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  • 1. Welcome In/stevebradford5 Steve Bradford Managing Director (Interim)

2. Enterprise Data Quality Best Practice in your CRM Roger Hodson UK & Ireland Managing Director Dun & Bradstreet 3. Agenda The challenge Getting the data foundations right The solution 4. Things have changed a bit since I started out... 5. Sales and buyer process continues to evolve 6. Social Selling works 79%of sales reps active in social selling hit quota and at 9%, higher revenues too 1 64% 55% 54% 46% 49% 48% 42% 38% Total team attainment of sales quota Customer renewal rate Sales forecast accuracy Percentage of sales reps achieving quota AVG email Click Through for messages shared in social 7. Following in the footsteps of CRM, the marketing automation revolution is in full swing both demand and supply side Our research shows that 20 percent of b-to-b companies have purchased and implemented a Marketing Automation Platform; we expect this to rise to close to 50 percent by the end of 2015. Source: Sirius Decisions 8. But are we making it work? 70%of CRMs in Europe fail to meet their objectives. Source: Butler Group 85 percent of b-to-b marketing leaders using a MAP believe they are not using the platform to its full potential Source: Sirius Decisions 9. CMOs are struggling with Data Source: IBM CMO survey 10. Whats wrong? #1Cause of CRM failure is poor quality data. Source: Gartner Our CRM is performing at 30-40% of my expectation we have a lot of legacy issues... we are putting them together but it drags in a lot of bad quality data There is a great deal of information but there is a lot of inaccuracy and missing fields Why? Sales dont see the value, they say they are too busy and they are not the best administrators some of them treat their contact lists like trophies We cannot maintain a huge database but is there an easy way? Sales will love it, if the system helps them generate more sales 11. MA is really all about... aggregating, moving and interpreting data Web hub Inbound Outbound Post campaign analysis Pre campaign analysis Lead scoring Lead nurturing Digital body language MA Salesforce 12. The cost of inaction $8.2M = Average cost per organisation of poor quality data on squandered resources, operational inefficiencies, missed sales, and unrealized new opportunities (Gartner) The cost of reconciling duplicate data to be between $10-$20 per duplicate record. (Informatica) Cost of managing a redundant/dormant record is between $10-$15 annually (Informatica) 13. Rule No. 1 You cant automate without great data governance 14. Data its Dull and Difficult isnt it? 15. Information is constantly changing. In the UK A trade reference is received every second A directorship change happens every 3 seconds A new set of accounts are loaded every 5 seconds A company changes control every 15 minutes A company enters liquidation, every 5 minutes A company name change is registered every minute A shareholding change happens every 2 minutes A new business is registered every 25 seconds 16. D&B Delivers Actionable Global Information 220M+ business records 200+ countries and territories 1.5M daily refreshes 30,000+ Global Data Sources Business Information D-U-N-S Number Global Database D&B in the UK 10 million companies, including all of the 2.7m actively trading UK businesses 17. A model for Data Governance Synthesis (Enrich & Extract Insight) Curation (Manage & Maintain) Discover (Identify, Cleanse & Validate) 18. D&B creates a SCV using sophisticated data quality management processes Our global data leverages four DUNSRight drivers: Global Data Collection Entity Matching D-U-N-S Number Corporate Linkage Predictive Indicators D&B Global Database 19. DUNS number: the company fingerprint RSA DUNS 123456789 RSA DUNS 234567891 RSA DUNS 123456789 RSA DUNS 234567891 RSA DUNS 123456789 RSA DUNS 234567891 RSA DUNS 123456789 RSA DUNS 234567891 Salesforce Billing Marketing Automation ERP Data Warehouse 20. ABC Ltd 123 High Street Marlow SL7 1AJ Dave Smith, MD Alpha Plastics P.O. Box 111 Marlow SL7 2AT David Smith, Director David Smith 123 High Street Marlow SL7 1AJ 01628 496678 D&B D-U-N-S Number: 12-345-6780 ABC Ltd T/A Alpha Plastics 123 High Street Marlow SL7 1AJ P.O. Box 111 Marlow SL7 2AT David Smith Managing Director 01628 496678 Multiple Records Single View Entity Matching D&Bs Entity Matching combines data into a single view of any business 21. See thewho owns what across the entire corporate family tree 22. CRM BEST PRACTICE 23. Web hub Inbound Outbound Post campaign analysis Pre campaign analysis Lead scoring Lead nurturing Digital body language MA Enterprise Applications Salesforce CRM vs MA slave and master data management. 