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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference October 21-22, 2016 Jekyll Island, Georgia Soror Regina Hedgeman Johnson, Basileus SOror Senetra Smith Haywood, Chairman Soror Michele D. Jackson Seals, Co-Chairman Soror Rose Dean Andrews Cluster III Coordinator Soror Sharon Brown Harriott South Atlantic Regional Director SOROR Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson Supreme Basileus AKA Pearl Perfect & Zeta Iota Omega Chapter

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Page 1: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.South Atlantic RegionCluster III Conference

October 21-22, 2016Jekyll Island, Georgia

Soror Regina Hedgeman Johnson, Basileus

SOror Senetra Smith Haywood, Chairman

Soror Michele D. Jackson Seals, Co-Chairman

Soror Rose Dean AndrewsCluster III Coordinator

Soror Sharon Brown HarriottSouth Atlantic Regional Director

SOROR Dorothy Buckhanan WilsonSupreme Basileus

AKAPearl Perfect


Zeta Iota Omega Chapter

Page 2: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

Friday, October 21, 2016 6:00 PM

Basilei and Graduate Advisor Chat Soror Donna Thomas, Recorder

The Chat began at 6:00 PM in the Jekyll Island Convention Center Oceanside Room 1 by the Convener, Soror Regina Hedgeman Johnson, Basileus, Zeta Iota Omega Chapter who welcomed all in attendance. Soror Janel Holland of the same chapter provided the meditation. Soror Rose Dean Andrews, Cluster III Coordinator, gave greetings and the official presentation of our esteemed Regional Director, Soror Sharon Brown Harriott, and introduced the Basilei and graduate advisors of Cluster III.

Madam Regional Director expressed her thanks for the success of our 67th Boule held in Atlanta in July. She further reported that the Regional Conference would be held in Atlanta, Georgia, March 23-26, 2017, and will be hosted by Cluster IV. It is expected that our membership will increase to 12,000 by the end of 2016 once all approved MIPs have been completed. The following subjects were highlighted during the remainder of the meeting.

• Bylaw amendments approved at the 67th Boule • Chapter evaluations during the 2016 Cluster III Conference • 2016-2018 Region Committee appointments • Temporary relocation of Corporate Office • Increase in per capita and chapter tax liabilities levied in 2018 • Importance of Mentoring Undergraduates and new Graduate members • Policy for Homecoming and Chapter Anniversary Celebrations • Step Show and WOP correspondence • MIP Luncheon Celebrations

Soror Theresa Waters, Basileus, Chi Delta Omega of Palm Coast, Florida gave accolades for Madam Regional Director and Soror Andrews, Cluster Coordinator.

In her closing remarks, our Regional Director urged Sorors to actively participate in the election not only by voting, but taking others to the polls to vote and being a visible force by waving the “Be the Voice” banner. She acknowledged and thanked the members of Zeta Iota Omega for hosting the Cluster III Conference. Conference logistics were given by Soror Senetra Haywood, Cluster III Conference Chairman. The business session of the conference will be held tomorrow on October 22, 2016 in the Atlantic Ballroom A.

Page 3: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

Friday, October 21, 2016 7:30 PM

School Daze – HBCU Friday Night Event

Soror Donna Thomas, Recorder

The 2016 South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference was held at the Jekyll Island Convention Center on October 21-22, 2016. The Sorors of Zeta Iota Omega of Brunswick, Georgia executed the conference true to the theme, “Pearl Perfect and Ivy Strong”. Soror Sabrina Johnson Nixon, Anti-Basileus of the host chapter served as the Event Captain for the Friday School Daze/HBCU Night Sisterly Gathering. Soror Connie Foster, Conference Protocol Chairman announced the entrance of our VSGs. The attendees were welcomed to the Golden Isles by Soror Regina Hedgeman Johnson, Basileus, Zeta Iota Omega Chapter. Soror Rose Dean Andrews, Cluster III Coordinator extended greetings followed by our Regional Director, Soror Sharon Brown Harriott, who also greeted the sorors of Cluster III and gave special remarks. Soror Janel Holland of the host chapter offered the grace.

