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2. (Prokaryote) (Mesosome ) (b) A thin section through the bacteriumBacillus coagulans (TEM) Pili: Nucleoid: Ribosomes: Plasma membrane: Cell wall: Capsule: Flagella: (a) A typical rod-shaped bacterium0.5 m 3. (Eukaryote) Rough ER Smooth ER Centrosome CYTOSKELETON Microfilaments Microtubules Microvilli Peroxisome Lysosome Golgi apparatus Ribosomes In animal cells but not plant cells: Lysosomes Centrioles Flagella (in some plant sperm) Nucleolus Chromatin NUCLEUS Flagelium Intermediate filaments ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM (ER) Mitochondrion Nuclear envelope Plasma membrane 4. In plant cells but not animal cells: Chloroplasts Central vacuole and tonoplast Cell wall Plasmodesmata CYTOSKELETON Ribosomes (small brwon dots) Central vacuole Microfilaments Intermediatefilaments Microtubules Roughendoplasmicreticulum Smoothendoplasmicreticulum Chromatin NUCLEUS Nuclear envelope Nucleolus Chloroplast Plasmodesmata Wall of adjacent cell Cell wall Golgi apparatus Peroxisome Tonoplast Centrosome Plasma membrane Mitochondrion 5. (Cell Wall) (Microfibril) (Pectin) Centralvacuole of cellPlasma membrane Secondary cell wall Primary cell wall Middle lamella 1 m Central vacuole of cellCentral vacuoleCytosol Plasma membrane Plant cell walls Plasmodesmata 6. Vacuole Layers of one plant cell wall Walls of two adjacent plant cells PLASMODESMATA Cytoplasm Plasma membrane