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Secondary Data

In addition to Quantitative Research done via Survey Monkey, I also looked further into secondary data, such as the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) along with age certifications.

This secondary source of information was useful to look into as it assisted with our planning when deciding which certificate our slasher trailer should be. Therefore, identifying from an early stage, what type of content we were able to include into our slasher trailer. British Board of Film Classification

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) originally known as British Board of Film Censors is a non governmental organisation solely based within the United Kingdom who take charge in the certification and censorship of films. The organisation established in 1912, applies these restrictions for the benefit of the public. Restricting younger audiences on what they are allowed to view/witness.

Though the BBFC have authority to rate or add certain legal restrictions onto the film, overall the local council have the authority to place their own restrictions on a film, change a BBFC rating, and in extreme cases, 'ban' the film. Some of BBFCs decisions caused great dispute, especially in the 1970s when it banned The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Last House on the Left as they were greatly popular in other countries.

Age CertificationsThe majority of slasher genre films are certificate 15 in order to obtain a larger demographic, this certificate has far less restrictions than certificate 18. Due to this this certificate usually having a larger audience, the budget for these movies increase. Therefore, there will most likely be better equipment, CGI etc. in certificate 15 movies than 18. We have chosen our slasher trailer to be a certificate 15 due to these reasons.

18 certificate films are more restricted due to the rating. Usually these films have a smaller audience and therefore, the budget is lower than that of 15 certificate slasher films. However, due to the type of content allowed in an 18 certificate, film directors are not at all restricted. Attracting niche audiences, and therefore obtain more money later on.