Soror Sabrina Johnson-Nixon led the Sorors of Cluster III to an engaging evening filled with fun and laughter. It was nothing short of a performance that you would see at “Showtime at the Apollo” without anyone being booed off the stage with a twist of “Lip Sync” Battle. The performers for the evening were Soror Tia Stover, Mu Upsilon Omega of Gainesville, Florida; the Sorors of Chi Delta Omega of Palm Coast, Florida and host Sorors Gayle Bowman and Emily Sanders of Zeta Iota Omega. Each participant won a prize. All of the other Sorors also had opportunity to win prizes. Forty gift bags were given out to Sorors answering trivia questions, those being brave enough to come up and show off their dance skills or by simply being one of our VSGs (very special guests). The event ended with our Cluster Chairman, Soror Senetra Haywood, providing conference logistics for our business sessions tomorrow.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated South Atlantic Region

2016 Cluster III Conference Saturday, October 22, 2016

9:30 AM

Soror Felecity Littles, Recorder The opening session of the Cluster III Conference began at 9:30 a.m. in the Atlantic Ballroom A of the Jekyll Island Convention Center with Soror Senetra Haywood, Cluster III Conference Chairman presiding. Moments of Meditation and Invocation were offered by Soror Vacountess Johnson, Chaplain, Zeta Iota Omega Chapter followed by the introduction of the Special and Dais guests by Soror Connie Foster, Cluster III Protocol Chairman. The welcome was delivered by Basileus Regina Hedgeman Johnson of Zeta Iota Omega Chapter followed by a beautiful rendition of our renowned Black National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” by the audience as we viewed a video depicting moments in our history.

Page 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

Session I State of Region Address

Soror Rose Dean Andrews, Cluster III Coordinator called Session One to order at 9:45 AM. Soror Senetra Haywood facilitated the roll call of graduate and undergraduate Sorors by chapters followed by the general and visiting Sorors.

Soror Fredna T. Wilkerson, Basileus, Eta Tau Omega of Ocala, Florida reported that the minutes from the 2015 Cluster III Conference had been sent via email to the Regional Director and to Cluster III Chapter Basilei. Soror Rose Andrews noted two corrections to be made to the minutes that were submitted by Soror Vernice Pinkston-Whitfield, Pi Eta Omega Chapter of Orange, Park, Florida :

• Page 9, section 3 at 1:44p.m. The Atwater and Robinson Servant Leader Award was presented to Soror Vernice Pinkston-Whitfield of Pi Eta Omega, Orange Park, Florida.

• Page 8, section 3 the word dais was misspelled.

Soror Andrews, Cluster Coordinator called for the motion to adopt the minutes with the corrections. The motion to accept the minutes was made by Soror Loretta Jenkins, Eta Tau Omega, Ocala, Florida, and seconded by Soror Vernice Pinkney Whitfield, Pi Eta Omega, Orange Park, Florida. Motion carried. We viewed our Supreme Basileus, Soror Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson video greeting and address on our International Program Launching New Dimensions of Service ™ on the five program target areas and Community Impact Days and highlighted our Anti-Hazing Policy. This greeting was followed by the presentation of our 25th Supreme Basileus Soror Norma Solomon White by our Cluster Coordinator. Soror Norma Solomon White followed suit and delighted the members with her presentation of the acronymic description of our Regional Director, Soror Sharon Brown Harriott for the State of Region Address.

Our Regional Director electrified the Sorors of Cluster III using the song “Second Time Around” promising that her second term will be better than the first. This will be accomplished by surpassing the 70,000 active membership mark in 2016 making the sorority as meaningful today as it was in 1908. With 30 approved fall MIP applications, the South Atlantic Region is expected to reach 12,000 active members by December, 2016.

During her first term, the sorority welcomed presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton during the SC AKA Day at the Capitol, the Regional Conference in Myrtle Beach on the Shores of the Grand Strand and hosted the 67th Boule in Atlanta where almost 22,000 Sorors attended, 6533 of those Sorors were from the South Atlantic Region. There were two undergraduate Sorors from our region elected as Directorate Members at Large. They are Victoria Simpson, Iota Omicron Chapter of the College of Charleston and Antoria Frazier, Lambda Kappa of Georgia Southern University. Madam Regional Director highlighted the 23 moments of service that were available during the Boule and the Memorial Park Dedication to our 23rd Supreme Basileus, Soror Mary Shy Scott that was a sisterly and heartfelt expression of love.

