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Augmented Reality A next-generation technology All set to transform the gaming landscape

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Augmented Reality is a life-altering technology that promises to transform all types of industries especially gaming. AR-based games deliver a more immersive experience to your users. Such games ensure that you actually interact with the real-world objects in your surrounding environment. Plus, with wearables becoming more popular, AR is going to be the ultimate change-agent for gaming.

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Augmented Reality A next-generation technology All set to transform the gaming


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In recent years, there have been phenomenal advancements in technology. When it comes to gaming, new technologies are being invented with each passing day to offer gamers a more Immersive experience. Augmented Reality (AR) is one such technology that promises to transform the gaming sector completely in the years to come. Before we actually talk about the use of Augmented Reality in Gaming, it’s important to have a basic idea about AR.

Augmented Reality changes the way we interact with the digital information around us. The technology provides a live and direct/indirect view of the real-world environment wherein the elements are augmented with the help of computer-generated sensory data like sound, GPS data, images and video. Augmented Reality helps you combine the actual-real world with games.

Today, you will find a wide array of AR Games (Droid Shooting, Parallel Kingdom) in the market which can be played with tablets and smart phones and these are highly popular. With Google Glass, AR based gaming will receive a huge boost as the glasses will allow users to participate in games. You will actually be able to see various game elements and characters that are entwined with the real world right in front of your eyes.

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Increasing Smart Phone User Data

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Augmented Reality based Gaming

Developing games that keep the users hooked on to them is a big challenge. Augmented Reality promises to overcome this challenge. Using Augmented Reality, developers can add a new dimension to games to keep users engaged completely! With platforms such as Layar, Metaio, Aurasma, String (integrates with Unity game engine) etc. developers can churn out amazing gaming applications that help blur the line between what’s real and what’s virtual! What’s more, by combining Augmented Reality with Leap Motion technology, developers can build interactive games that offer an immersive experience to end-users.

Here’s how AR gaming applications work. Let’s say you want to apply augmented reality to baseball cards. All you need to do is download the gaming application and hold a baseball card to a webcam. Now, what happens is the application will recognize the card (including the player on it) and accordingly display related video on the Computer screen. You can move the card in your hands (you will have to ensure that the card is kept in view of the camera) and see a 3D figure on the screen performing actions such as throwing ball on target.

As the technology gathers momentum in coming years, you will also witness games that use augmented reality out in your streets. Scavenger-hunt games are the best example of this. One actually use his/her game to place tokens in the town and participants can then use phones (or augmented reality glasses) to find those hidden objects. You will find various types of AR games in the market today such as the ones mentioned below –

Marker games – AR Basketball

happens to be some of the most popular Marker based AR multiplayer games in the market today. To play AR Basketball, you will need to print the marker. You will find it really cool to see a 3D virtual basketball hoop on your desk or floor.

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Accessory Freemiums – Then

there are AR gaming applications that actually require you to have accessories to play them. These apps generally come free of charge but those accessories need to be purchased for playing the game. Doctor Who: Cleric Wars and Foam Fighters are examples of this type of game.

Object Tracking – Games such as

AR Soccer do not require any accessory or marker. Instead these use object tracking for playing the game. It would not be wrong to say that such games are like Kinect for smart phones. You use your own feet to kick through the camera. It’s like playing a virtual juggling game via your iPhone

Apart from these, there are AR games that use leap motion technology to offer games a more interactive experience. Though users will have to purchase leap motion devices to play such games using their hand gestures. Augmented Reality is definitely going to take gaming to the next level in some years to come!

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What lies ahead?

The gaming industry has witnessed some tremendous transformations in recent years, the most latest being the use of Augmented Reality. So, how would be the future world of gaming? Well, just as 2D and 3D technology made a lasting impact on this industry, so will augmented reality. Today, game design and development is gearing towards offering gamers with an immersive experience. Augmented Reality is all about letting gamers interact with their physical surroundings in real time.

While augmented reality is still in a nascent stage, it has already started impacting the gaming industry in a huge way! With Google Glasses all set to hit the markets in near future, gamers can wear such wearable UI and need not require console or any other device. Google Glasses will actually allow them to play game in the real-sense.

Wearable technology, such as Google Glasses, helps create an entire new kind of game play that revolves around micro-engagements. According to a recent article on Gamasutra – in future the players will be able to drop in and out of games as they receive notifications throughout their day. This will be an extension of the mobile play pattern but this also includes an added layer of immersion or persistence.So, the future of gaming is all set to become more exciting with Augmented Reality.

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Credencys – An emerging leader in Augmented Reality Game Development

At Credencys, we are passionate about Augmented Reality and strive to deliver engaging gaming solutions to our global clients. Our Game Design Studio is equipped with latest technologies to handle all kinds of Augmented Reality based Game Development projects. Our team consists of experienced developers and programmers who use the best practices to build innovative AR games that take the gaming experience of end-users to a new level! We are experts at delivering

100% custom AR based 2D/3D gaming solutions for mobiles, tablets, and PCS.

Take a look at what our developers can do for you –

Environment based games Location based gaming apps Marker based games Projection based games Kinect based games

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Have a glimpse of our work

Bike Racing Game – Developed with leap motion technology and augmented

reality, the gaming app allows you to control bike using hand gestures. All you need to do is connect a leap motion device with your PC or laptop.

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Poo Blaster Game – This is another leap motion technology based gaming

application developed by us using the Metaio SDK. Connect the leap motion device to your PC and start blasting balloons using your hand movements.

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AR Vaseline Game – Kill as many germs as you can within one minute. Collect

Vaseline bottles while playing to improve your nourishment. Collect medals from your mom upon completing this mission.

If you are really looking forward to build an engaging AR based gaming app for your target audience, look no further than us! Come talk to our experts and see for yourself!

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