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  1. 1. Ancillary Task - Website Emily Joslin
  2. 2. Lots of images to catch the readers eye. Phone number and email to contact the magazine. Search bar Social media links Simple layout
  3. 3. Subscribe option Search bar Advertisements for local businesses The websites latest post easy to navigate
  4. 4. Tags that relate to specific post subjects Category bar is visible no matter how far down the page you go
  5. 5. Category and search bar News articles Adverts
  6. 6. News articles Social media links Latest edition of magazine
  7. 7. Social media links Search box Latest articles Local businesses advertised Membership News articles
  8. 8. News articles Offers Sponsored websites
  9. 9. Social media links News stories ultimate = semantic code
  10. 10. -> = symbolic code
  11. 11. Social media linksMagazine information + contact details