Page 5: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

The South Atlantic Region won first place with the largest overall donations at the EAF breakfast and SAR had 24 platinum chapters with over $61,000 in donations as well as capitalizing three endowments. She gave special thanks to the sorority for allowing the Sharon Brown Harriott Endowment to be capitalized last fall.

Other awards were given to:

• Tau Sigma Chi Chapter of Stone Mountain, Georgia and Sigma Chi Chapter, Nova Southeastern University both won the Overall Program Achievement Award for the South Atlantic Region.

• Gamma Rho Omega Chapter, ASCEND program

• Nu Iota Chapter, Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Florida and Gamma Xi Omega Chapter, Charleston, South Carolina for backpacks

• HBCU Hall of Fame Chapters:

• Mu Pi, Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia

• Nu Iota, Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Florida

• Nu Lambda Omega, Atlanta, Georgia.

• Epsilon Tau Omega, Greenville, South Carolina

Two Sorors were recognized for the Think HBCU Hall of Fame:

• Soror Phyllis Kitchens, Lambda Epsilon Omega, Decatur, Georgia

• Soror Helen Rosemond Saunders, Epsilon Tau Omega, Greenville, South Carolina.

The sorority provided over 59,000 little dresses to Africa surpassing our goal of 29,000.

Upsilon Omega Omega Chapter received a $10,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Community Garden Grant Program to collaborate with other local organizations in low-income communities to develop a sustainable community garden that provides fruits and vegetables for the community.

Special thanks were extended to the Regional Gathering and Boule Luncheon committees for providing the sorority with two special occasions to fellowship with each other during the Boule. AKA accolades were given to Kimberley Boyd, General Chairman, Regina Caruthers and Margaret Young, Co-Chairmen, Lucretia Peyton Stewart, Honorary Chairman and our 13th Regional Director and to the membership of Cluster V for making the 67th Boule one of the most exciting, talked about, well attended and celebrated in the history of the sorority.

Page 6: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

In preparation for the upcoming election Madam Regional Director admonished the sorority to actively participate and support the “Be the Voice” campaign by adopting precincts, hosting town halls for state and local meetings and participating in mobilizing our voters.

The sorority is now active in the United Arab Emirates as Alpha Kappa Alpha chartered Omega Theta Omega on January 22, 2016 with over 300 Sorors and guests travelling to Dubai. The South Atlantic Regions also chartered Omega Gamma Omega, the 168th chapter on December 13, 2015 with 70 members. This chapter is located in Blythewood, South Carolina, a suburb of Columbia.

Beginning January 2018 chapter fundraising efforts will be taxable. Chapters will be responsible for reimbursing the corporate office for funds advanced for chapter payment of the state and federal taxes paid. Ten amendments were passed at Boule including an increase in per capital, which needs be included in the 2017 budget of each chapter.

She proudly reported that by the end of December 2016, 84% of our chapters should pass the region evaluations that have been completed.

In addition, Madam Regional Director charged each chapter and Soror to follow the guidelines and documents created for the perpetuity of the sorority. Any chapter or Soror who refuses to comply with our documents must be reported for disciplinary actions like the ones seen at Boule. All chapters were asked to submit their end of the year reports by uploading them to SAR end of year Share Point site. Access to this site is restricted to: Regional Director, Chief of Staff, Executive Assistants who work with the Regional Director, Regional Technology Committee Support Group, Graduate Chapter Basilei and Graduate Advisors.

Madam Regional Director reminded us of our commitment to Alpha Kappa Alpha and the importance of how our brand sustains us, our history, our existence and all that we do reflects our sorority. We should remember to keep the documents and laurels of this sisterhood prevalent in our day-to-day walk. We should keep in mind three things:

• What we post on social media is also a reflection of the sorority.

• We should ask ourselves how could we mentor our undergraduate members and play an integral part in their thoughts and actions when we are not in their presence. We should also find ways to keep them active once they graduate and find ways to communicate and embrace our undergraduate Sorors and penetrate the barrier between graduate and undergraduate members since they are the future of AKA.

