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Launch Event presentation: up to date information on CDA 2030, explore trends and issues for CDA, get information on the scientific community survey and learn how you can get more involved!

Transcript of CCDA2030 launch event october

  • 1. Welcome!

2. Thanks to our video crew Jason Lucas & Christopher Chilton, Lucas Production GroupPaul Amador, University of IdahoJake, Matt, McCamy and MirandaMs. Katie Palmer, Sorensen Magnet Schooland 3. w 4. CDA 2030 sponsors and funders AvistaCity of Coeur dAleneCoeur dAlene Chamber of CommerceCoeur dAlene Realtors AssociationKootenai Health 5. CDA 2030 sponsors and funders Lake City Development CorporationLewis-Clark State CollegeNorth Idaho CollegePita PitUniversity of Idaho Coeur dAlene 6. Other financial supporters Adams & Gaffaney LLP Coeur dAlene Tribe Wendy Gabriel Mike Gridley Hawley, Troxell, Ennis & Hawley Attorneys & Counselors J-U-B Engineers Lukins & Annis Attorneys Idaho Panhandle Kiwanis Club Kootenai County Young Professionals 7. Other financial supporters Miller-Stauffer Architects Museum of North Idaho North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation Paine Hamblen LLP Parkwood Business Properties Sam Investments LLC Troy Tymesen Welch Comer Engineers Witherspoon-Kelley Attorneys & Counselors 8. Major in-kind supporters Calypso Coffee Coeur dAlene Downtown Association Coeur dAlene Press Coeur dAlene School District 271 Hagadone Hospitality Kootenai County Young Professionals Lucas Production GroupNorth Idaho Fair and Rodeo North Idaho Real Estate Academy Range Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Center SavorWeb Soul Soup & Coffee House Super 1 Foods 9. Community Advisory Committee Forty-two members representing business,government, education, social service agencies, the faith community, service clubs, recreational and environmental groups, community organizations and citizen activists from across the community. See website for complete list. 10. Thanks to our growing list of volunteers 11. Special thanks to the Kroc Center 12. Your host Steve Wilson President | CEO, Coeur dAlene Chamber of CommerceMember, CDA 2030 Project Management Team 13. EXPLORING GREATER COEUR DALENE in 2030 14. Tonights program Update on CDA 2030Explore trends and issues for CDAReport on scientific community surveyHelp you get more involvedA couple of fun surprises 15. Useful information Program runs to 8:30 p.m.Restroom locationsExits clearly marked in case of emergencyPlease silence your mobile devices nowPlease join us in the lobby from 8:309:00 16. Wireless electronic keypads ready? 17. INTRODUCING CDA 2030 18. Meet Charles Buck Associate Vice President | Center Executive Officer, University of Idaho Coeur dAleneChair, CDA 2030 Project Management Team 19. Building on a visionary legacyCDA Arts & Cultural Alliance 20. About CDA 2030 Community initiative to create a shared vision for greater Coeur dAleneLong-range vision statementAction plan implemented by community partnersEasy wins and big game-changer projects 21. Key points about CDA 2030 Greater CDA = CDA city, surrounding neighborhoods, communities, CDA TribeA shared vision reflecting many voicesOpen, respectful conversationA vision we can start implementing right away 22. Weve been busy Lining up sponsors and supportersForming advisory committee and working groupsConducting background research and surveyDeveloping project brand and websiteRolling out the engagement process 23. Reaching out to the community 24. Join the conversation and be heard 25. LIVE ELECTRONIC POLLING 26. Polling instructions We will ask you a questionEnter your response on the keypadTo change vote, press another buttonWe will call for final votesResults will be displayed on the screen 27. Q1: How long have you lived here? Less than 2 years Between 2-5 years Between 6-10 years Between 11-20 years More than 20 years 28. Q2: Seriously how CDA are you? Lake CDA 29. Q2: Seriously how CDA are you? Lake CDA Lake CDA, Parade 30. Q2: Seriously how CDA are you? Lake CDA Lake CDA, Parade Lake CDA, Parade, Centennial Trail 31. Q2: Seriously how CDA are you? Lake CDA Lake CDA, Parade Lake CDA, Parade, Centennial Trail Lake CDA, Parade, Centennial Trail, Ironman volunteer 32. Q2: Seriously how CDA are you? Lake CDA Lake CDA, Parade Lake CDA, Parade, Centennial Trail Lake CDA, Parade, Centennial Trail, Ironman volunteer Lake CDA, Parade, Centennial Trail, Ironman volunteer, real Ironman! 33. EXPLORING THE FUTURE Community Research 34. Four questions Where are we now?Where are we going?Where do we want to be?How do we get there? 