BISq Debut Brunch Menu

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Cambridge, MA

Transcript of BISq Debut Brunch Menu

  • drinksmichelada 6with or without

    sherry cobbler 10

    mimosa 11

    best wine ever:renardat-fche cerdon du bugey 12/52


    sourced by henrietta lovell of the rare tea company

    whole-flower chamomile 5nile valley | egypt

    lemon verbena 5provence | france

    fuding jasmine silver-tip 6fujian province | china

    shire highlands steamed green 6 satemwa estate | malawi

    shire highlands whole-leaf puer 5satemwa estate | malawi

    shire highlands whole-leaf black 6 satemwa estate | malawi


    sourced and roasted by 4A coffeeof brookline, MA

    regular/decaf 6

    BRUNCHceviche mixto 12dayboat cod, calamari, mussels

    smoked rainbow trout rillette 9deviled egg, capers, lemon, johnny cakes

    brunch board 13assortment of house-made charcuterie and pickles

    pepper and delicata squash omelette 12vermont cheddar, nioise olives, fines herbes buerre blanc

    root vegetable hash 10poached eggs, tomato-speckled hollandaise

    morcilla and fried eggs 14tostones, avocado, chimichurri hollandaise

    two eggs scrambled 9bens biscuits


    bacon 4cured and smoked in house, cut thick

    root vegetable hash 6

    greek yogurt 7seasonal fruit, wheatberries, honey

    beignets 6milk jam