• We must ensure we are utilizing the correct shield. A slide was shown to show the difference. On the incorrect crest, the word Psi is shown on the bottom. On the correct crest, the word Upsilon is shown. We must also remember that if our registered sign is not present, it is not ours. In addition, we must not engrave our crest on the outside of a casket or embroider it on the inside. It is appropriate to have a badge or pin with AKA on it. Our trademark is sacred and should not be used in a commercial manner.

Page 7: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

South Atlantic Region extended a heartfelt thanks to Soror Utocqua Grisette, General Chairman, Sorors Gloria Dudley, LaTonya Dilligard and Tiera Smith Co-Chairman for the wonderful South Atlantic Regional Conference held over Easter weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They made sure we were “Pearls on the Grand Strand.” Over 3,500 Sorors attended as the sorority paid tribute to the Emmanuel Nine as well as present the 2016 Pearl of Promise Award to James Clyburn for his service to the state, nation and beyond.

Upcoming Events:

Plans for the 64th Regional Conference are underway. It will be held at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta March 22-26, 2017. Registration information will be provided by the end of December.

AKA Days at the Capitol: February 20, 2017 in Georgia, February 22-23 in South Carolina and April 4-5 in Florida.

Leadership Seminar: July 11-16, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Final Undergraduate Roundup for this Administration: August 25-26, 2017 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Madam Regional Director ended her address with the song “Twenty Pearls” as she once again admonished Sorors to strengthen their relationships with our undergraduate sisters. She pointed out how times have changed and the undergraduate sisters are experiencing challenges and obstacles in life we were not, but despite these differences, we need to strengthen the relationships between us through our Graduate Advisors, Graduate Advisor Councils and our mentoring programs. She reminded us that the sorority was founded by undergraduates members and although it’s important for them be prepared in their personal and daily lives, it is equally important that they be prepared to take on leadership roles in the sorority such as Supreme Basileus, Regional Director, International and Regional Committee Chairman , Graduate Chapter Basilei and Graduate Advisors. To further support, this Madam Regional Director informed the conference that in addition to having two undergraduate members at large, we have eight fellows representing the South Atlantic Region.

• Soror Nathalie Bazelais - Zeta Omicron

• Soror Nia Bush - Mu Pi

• Soror Valeria Glanton - Theta Gamma

• Soror Briana Kinnel – Lambda Kappa

• Soror Ciara Miller - Sigma Tau

• Soror Deandra Rucker - Lambda Kappa

• Soror Faith Singleton - Nu Alpha

• Soror Erica Thomas - Beta Alpha

Page 8: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

During this biennial Madam Regional Director has added undergraduate members to most of the Regional Committees and the final 2016-2018 appointments are listed in the Summer/Fall issue of Pearls of Promise.

Madam Regional Director stated her goal was to ensure that our significant South Atlantic is supreme in service and unparalleled, surpassing not one but all of our benchmarks. In closing Madam Regional Director asked if AKA was all right with us and invited the conference to join her in singing “It’s Alright (to be an AKA).”

The Hidden Figures Movie Trailer video was shown to the conference. We were informed that the movie premier was accelerated and will show in select markets during the Christmas holidays and will depict the lives of Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha. The Finance Committee Video Presentation featuring our Supreme Tamiouchos, Soror Danette Anthony Reed was shown. In this video, we were informed about the new financial procedures developed in conjunction with our Chief Financial Officer and our Certified Public Accounting Firm for reimbursing the corporate office for taxes paid on their behalf. The timeline for chapter federal and state tax payments handouts were distributed.

The Corporate Finance Team also files 1099 miscellaneous form for each chapter if applicable. This can include payment to vendors for rent, prizes, awards and other services. Each chapter is responsible for providing the W-9 form to the individual or contractor and the form must include the name, address, social security or tax ID number of the individual or contractor. In addition a W-9 is submitted with the End of Year finance reporting. For additional information Soror Reed can be reached at [email protected].

Madam Regional Director, who also serves on the International Finance Committee assured the conference that trainings will be available at the Regional Conferences, Leadership Seminar, Webinars and other meetings to discuss the changes. She reiterated that the sorority has assumed this responsibility for years, but due to the continuous growth of the sorority, it is no longer fiscally viable for the sorority to continue taking on this responsibility. She assured us that a report would be made available to us showing how much taxes the corporate office has paid for the chapters over the years.

