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Menu Brunch Lunch @Portsdown

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    French Restaurant & Chocolate Bar

    All prices are exclusive of GST & service charges

  • Laurents Restaurant Brunch Menu

    BRUNCH SET - $30.00

    Choice of Eggs Coffee or Breakfast tea

    Orange Juice Yoghurt or Croissant

    DANISH Croissant, chocolate croissant or sultana croissant $3.00 each Danish Basket (5 pieces) $11.00

    BELGIUM WAFFLES With chocolate sauce and whipped cream $7.00 With blueberry jam and banana fruits. $9.00

    FRENCH CREPES With chocolate sauce and whipped cream $7.00 With blueberry jam and banana $9.00

    YOGHURT $5.00

  • Laurents Restaurant Brunch Menu

    ORGANIC EGGS Scrambled, poached or sunny side up $18.00 Toast, sausage, roasted tomato and mesclun salad.

    Additional smoked salmon $2.00 Egg Benedict Bacon $18.00 Bacon, roasted tomato and mesclun salad.

    Egg Benedict smoked salmon $19.00 Smoked salmon, roasted tomato, mesclun salad.

    SPECIALTY OMELETTE SOUFFLEE served with toast, roasted tomato and mesclun salad. Mushrooms $16.00 Sauted wild mushroom, garlic and fresh herb. Swiss $16.00 Gruyre cheese and cooked ham. English $16.00 Bacon and sauted wild mushroom. Ham $16.00 Honey baked ham and Italian parsley. Roquefort $18.00 Roquefort cheese and walnuts. Norwegian $18.00 Smoked salmon, fresh dill and crme frache.

    Prosciutto $18.00 Prosciutto ham and Parmesan cheese

  • Laurents Restaurant Lunch Menu SOUP Pumpkin with Carrot and Ginger soup (V) $7.80 Leeks and Potato soup (V) $7.80 French Onion soup with Gruyre toast $7.80 Wild Mushroom soup (V) $7.80

    SALAD Nioise Salad $18.00 Fresh greens, tuna, Kalamata olives, white anchovies, eggs and potatoes.

    Laurent Salad (V) $15.00

    Fresh greens, goats cheese, corn, apricot and pistachios.

    Caprese Salad (V) $15.00

    Tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil.

    NEW! The Delicatessen plate - $18.00

    Pure pork slicing sausage, sausage, prickles, potted meat.

  • Laurents Restaurant Lunch Menu QUICHE Quiche Lorraine $12.00 Bacon, sweet onion and gruyre cheese.

    Quiche Provencal (V) $12.00 Roasted tomatoes, feta cheese and black olives.

    Field Mushroom Quiche (V) $12.00 Field mushrooms, onion and gruyre cheese.

    MAIN Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Sauted Prawns $16.00 Tiger prawn, basil, garlic and red chilli.

    Shepherd pie $16.00 Gratin of beef covered with mashed potatoes.

    Coq Au Vin $23.00 Chicken, red wine, bacon, mushrooms and root vegetables.

    Boeuf Bourguignon $24.00 Beef, red wine, bacon, mushroom and root vegetables.

    SANDWICHES Croque Monsieur $15.00 Grilled ham and gruyre cheese sandwich with bchamel sauce.

    Smoked Salmon Croque Monsieur $15.00 Grilled smoked salmon and gruyre cheese sandwich with bchamel sauce.

    Chvre Chaud (V) $15.00 Toasted goats cheese with provencal herbs and honey w/ country bread.

    Prosciutto Sandwich $15.00 Prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella and fresh Basil w/ foccacia bread.

    Roast Chicken Sandwich $15.00 Roast chicken, lettuce and tomato with honey Dijon mustard.

    Toasted beef Tartine $15.00 Sauted beef with onions, mushroom, crme frache and Gruyre cheese.

    (V) Suitable for Vegetarian

  • Laurents Restaurant Dessert Menu


    Each of our souffl is freshly baked on order, it takes 30 minutes to make

    and bake a souffl.

    Guanaja Chocolate souffl $18.00

    Served with raspberry sherbet and choice of chocolate or vanilla sauce.

    After 8 souffl $14.00

    Mint and chocolate chips souffl served with chocolate sauce.

    Grand Marnier souffl $14.00

    Served with vanilla sauce.

    Rum and raisins souffl $14.00

    Served with vanilla sauce.

    Cherry- pistachio souffl $14.00

    Served with cherry.

    Banana caramel $14.00

    Served with chocolate sauce.

    Yuzu souffl $14.00

    Crispy chocolate tart $7.80

    Vanilla crme Brule $9.80

    Chocolate profiterole $12.00

    Vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, choux puff.

    Warm chocolate cake $9.80

    Served with vanilla ice cream.

    Waffle $9.80

    Belgian style waffle served with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, berries.

  • Laurents Restaurant Dessert Menu


    Choice of homemade ice cream at the counter:

    Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, caramel, sherbet raspberry, passion fruit, coconut, sugar

    free green tea ice cream etc

    1 scoop $4.50

    2 scoops $8.00

    3 scoops $11.00

    Ice cream cup

    Vanilla Sundae $14.00

    2 scoops Vanilla ice cream, chocolate cookies, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.

    Chocolate Sundae $14.00

    2 scoops chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookies, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.

    Cherry Pistachio Sundae $15.00

    2 scoops pistachio ice cream, Amarena cherry, whipped cream.

    Coupe Mont Blanc $15.00

    Chestnut ice cream, cream ice cream, chestnut, whipped cream, chocolate sauce.

    Coupe chocolate-chocolate $15.00

    Hazelnuts ice cream, dark chocolate ice cream, caramel ice cream, pearl of chocolate,

    hot chocolate sauce, cream.

    Coupe summer $13.00

    Coconut sherbet, strawberry sherbet, raspberry coulis, mixed berries.

  • Laurents Restaurant Drinks


    Classic hot chocolate carabe 66% $8.00

    This blend of grands crus from small plantation almond the Caribbean Sea has an

    exceptionally long nose and the soft aromas of nuts on the palate.


    Jasmin silver sickle $7.00

    Yunnan $7.00

    Earl grey superior silver tips $7.00

    Darjeeling first flush $7.00

    Assam Doomni $12.00