24. Data quality and insight at every stage of the Customer Lifecycle Embedded Data quality Identify Target Create Nurture Close Grow > Prospecting, new contact and family hierarchy whitespace tools > Links to sales intelligence, social and news to equip sales to close > Profile, nurture and score your leads with detailed firmographic information > Ensure new records from webforms / input internally are created using validated, rich, duplicate aware data > Relevant decision makers to make the connection > Refreshed, rich data to assist with analytical profiling and to develop highly targeted prospects 25. THANK YOU 26. Connect with Your Customers & Increase Sales with In/paulkwalker @pwalker_uk Paul Walker Principal Sales Engineer 27. Become a Customer Company Connect With Your Customers in a Whole New Way Connected Products Connected Customers Connected Partners Connected Employees Mobile Social Community Cloud 28. Know Your Customers & Increase Sales Using Connected Products Connected Customers Connected Partners Connected Employees Leads Accounts Contacts Customer Companies Need Customer Data 29. Quality Customer Data is Hard to Find & Maintain Prospecting Across Many Applications Uploading and Integrating It Into Your Sales App Keeping Data Up-to-Date & Current happy with the quality of their CRM Data of companies areonly Phone numbers change every 30 minutes Source: Gartner, D&B Sales & Marketing Research Institute 30. The Result? Stunted Growth + Hidden Costs Missed Sales Targets Not Enough Pipeline Not Enough Time Selling Limited Insights Lost revenue due to bad data Cause of CRM failure is bad data Source: Gartner Difficult to target new accounts Poor lead scoring Wasted time with wrong leads New reps not selling Poor data quality No data for segmentation Account data for territory planning 31. What if the data & insights you need to grow your business was already in your app? 32. The Best Data, The #1 Sales App A Foundation for CRM Success Built Natively for Salesforce Real-Time Clean Data Leading Business Data 33. Grow Your Pipeline & Increase Sales Opportunities Source: Customer Survey Nov .2012 Get more and better leads directly inside Salesforce Accounts and contacts in one click Industrys most accurate contacts Enrich inbound marketing leads Leverage titles, industry, and company size for targeting & lead scoring +25% Increase in sales opportunities 34. Keep Reps Focused on Selling, Not Searching Source: Customer Survey Nov .2012 Focus on revenue generating activities Automatically clean accounts & contacts Enrich accounts with D&B profiles Cross-sell and up-sell with account linkages & hierarchies Get real-time updates & alerts +23% Improvement in sales productivity 35. Make Smarter Decisions with Richer, Cleaner Data Source: Customer Survey Nov .2012 Gain deeper insights with more accurate & reliable data Plan territories & sales alignment with industry, employee size & revenue Perform revenue roll-ups & cross border selling easier with corporate linkages Discover new trends in your business +33% Improved data completeness 36. Demonstration 37. Meet Our Customers 38. Wall Street Journal Improves Performance with Reporting was problematic and not reliable Sales team on average saving 5 hours a week New Business team has grown pipeline by 40% Our sales team loves using Ines Pacheco Manager, Analytics, WSJ digital network 39. Adobe EchoSign Grows their Business with 100% increase in MQ opportunities + 50% more closed deals 45% of new business from deals close faster 2000% ROI using to land & expand accounts has changed my life! I just wish I found it sooner. Eitan Saban, VP Head of Client Success 40. Helps CleverTouch Grow their Business UKs Fastest Growing Marketing Agency Multiple customer data sources due to acquisitions Single view to support targeted marketing of decision makers is essential to CleverTouch Campaigns -Nick Burrell, Co Founder and Director Of Operations 41. CareerBuilder Saves 8 Million in Sales Productivity 1,000 reps spend more time selling vs. managing data Finding budgets & buyers up to 8 layers deeper than expected Saving 4 hours a week per sales rep Now we can tap into names and titles we never could before at the click of a button. Lindsey Nelson, VP of Sales Productivity, CareerBuilder 42. Succeed in Sales and Marketing with (Source: Customer Survey Nov 2012) Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Customers 43. Join Thousands of Customers 450% Customer Growth* *since September 2010