Session II New Dimensions of Service Workshops

Are You Ready for This? Get Your AKA House in Order Soror Ora Douglass South Atlantic Region Representative International Standards Committee Soror Douglass entering the room with the song “Working Day and Night,” She assured the Sorors that she has indeed been working day and night for the sorority.

This session began with the definition of Standards. It is the business of AKA and how chapter business is conducted and stressed that it is the responsibility of every Soror to know how their chapter operates. The Standards Committee on the international, regional and local levels exists

Page 9: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

to improve chapter operations through self- assessments, evaluations, training and development. During the evaluation, which is a review of documents, the committee identifies areas that are above, meets or needs improvement according to AKA documents, the results of the evaluations are sent to the Regional Director who reviews them and provides the chapter with the report once the evaluation is completed. The top evaluation findings were lack of documents, disorganized documents, incomplete and improperly bound minutes, inadequate financial records, lack of compliance to sound fiscal operations, signatures on year end reports and documentation on use of our official colors. Responses to frequently asked questions followed.

In summary, Soror Douglass noted that Alpha Kappa Alpha’s highest priority is to preserve our identity and foster our principals. Our goal is to make sure all are operating efficiently and effectively as Alpha Kappa Alpha Chapters. To date the committee has completed 102 evaluations (including reevaluations). Soror Douglass thanked the Teams for working day and night and acknowledged the Standards Committee members of Cluster III. She reported that 83% of SAR chapter evaluations would be completed by the end of the year. So far, 84% have passed their evaluations and 16% needs improvement. Finally, there were two resource people added to the committee and they are Soror Melanie Bales and Soror Bernetta Jones. Soror Douglass encouraged Sorors to call if they had any questions regarding the evaluation process. Our Cluster III Coordinator presented Soror Ora Douglass with a gift of appreciation.

Launching New Dimensions of Voter Participation: Mobilizing Our Communities to take ACTION: Soror Tiffany Moore Russell South Atlantic Region Representative International Connection Committee

Soror Russell started her interactive presentation by asking What Time is It? The answer was election time and time to take action.

How do we do this? “By Being the Voice.”

The sorority has been involved in voter education, voter registration and now it is time for mobilization and participation. Soror Russell encouraged the group to vote the entire ballot and stressed the need for us to exceed what we did in 2008 and 2012. Two groups that were pivotal in the election of President Obama were African Americans and Millennial, so she stressed encouraging young people especially our undergraduates to vote. A gift was presented to the one undergraduate in attendance, Soror Shanda Suggs, Nu Iota Chapter of Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, Florida.

Another very important question that was asked was what is at stake and the answer was EVERYTHING! Soror Russell informed us that our Regional Director had issued a challenge. One complimentary registration to the 2017 Regional Conference will be given to one undergraduate member and one graduate member who can prove they took the most people to vote.

Page 10: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

Since August, Sorors have been challenged to:

• Register people to vote

• Disseminate information fact sheets in order to educate voters on candidates and issues.

• Host debate parties.

Our next Community Impact Day will be November 8, which is Election Day.

Sorors were asked to stand and take the “Be the Voice” pledge and were encouraged to provide rides to the polls and collaborate with other organizations to make the effort more successful. We were asked to send in picture showing us involved in activities such as standing on corners proudly waving our “Be the Voice” sign. Soror Russell showed a video of President Obama encouraging everyone to vote. Our Cluster III Coordinator presented Soror Tiffany Moore Russell with a gift of appreciation.

Buckle UP-2nd Half of New Dimension of Service Soror Thuane B. Fielding South Atlantic Region Representative International Program Committee Soror Fielding immediately gained the attention of the Sorors as she came in her Drum Major uniform and commanding personality. She prefaced her presentation by stating that Cluster III was on the cutting edge and doing a phenomenal job since launching new dimension and implementing the programs. A shout out was given to Gamma Rho Omega, Nu Iota and the entire Significant South Atlantic Region for doing great things and being recognized at the 67th Boule making Madam Regional Director proud.

