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is digital marketing a brand equity booster?

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  • 1.Brand Buildingis digital marketing a brand equity booster?Yves-Alain SchwaarLausanne, 01.11.20111

2. Ubiquitous buying processFrom awareness to purchase; a multi-touchpoint buying process the client journey within thefb information space is g ubiquitous t The buying decision process www is a cross media, multi- touchpoint process blog Consumers behavior requires a consistent brand g presence throughout all chanelswww Prosumers are expressing fb = facebookg= google themselves, a brand building opportunity, but also a risk$$$t= twitterwww= websiteblog = opinion fbt leaders blogs 2 3. Media consumption switchBrands audiences are online The media consumption has evolved over the last years, Internet being timelythe most used media The online media consumption is a mix of personal interactions, informationgathering, buying transactions, social encounters, the usage changing on the timeof the day, and the device used (smartphone, laptop, tablet) personal zones public zonesyou fbe-mailBBC tube twittere-mail Google VogueTime of the day onlne media consumption(source: Microsoft Europe 2011 - n=7000) 3 4. Owned, earned, paid mediaGenerate brand awareness, image and preferencethe value of owned media grows gradually over time and is the starting point of earnedmedia. If properly nurtured, the value of earned media tends to grow faster than ownedthanks to the poser of the social graph. Paid media can be used to spike the growth ofearned & owned media - it offers an instant and targeted pay-off. It will also increase thegrowth rate of earned media over time IAB media paidsponsored content media content & social ads blog mentions social sharing influencer activation earned media impact facebook page owned microsites media source: halogen mediatime 4 5. Paid MediaCreate brand awareness, define brand identityPremium brands have reached their target audience and built brand awareness through a presence in premium publishers products. Advertising on these supports supports brands image development through image transfer from the premium support to the brand.With the switch of media usage, and the multimedia abilities of digital advertising, brand awareness can bebuilt as well as a unique brand experience. Through these means, a brand image can be rapidlycreated, transposing the image transfer mechanics from offline to online.Paid media will be the base investment necessary to generate visits on the owned media, and ignitiate thedialogue on earned mediaclassical brandexperience richbuilding platformbrand building 5 6. Earned Mediasocial media platforms can make or break your brand Facebook: More than 800 million active users More than 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day Average user has 130 friends Twitter: more than 100M active users per month, 50% log on every day, 55% on mobile 1Billion Tweets every 5 days Youtube: more than 800M monthly visits Blogging platforms: more than 470M visits per month (blogger and wordpress) 6 7. Earned MediaSocial media platforms can make or break your brandMost of the content created on social media platforms is shared within andbetween social circles, exposing any content created to a potentially massiveaudienceOpportunities lie with the brands ability to leverage on its social media audience,initiate a dialogue with opinion leaders, and therefore facilitate the spreading ofthe brands message.Monitoring the social medias brand perception is paramount to any brand. Itgives the brand a realtime feedback and the opportunity to participate in dialoguesaround the brand, being positive or negative.By not being proactive about its presence on social media, a brand leaves fullcontrol of the dialogue over its brand perception to third parties, putting its brandequity at risk. 7 8. Owned media, the flagship storeA brands own online presence remains a necessityAlthough the volume of visits on brands owned online presence has reduced over the lastyears with the surge of social media, it is still essential to the consistency of a brands onlinepresence, but also as a platform of interaction and commerce with its own clientele. An ownonline presence has to remain the "online flagship store" for the brand.By giving up investments on its own online presence, a brand is taking the risk of beingtotally dependant from third party platforms, putting its brand equity at risk.A brands online strategy shall leverage on the platform where it can reach its audience, butalso aim at building a long term relationship with its clientele, by securing an own onlinecustomer relationship platform, not giving completely control to social media platformsowners.Brands online ecosystemtwitter fb brand wwwyoublog tube 8 9. Online brand buildingA case studyBurberry, has understood and integrated the potential of Digital Marketing for brand buildingand positioning. By switching an essential part of its marketing budget to online activities,Burberrys digital presence has essentially contributed to the company turnaround andbrand attractivity. What started with an own social media platform hasbecome the luxury industry best practice and success story.9 10. Digital Marketing - a brand equity boosterWill you be next?10