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  1. 1. We enable you to be the organization you want to be Your Global Organizational Development Partner
  2. 2. C2C is a global Organizational Development (OD) company that creates contextualized solutions for its clients. We operate along the entire OD process by helping leaders articulate their vision clearly, define the conditions for success, identify the competencies necessary at each level of their leadership pipeline, diagnose the existing skills and competencies in their management population and develop the learning solutions necessary for successful execution. Who we are The 2014 global team offsite
  3. 3. What we do As an organizational development firm, C2C works with its clients in enabling their desired change through a planned and systematic series of activities and interventions. The key to success for any OD solution is for us to work closely with business leaders, HR, L&D, and other stakeholder teams at our client organizations. We facilitate organizational change create the need for change contracting diagnosis action plans and strategies monitor, evaluate, stabilize
  4. 4. What we believe in In order to enable our clients to build the organization they want, we believe in adhering to these 5 principles that also guide how we approach our client conversations and the solutions we develop. We enable you to be the organization you want to be Contextualization Coaching Facilitation Assessments Demonstrating Value
  5. 5. How we do it 1/2 We coach We coach conversations. Learning from past experiences and projecting oneself in the future are critical to success. We always strive to get our clients and participants to come up with their own action plan, rather than tell them what we think they should do. This applies in everything we do, from the way we drive our needs analysis, all the way to the way our facilitators help participants debrief their experiences. C2C also provides certified executive coaches to enable leaders to articulate a clear vision, and define the conditions for successful execution for themselves or their organization . We develop contextualized solutions Every solution we develop is unique and developed in line with the specific context of each of our clients. To contextualize our solutions, we spend a lot of time in understanding the specific reasons for each intervention, and then develop solutions that include highly realistic case studies that our participants can work on. On top of developing some of our own original content and to ensure business impact, we have developed content licensing partnership with globally recognized thought leaders in different fields.
  6. 6. How we do it 2/2 We facilitate On top of our 4 Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF) that specialize in facilitating strategic meetings, we coach all our consultants in order for them to develop core facilitation competencies. Facilitation ensures a highly participative and collaborative environment that puts the onus of learning and action squarely on the shoulders of the participants, whether it is for decision making meetings or learning interventions. We use assessments We are firm believers that effectiveness begins with self-awareness. In order to enable personal and interpersonal effectiveness, our consults are certified to use both 360 behavioural assessment tools and renowned psychometric assessments. Assessments also allow us to create more targeted development plans, especially for executive coaching. We demonstrate value We are a certified affiliate of Kirkpatrick Partners . We use The New World Kirkpatrick Model to demonstrate value to our clients through accurate evaluation of Return on Expectations. In order for a learning solution to be most effective, we support our clients in building strong pre- and post-training activities which ensure that the participants take away maximum benefit from an intervention, and the desired behavioural change is achieved.
  7. 7. A closer look at our learning solutions Leadership Development We have developed multiple long-term interventions to enable middle and senior managers to create the conditions for successful execution. Some of the topics covered: strategic thinking, executive presence, developing social capital, change leadership, leading innovation, creative problem solving, collaborative decision making, diversity & Inclusion, etc. Business Effectiveness These interventions focus on developing business related skills and competencies at all levels: positive influence, negotiation, high impact presentations, performance management, emotional intelligence, interpersonal effectiveness, business writing, delegation, conflict management, interviewing, meeting facilitation, time management, etc. Cross-cultural Competence These solutions focus on enabling cross-cultural competence by developing both awareness and skills. We use a process driven and value based approach, the Cultural Detective, to our cross- cultural management programs. Global Virtual Teams These solutions look at equipping professionals with the necessary skills to work or lead in a virtual matrix environment. We have developed out own framework: the 4 Ts of virtual collaboration.
  8. 8. Where we do it
  9. 9. What our clients say We partnered with C2C for the leadership development program for our Extended leadership team. They understood our requirement very well and delivered the results beyond our expectations. We are happy that we made the right choice by engaging them Nirmala Bhat, Director HR - ALTRAN TECHNOLOGIES INDIA We had a fantastic experience with C2C. Right from the diagnosis of our requirement to conducting the event and post event support, everything was meticulous, well thought through and executed. We were a little apprehensive about the size of the crowd we had (more than 250 people), but C2C made sure every little detail was planned , all questions answered and lots of inspiration provided. Priyadarshini Prabhu, HR Business Partner - NOVO NORDISK There is a visible impact in the people who were a part of the training . This workshop probably had a bigger impact than many leadership trainings we did from reputed names. Pavan Jayaprakash, Deputy Manager HR - FAURECIA EMISSIONS CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES
  10. 10. For more information Contact us: info@concept2competence.com C2C Consulting & Training @c2ctweets C2C Consulting & Training C2C Consulting & Training blogconcept2competence