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  • 1. Advertisement Performance SeriesApple iPhone7 Release2015-2016- C2C Group -Katelyn CoxLucas HershbergerWilliam Edgarhttp://xinfectionx.deviantart.com/art/Grunge-Apple-Logo-371102383

2. http://icons.mysitemyway.com/legacy-icon-tags/question-mark/ 3. http://anchorbcr.com/your-weekend-party-hotspot-kicks-off-at-9pm-tonight/Join the party. 4. Ages 18-2431%43%AppleAndroid26%Other 5. Experienced Artist 38.1k - Twitter 35k - Instagram 169k - Facebook Available for wholetour Edgy Appeals to targetmarket 6. Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in theworld, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professionalsoftware. Apple leads the digital music revolution withits iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinventedthe mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and AppStore, and is defining the future of mobile media andcomputing devices with iPad. 7. Revenue -170billion Net Income 37billion 425 Retail Stores 98,000employees 8. Creation of Production Team Music Producer Extras Actors Directors Publication teams Human Resources Legal Team Public Relations On Set Directors Town hosts 9. http://www.christiedigital.co.uk/emea/business/visual-solutions-case-studies/visual-solutions-application-stories/Pages/alfa-bank-4d.aspx 10. Permits Song Rights Rental Contracts Extra Contracts Third Party Use Construction Permits Noise Permits Distribution & Sale of Songs Sexual Harassment Training Breaching of Contracts Safe Codes Property Loss Property Damage Weather Film Permits 11. Ethical & Socially Responsible: Apple. 12. Approximate cost for each show: Document of Event $2,000 Equipment (initial cost) ~$1,000,000 Travel (city to city) ~$2,000 Labor ~$5,000 DJ ~$5,000 Permits ~$2,000 Venue ~$2,000 ~$18,000 per city & ~$1,180,000 total 13. Goals 20% higher pre-sale than iPhone6 Gain 8% of the target market (18-24) Create Brand Awareness 3-5% of sales in otherdepartments Create life long, brand loyalconsumers Create a lifestyle brand fortechnology 14. http://iphone7update.com/ 15. http://adoptingdivinemoments.com/thank/