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CenterStone Technologies; the proven leader in global B2B ecommerce - sell more to your specialty retail channel and build stronger channel relationships!

Transcript of B2B E Commerce Solution

  • 1. B2B E-Commerce Solution Presented By:Juli Baecker [email_address] www.centerstonetech.com 651-235-5854 cell 651-342-0801 - office

2. WhyB2B from CenterStone? ( What our customers are saying)

  • A proven Competitive Advantage
  • Lower your transactional costsof phone, fax, and email orders.
  • Be a supplier who is recognized by your channel as easier to do business with
  • Be open & available to take orders24/7
  • Enhance yourcustomer serviceteam
  • Over $1 Billionin wholesale dollars transacted annually on behalf of our clients through CenterStones B2B system
  • Its Proven - Over50 brandsand over17,000 specialty retailers and repsusing the solution withGREAT success

3. A Sampling Of Current Clients 4. Representing Active & Lifestyle Apparel... 5. As Well As Snowsports & Other Hardgoods 6. AboutCenterStone

  • Highly branded & customized solutions with aconsistent user experience
  • Designed and used as anoutward facingapplication, not an internal facing application
  • Solutions used by more than50 brands
  • CenterStones solutions are already used in:Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Outdoor Recreation, Resort, Snow Sports, College Book Store, Specialty Running, Golf, Cycling, and Team Sports
  • Differentiator - Ongoing technicalsupport , channel support &training
  • Optimized, efficient and repeatableimplementation processequals fast time to value
  • Experience with awide variety of ERPsystems lowers implementation risk
  • SaaS more cost effective to maintain than any other traditional software model.

7. Demo 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. MoreInformation

  • Contact: Juli Baecker
  • Email:[email_address]
  • Phone: 651-342-0801
  • Web:www.centerstonetech.com