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  • 1.Research Audience Research

2. Question 1 NME Q Vibe KerrangLooking at the results from question one, its clear thatNME & Q are more popular than Vibe & Kerrang,showing that they both have a better reputation. BothNME & Q have a focus on the rock genre but includeartists from other genres, which could justify this. 3. Question 22.00-2.903.00-3.904.00-4.90Looking at the results from question two, anoverwhelming amount of people that I asked, have saidthey would be willing to pay between 3.00-3.90 for amusic magazine, which is around the average price of amusic magazine. 4. Question 3 Pop Rock RNB/HipHop Indie Electro Club All of the aboveLooking at the results from question three, it shows thatan even amount of people are interested in the Pop &Rock genre with club being the most unpopular. This isgood because I was looking to base my music magazineon both the joint genres but primarily rock. 5. Question 4HollisterSuperdryTopman/TopshopLooking at the results from question four, I have foundthat the majority of my audience shop atTopman/Topshop followed by Hollister then Superdry,showing that my target audience is mainly teenagers,the results also follow fashion trends and I could thinkabout advertising these products in my magazine. 6. Question 5 Facebook Twitter YoutubeLooking at the results from question five, its clear thatmy audience which hold a high interest in music, useyoutube most on a regular basis, showing that this is themain place people watch music videos. Followed by anequal split between two of the top social networkingsites, a way my audience may share and talk aboutmusic. 7. Question 6 Original Photography Exclusive Interviews & Articles Posters Free CDs Competitions to win prizes.Looking at the results from question six, my audiencewould be most encouraged to buy a music magazine, ifit includes exclusive interviews and articles, that thecant find anywhere else. 8. Question 7TVInternetLooking at the results from question seven, it shows themajority of my audience watch music videos through theuse of the internet. Showing that technology plays a bigpart in the distribution of music. 9. Question 8 Reading Festival Yes Glastonbury No Hyde ParkLooking at the results from question eight, most of mytarget audience do go to various music festivals,meaning I could include information about these eventsin my magazine, in order to make my audience want topurchase it. 10. Most Popular Answers 11. SummaryThrough doing my audience research, it has enabled me to think ofideas of what I would like to include in my final magazine. I have foundout that many people are interested in both the pop & rock genre, so Iwill be looking to get a feel for both in my magazine. I also found outthat people would pay no more that 3.90 for a magazine, meaning Iwill be looking to keep the price of my magazine the same if its to besuccessful. I have also found out that my audience shop at big nameShops like Topman/Topshop, so I may include some sort of offer inmymagazine, which will encourage them to purchase the magazine andattract my target audience. 12. SummaryI have also learned my audience visit sites such as Youtube & socialMedia such as facebook & twitter more than anything else, so itsworth some recognition in my magazine, to suit my target audience ofolder teenagers/young adults.One of the most important things I have learned from this is that myaudience are more likely to purchase my magazine if it containsexclusive content & articles that they cant read anywhere else. So I willmake sure to do this in my magazine.