35. Meet Nicole Kahler Masters, Landscape Architecture, University of IdahoProject Manager, CDA 2030 Visioning Project 36. Community profile & trends research People & DemographyEconomy, Employment & JobsGrowth, Development, Transportation & HousingUtilities, Water, Wastewater & Solid Waste 37. Community profile & trends research Natural Resources, Environmental Quality, Parks & RecreationHealth, Safety, Human Services, Families, Youth & ElderlyEducations, Arts & Culture, FaithGovernance, Civic Engagement & Volunteerism 38. Demography is destiny. Idaho one of fastest growing statesCDA and Kootenai continued to grow in 2000sCDA in July 2013 = > 47,000 residentsKootenai County in 2012 = > 142,000 residents 39. Q3: City of CDA population in 2030? Between 45,000 and 50,000 Between 50,000 and 60,000 Between 60,000 and 70,000 Between 70,000 and 80,000 More than 80,000 40. Q3 Answer CDAs population in 2030 CDA in 2030: 64,185 (Based on City of CDA Projections)CDA and Kootenai County in 2035: - CDA = 81,808 - Kootenai County = 273,566 (Based on KMPO Projections) 41. Stayed tuned for research results Update on research at Brown Bag Lecture, NIC, Oct. 8, 11:30 amProfile research featured at Vision Summit, Nov. 16Watch our website for updates 42. EXPLORING THE FUTURE Scientific Community Survey 43. Meet Steven Ames Steven Ames Planning | NxT Consulting GroupProject Consultant, CDA 2030 Visioning Project 44. University of Idaho survey approach Randomly selected sample of area residents400+ interviews conducted 15 minutes longQuestions on perceptions of greater CDAStrengths/weaknesses, trends and issues, community satisfaction, vision ideas, action ideas and much more 45. Your opinions v. survey results 1.How do your opinions compare to those of the audience?2.How do the audiences responses compare to those of the community? 46. Q4: Greater CDAs greatest strength? Trails & Recreation Good Quality of Life Scenic Beauty & Environment Family Values Climate Community & People Good Schools OTHER RESPONSE 47. Q4: Greatest strength Survey Scenic Beauty & Environment 52.2% Trails & Recreation 18.2% Climate 14.9% Community & People 14.4% Family Values 3.5% Good Quality of Life 2.8% Good Schools 2.8% OTHER RESPONSES 20.8% 48. Q5: Greater CDAs greatest weakness? Traffic Congestion The Winters Population Growth & Overcrowding Lack of Jobs & Jobs Diversity Low Paying Jobs Local Government Leadership Tourism OTHER RESPONSE 49. Q5: Greatest weakness Survey Low Paying Jobs 16.2% Lack of Jobs & Jobs Diversity 14.2% Local Government Leadership 11% Traffic Congestion 7.7% Pop. Growth & Overcrowding 6.5% The Winters 5.3% Tourism 5.0% OTHER RESPONSES 32.4% 50. Q6: Things getting better or worse? Much better Somewhat better About the same Somewhat worse Much worse 51. Q6: Better or worse Survey Much better 11.7% Somewhat better 33.4% About the same 27% Somewhat worse 18.9% Much worse 3.6% 52. Q7: Most important issue we face? Schools & Education Lack of Jobs The Economy Population Growth Traffic Congestion Local Government Leadership Environmental Protection OTHER RESPONSE 53. Q7: Most important issue Survey Population Growth 24.7% Lack of Jobs 21.4% Local Government Leadership 13% Schools & Education 9.5% Traffic Congestion 7.3% The Economy 5.5% Environmental Protection 4.8% OTHER RESPONSES 20.8% 54. Check out the Survey report Survey report posts to website tomorrowBrown-bag lecture on Survey and Profile research tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. at NICDetails at end of program or check our website for details 55. KIDS HAVE VISIONS, TOO. 56. Meet Marcee Hartzell Executive Assistant to the Vice President, University of Idaho Coeur dAleneChair, CDA 2030 Marketing & Outreach Committee 57. Youth Vision Art & Essay Contest Middle and high school studentsArt/essays that envision greater CDA in 2030Art/essays presented Summit, Nov. 16Awards and cool prizes for contest winnersVisionfor contest 58. EXPLORING THE FUTURE Community Questionnaire 59. Meet Craig Sumey Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Coeur dAleneCDA 2030 Community Advisory Committee 60. Take the Community Questionnaire Four questions about greater CDAMore than 300 completed to dateAccepted through Oct. 31Please fill out online or in the lobby tonight! 61. The Vision Thing 62. Q8: Whats your vision for greater CDA? Clean Environment Improved Education Greater Community Involvement Creating More Jobs Remaining a Small Town Increased Cultural Diversity Improved City Development Family Friendly Community OTHER RESPONSE 63. Q8: Whats your vision survey responses Creating More Jobs 14.9% Improved Education 9.9% Greater Community Involvement 8% Remaining a Small Town 8% Improved City Development 7.8% A Clean Environment 7.1% Increased Cultural Diversity 5.0% Family Friendly Community 4.3% OTHER RESPONSES 5% 64. Help add the details to the vision Long-term vision and action planCommunity partners to implement planEasy win projectsGame-changers 65. GET INVOLVED STAY INVOLVED 66. Brown-bag lecture Survey & Research Echo Bay Room, Second Floor Student Union, North Idaho CollegeFree parking in Lots A-D with permitFree and open to publicMore information on event fl