Chapter 24.2: Pakistan and Bangladesh

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Notes : Pakistan and Bangladesh LG: Describe the cultures of Pakistan and Bangladesh

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Transcript of Chapter 24.2: Pakistan and Bangladesh

Chapter 24.2: Pakistan and Bangladesh1. History
A. The early history of Pakistan and Bangladesh has the same history as India, because they used to be one nation. It began in the Indus River Valley with the Aryans.
B. Eventually the Muslims (Mughals) moved into this region and controlled for hundreds of years till the British took India over.
C. After WWII when the British left India, Pakistan and Bangladesh’s history as nations begin.
D. Pakistan gained its independence from India in 1947. Most of India’s Muslim population moved here (some forcefully). Many of the Hindus that lived in the Pakistan region moved into India (some forcefully)
E. This created hostilities between the two nations. This hostility continues today
F. Pakistan was fractured into two parts East And West. Both sides didn’t completely get along.
G. After a civil war, the area known as Eastern Pakistan later became independent in 1971 and was called Bangladesh.
What’s life really like in Pakistan?
A. Pakistani Ethnic Groups: Punjabis, Sindhis, Pashtuns, Mohajirs, and Baluchis
i. Population: 182 Million
3. Culture: Education
A. Education Lacks in both countries. Literacy rates in both countries average around 47-49% (depending on location).
B. Pakistan: girls are not given equal opportunities in education and some times it is completely prohibited. Literacy rates for them are about 36%.
C. Bangladesh: Most children go to elementary school, but only 43% end up continuing their education
4. Culture: Language
A. Pakistan: Urdu is the official language, but few people speak the language. Most speak Punjabi.
B. Bangladesh: main language is Bangla
***Those who go to university or work in government usually can also speak English
5. Culture: Religion
A. Both countries primarily practice the religion of Islam, but there is a small group that practices Hinduism
i. Other religions are practiced here, but they are a very small minority and many times are oppressed
6. Culture: Family Life
A. Family life is the center of social life in both countries. Extended family usually lives close by if not with you.
B. Arranged Marriage is common
• Pakistan- How powerful is Pakistan?
• Write down two things you didn’t know about each country into your notes.