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Transcript of Building your brand

  • Raphael ODonoghue - Regional Director, PM Forum Ireland

    Building Your Brand PM Forum IrelandJanuary 2014

  • Prof Philip Kotler

    Your brand is everything your organisation says and does

    As a professional services firm: You Are Your Own BRAND!!Your reputation, personal relationships, expertise, value for money, staff culture. Branding represents everything that exists, and is perceived to exist about your firm.

  • Misconception #1Branding is not about your crayons dept!

    changing colour and logos




  • #1UNDERSTAND YOUR CLIENTSUnderstand their needs!What makes them think!What motivates them!Walk around in their shoes


    Build a team that can deliver the best and exceed client expectations at each stage of the customer journey


    Communicate your brand values in a way to clients in a manner your clients want. Go back to #1!

  • Building strong brands do not happen overnight


    Brands are dynamic living organisms that communicate your business through every word, action and interaction. Each and every touch point online and offline communicates your brand.!!

  • To forge a great brand you must take DELIBERATE action

    Brand Building

    Your brand must be firmly rooted in your strategy. You need to take strategic decisions to build your brand, AND Your organisation/team MUST follow through on the message and actions required.!!

  • David Ogilvy

    Determine what you want SAY, and then everything you DO should SAY IT

    Your brand is the identity, culture, perception and essence of your organisation/firm. It is the sum of parts and totality of what you promise and deliver to your clients.!!You are your own brand. Maybe you should think more about building on it!

  • Building Your Brand is building your business

    Raphael ODonoghue Regional Director PM Forum