Augmented Reality - Murray State .Augmented reality vs Virtual reality Augmented reality is the...

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Transcript of Augmented Reality - Murray State .Augmented reality vs Virtual reality Augmented reality is the...

Augmented Reality"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. "

- Philip K Dick

Augmented reality vs Virtual reality

Augmented reality is the real-time modification of perceived reality overlaying the modification over the real.

Virtual reality is completely simulated reality not needing any bearing on real-time reality.


Necessary Display



Optional Sensors





Head mounted



Retinal Display


Pros: Greater resolution than almost any of the other displays.

Cons: Location constrained. Affected by light levels.


Pros: Access to technology

Cons: Limited field of view

Head Mounted

Pros: Removes problems of light contrast that a projection unit has. Fast implementation for specific uses[1]

Cons: Removes peripheral vision and you become constrained to the

camera's view.


Pros: Does not constrain the persons field of view

Cons: The field of display is not able to work with the users full field of vision


Pros: No obstruction of users vision

Cons: Having electrical circuitry so close to your eye.

Retinal Display

Pros: Does not use any type of screen or led

Cons: Bulkier than many others

Benefits of Augmented Reality

Improving education

3D object viewers from the Augmented Reality Development Lab (ARDL)

More interactive Benefits visual learners

Aid those with disabilities

LookTel Recognizer and LookTel Money Reader

Eye movement tracking Qualcomm is working

on applications that will help intellectually disabled workers

Improvement of reality

Refrigerators could write your shopping list for you

Your house could change the environment of a room, to fit the circumstances

Better display/access of relevant information

Video Games

More social Mobility is required Googles Ingress

Other benefits?

What would you use augmented reality for?

Cons of AR Technology

Distraction from REAL Reality

Texting and driving is dangerous AND illegal

AR would also be dangerous but much harder to make illegal and enforce

Takes military personnel extensive training to look past HUD

Pedestrians and AR GPS navigation


Much harder to maintain privacy

Using AR facial recognition, a digital profile of an individual could be pulled up on anyone that can be seen


The amount of advertising that we have become accustomed to in our browsers would begin to appear in AR

Billboards would be blank canvases and fill with custom content for individuals

Looking at a book would bring up you may also


Diminished Reality

The flip side of AR is Diminished RealityCould edit things out of reality that you dont want to seeCould edit out homeless on the street to prevent yourself from not feeling guilt about not helping them

Bullying and Harassment

AR bullying would be invisible to the school authorities

The kick me sign would instead be displayed through the AR tech

Someone could find nude pictures of others who are walking by simply by looking at them



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