Her comments:

In Target I, Cluster III got the math right! We understand that the sorority is trying to impact the lives of 20,000 students all around the globe by the time this administration period is completed. Not only is the Cluster bringing returning ASCEND students back but new students as well. Soror Fielding told the group that it is not just the responsibility of the ASCEND Chairman to know what the acronym stands for, but each Soror should know it as well. We all read what the acronym stood for. There are a number of undergraduate chapter in the Cluster. We should be including undergraduates in the implementation as well as in the planning of activities we do in the ASCEND program.

Just think of how much more encouraging and engaging your ASCEND program will be when undergraduates are working with you. So make sure you are imploring the talents and skills of your undergraduate members. The conference pledged to do so.

Page 11: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

HBCUs: Soror Fielding shared that she has heard that Cluster III does big things but does not always report them. She admonished the cluster to record, report all the money raised in the name of Alpha Kappa Alpha or money Sorors raised themselves, and submit it to the Program Chairman. When the awards packet comes out for the 2018 awards at Boule, we will should have five names instead of two from Cluster III, because we are the significant South Atlantic Region.

Best Practices:

EDUCATIONAL ENRICHMENT: Do not forget that five backpacks per Soror per year will get us to where we need to be. Do not be selfish and only donate backpacks to your chapter. Please send some to the Cluster Conference, Regional Conference, Boule and Leadership Seminar.

HEALTH PROMOTION: Soror Fielding thanked the Cluster for sending in pictures of the activities we do especially on Community Impact Days such as “Pink Goes Red.” We need to continue to focus on our Health Promotion Initiative and in doing so we must remember to take care of ourselves so we will have the energy to take care of others. Make sure to watch what we eat, check our blood pressure and keep up with our insulin numbers.

FAMILY STRENGTHENING: Cluster III was recognized for being wonderful at brainstorming as it relates to the backpacks. By donating backpacks on October 16 and putting in winter wraps, lotion, canned goods and rain bonnets, we are able to earn 4 points because we addressed backpacks, childhood hunger, and seasonal wraps all on a Community Impact Day.

ENVIRONMENTAL OWNERSHIP: If you go to the playground or street, you adopted or the church 5 times you should give your program chairman 5 reports. The activity should include everyone including your Golden Sorors. Do not forget to record your Acts of Green, even if it means you need to estimate. Everything counts.

GLOBAL IMPACT: Dresses for Africa: 4,170 dresses were presented at Boule, however, that count is higher due to the additional dresses that were sent to the corporate office. Information on how to send more dresses was shared with the Cluster III Conference attendees. We will have a Community Impact Day will be on Monday, October 24, 2016. Remember to Document, Document, and Document. Our Cluster Coordinator presented Soror Thuane B. Fielding with a gift of appreciation. There was a 30 minute break before we reconvened for the Educational Advancement Foundation Luncheon and the Closing Session of the 2016 Cluster Conference.

Page 12: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

Educational Advancement Foundation Luncheon Community Service Project Presentation

12:45 PM Soror Michele Jackson Seals, Conference Co-Chairman presided over the luncheon which began at 12:45 PM and opened with grace by Soror Vickie McClinton, of the host chapter and Cluster III Representative to the South Atlantic Region EAF Committee which was followed was the EAF Presentation by Soror Dierdre Barrett England.

EAF Presentation Soror Deirdre Barrett England, South Atlantic Region Representative International EAF Committee

She opened with questions, facts to consider and the Regional Director challenge to have 100% chapter participation in 2017. There are over the nationwide college completion rate for African Americans is 42%, 20 points below the majority of the population. EAF is there to fill in the gap and assist these students to stay and bridge their college years with funding. A video of Krystal Kornickey, the President Scholarship recipient was shown as proof of how students benefit from EAF.

During the 2016 Boule, South Atlantic won the Large Region and Overall Achievement Awards.

A list of platinum, gold and silver chapters were shown on the screen.

In 2016:

We nearly tripled the number of platinum chapters.

With a goal of 100% participation, the SAR is presently at 43%.

We have raised $27,000 in regional appeals.

There has been $14,000 raised for our 44th Presidential and First Lady Scholarships.

Who qualifies for EAF?

