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Appendicular Skeleton. Ch. 8. Consists of:. Shoulder (pectoral) Girdle Upper extremities Pelvic Girdle Lower extremities. Shoulder Girdle. Sternum + clavicle = sternoclavicular joint Clavicle + scapula = acromioclavicular joint Scapula held in place by muscle only - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Appendicular Skeleton

Appendicular Skeleton

Appendicular SkeletonCh. 8Consists of:Shoulder (pectoral) GirdleUpper extremitiesPelvic GirdleLower extremities

Shoulder GirdleSternum + clavicle = sternoclavicular jointClavicle + scapula = acromioclavicular jointScapula held in place by muscle onlyUpper limb attached to girdle at shoulder

Shoulder Girdle - ClavicleS-shaped bone

Shoulder Girdle posterior scapulaAcromion processGlenoid cavitySpineCoracoid process

Shoulder Girdle anterior scapula

Upper Extremities30 bones eachHumerus, radius, ulnaCarpal bones in wristMetacarpals in palmPhalanges in fingers

HumerusHeadGreater tubercleLesser tubercleDeltoid tuberosityLateral epicondyleMedial epicondyleCapitulumTrochlea

Radius and UlnaRadiusHeadStyloid process Radial tuberosityUlnaStyloid process

Wrist and HandCarpalsMetacarpalsphalanges


Metacarpals and Phalanges

Pelvic Girdle

Pelvic GirdleIlicac crestAnterior/superior iliac spineAcetabulumSpine of ischiumObturator formaenPubic symphysis

Tortora & Grabowski 9/e 2000 JWS 8-15

Female and Male SkeletonsMale skeletonlarger and heavierlarger articular surfaceslarger muscle attachmentsFemale pelviswider & shallowerlarger pelvic inlet & outletmore space in true pelvispubic arch >90 degrees

Lower Extremities30 bones eachFemurPatellaTibiaFibulaTarsalsMetatarsalsphalanges

Femur and PatellaHeadGreater trochanterLesser trochanterLateral epicondyleMedial epicondyle

Tibia and FibulaTibiaMedial and largerTibial tuberosityLateral condyleMedial condyleMedial malleolusFibulaLateral and smallerHeadLateral mealleolus

Tarsals Metatarsals - PhalangesCalcaneusTalusCuboidNavicularCuneiforms