving justice in all nationswhere human rights abuses occurred and pain needs to be healed.

    City or Zip

    One of the clear things that propelled Mandela to greatness amidst his suffering anddepersonalization in prison, was forgiving his jailors, feeling compassion for those who had

    caused him pain and his desire for reconciliation. Mandela had the capacity to transcendhimself for the sake of those around him and higher causes. His personal pain at causing hisfamily to suffer, seeing th