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Breaking Down Classroom Barriers By Billie Rengo Curriculum Coach Grantsburg School District * Augmented Reality


Learn more about how you can break down the barriers of classroom walls. Help your students take their learning to the next level with interactive videos.

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Page 1: Augmented Reality

Breaking Down Classroom Barriers

By Billie Rengo

Curriculum Coach Grantsburg School District

*Augmented Reality

Page 2: Augmented Reality


*Much like a video QR Code

*Appeals to all ages-even the youngest of learners

*Demonstrate new skills the correct way

*Reinforce previously taught concepts

*Easy-students can create

*Can be shared amongst teachers on a channel

Page 3: Augmented Reality

*Learn the Lingo!

* - augmented reality: Augmented reality allows viewers to experience something from the real world environment that has been computer generated.

* - aura: the “tornado” that appears when you hold your device over something

* - trigger image: the picture you want to “trigger” a video to play

* - overlay: the thing you will apply on top of the trigger image (usually a video from your camera roll)

Page 4: Augmented Reality


Book review


Interactive word


Reinforce content


More uses:Record short science experimentsGive instructions for an assignment or centerRecord answers for students to self correct

Page 5: Augmented Reality

*Aurasma and Puppet Pals

Smash Up

*You can combine apps such as Puppet Pals or Tellagami with Aurasma too! Just save your work to your camera roll first.

* Image credit:

Page 6: Augmented Reality

*Getting Started Tips

*Erin Klein's Aurasma How-To

*Scroll to the bottom of the blog post to download a free 19 page step-by-step how-to booklet.

* Double tap the Aurasma video when it begins to play. This will cause it to go full screen. (Your arms will instantly thank you! You won’t need to stand with your device pointed at the trigger image.)

*Connect with Other Teachers and Studets-Brad Gustafson's World Book Talk

Page 7: Augmented Reality

*Trigger Image Tips

This trigger image has a lot of white space. The text is the same for all students illustrating the poem. Even though multiple students will illustrate their pages differently, it is not unique enough to provide a good trigger image.

Fluency example

The patterned background makes this a good trigger image.

Page 8: Augmented Reality


*Make your own interactive posters or enjoy pre-made posters that support science and social studies

*Sound cards

*Strategy cards


*Water cycles

Page 9: Augmented Reality

*Other AR Apps

*Colar Mix

*AR Flash Cards App (with printables)

*AR Flashcards Space

*Zoo AR