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  • 1. Los Angeles Launch PartyFebruary 9, 2013

2. Thank You For Coming! Our Web Site Our Blog Presentation and video will be posted to blog. Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Anyone that tweets something during this presentation with hashtag #diaperchangeme will be entered into a special raffle! 3. Who Are We? Lucy Ham (and Selene!) Chief Executive Officer Nate Hashem Chief Technology Officer 4. Our Birth Story 2012 was a busy year! Moved to San Francisco Had a baby Traveled internationally (also with baby) FINALLY JOINED FACEBOOK! Lots of babies and weddings in 2012 5. Nates Wedding! 6. Needed to make a pit stop Pros of Changing Your Baby at a Diaper Changing Station: Doesnot require awkward gymnastics in backseat of car. Any mess is isolated. Clean and sanitary. Pros of Changing Your Baby On the Floor: Floorsare pretty much everywhere. Strengthen your babys immune system by immersing him or her in bacteria. Receive fun visits from social services! 7. Theres an app for that There are apps to find restaurants, getdirections, find bathrooms, etc. Why couldnt I use my phone to find adiaper changing station? We found some apps and web sites, butthey didnt deliver. 8. What I Wanted Use my phone or computer to show menearby changing stations Best coverage! More detailed information: Type of location, address, phone #, etc. Mens restroom,fFamily restroom A place to nurse privately High chairs Allow for anyone to add locations andadd tips. 9. A Startup is Born 10. October 2012 Mobile Web Site Launch 11. December 2012 Desktop Web Site Launch 12. February 2013 New Features! You spoke, and we listened. New features focus on community andengagement. User accounts and profiles. Add tips to locations. Earn points for contributing, get promoted. Earn badges for fun behavior. 13. User Accounts and Profiles 14. Location Tips 15. Earn Points! You earn points for adding tips and locations. Accumulate points, get promoted, and climb on our leaderboard. Who will be the ultimate Diaper Warrior? 16. Fun with Badges Badges are earned by performing fun and uniqueactions. See if you can earn them all! Youre So Hollywood Badge: Add a locationin Hollywood. Triple Tipper Badge: Add a tip to any threelocations. Mess Hall Badge: Add a location thats arestaurant. 17. Whats next? So, we noticed a theme in our inboxes 18. Coming Soon Native Mobile App! Currently our top priority. Will launch in mid-Q2 (April or May). Both iPhone and Android versions will be available. 19. Coming Soon Check-In at a Station Check-in wheneveryou change yourbaby at a diaperchanging station inour directory. Easily add tips or sharephotos for others. 20. Coming Soon Add Your Own Photos 21. If You Want To Help Give us feedback! Spread the word! Facebook, Twitter, etc. Tell any of your friends that are new parents! 22. Q&AAny questions? 23. Special Thanks To Our Advisors Early Adopters Juney Ham All those who Jeff Hamattended our party Munish Dayal Jaclyn Hashem and you! 24. QuickTime and aH.264 decompressorare needed to see this picture. 25. Mailing List Contest Winner Congrats Jenny G. for winning our mailinglist contest! Congrats to $10 gift card winners! Melanie S. Lindsey G. Julia T. Gillian F. 26. And Now ...The Raffle!The Raffle!