• Any organization that is making a difference in the community, even your own chapter can apply for the Community Service Grants on the EAF website. The deadline for the Community Assistance Award is August 15 of each year.

• Students looking for funding to pay for education can apply at

• You can recommend students in the Hospitality programs for the Marriott Scholarships.

• EAF scholarship applications are due April 15.

Page 13: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

EAF received over 850 paperless scholarship applications and awarded over $432,000 in scholarships with over $41,000 awarded in the South Atlantic Region.

NCAP: A program that has always been around for small and medium size chapters without foundations. This program provides a way for chapter to receive tax-deductible contributions.

Chapters are now classified as 501C-7 and EAF is classified as 501C-3. NCAP provides the bridge for you to collect charitable contributions in your local community under the EAF umbrella. Through EAF, you can collect the contributions as long as 50% of the proceeds goes to EAF for chapters to establish your scholarship through EAF. The chapter however sets the criteria. There is a $1,000 minimum to participate in the program.

Get ready for Emeralds and Pearls, the 2017 theme for EAF. There will be a fabulous luncheon at our next Regional Conference and there is a special incentive. Platinum chapters get to participate in the Platinum Parade at the Luncheon.

Today there are envelopes at each table for contributions to EAF. A sisterly competition was offered with a goal of reaching $2,500.00 today. A contribution of at least $25.00 was suggested and if you donate $35.00, Sorors will receive the new EAF scarf as a gift. On each envelope, include the amount, the designation of the money and on the back write the name of the HBCU. The HBCU with the largest donation will be recognized. There are also four beauty gift boxes that will be raffled off. Tickets will be sold during the luncheon. Lunch was served.

Soror Rose Dean Andrews presented the results of the EAF challenge and raffle. A total of $3,035.00 was collected. The contributions were as follows:

BCC: $65.00 Bowie State: $50.00

Columbia College: $35.00 FAMU: $220.00 Florida Memorial: $85.00 Ft. Valley: $25.00 Livingston College: $35.00 undesignated donations: $695.00

Who Runs the Yard? Edward Waters College: $1,045.00 Madam Regional Regional Director: $500.00 Raffle: $300.00

The visiting Cluster Coordinators, Soror Shaven Broxton Young, Cluster V Coordinator and Soror DeVetta Williams Hughes, Region Chief of Staff and Cluster VI to assisted by pulling names for the raffle. Winners were presented with the gift boxes.

Soror Denise Martin, Chairman of the host chapter Family Strengthening program target presented 202 backpacks to Mr. Craig Campbell who accepted the bags on behalf of Glynn, McIntosh and Camden County Department of Family and Children Services.

Page 14: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

Closing Session Awards and Presentations

Soror Rose Dean Andrews, presided over the closing session. Soror Gwen Hunter made a plea for signatures on the petition to help make the Ethel Hedgeman Lyle Commemorative Stamp Project a success. The process was explained and Soror Hunter even volunteered to complete the process for those who wanted her to. For those who will be going on line to sign the petition simply type in the name of Ethel Hedgeman Lyle in your search engine and when the page appears simply sign the petition. To date, there are 16,000 signatures. However, 100,000 signatures are needed. Please ask all Sorors, their families, friends, co-workers and anyone they encounter to sign the petition.

Soror Monyca Cundiff Harper of the host chapter gave the Registration and Attendance Report.

Total Sorors Registered 243 Total graduate Sorors registered: 242 Total graduate Sorors in attendance: 237 General Members Registered 18 General Members in Attendance: 16 Undergraduate Sorors registered 1 Undergraduate Sorors in attendance: 1 Visiting Sorors registered and in attendance: 12 Total in attendance: 238


Pi Eta Omega of Orange Park, Florida earned the Thelma Mosley Graduate Attendance Award. The Award was presented by Soror Mosley of Mu Upsilon Omega Chapter, Gainesville, Florida.

Zeta Iota Omega Chapter of Brunswick, Georgia earned the Elizabeth Smiley Young Community Service Award. The Chapter submission was for Target IV, Environmental Ownership chaired by Soror Gayle Bowman. The project, Clean Up, Recycle and Refurbish entailed two activities where they collaborated with 2 other organizations. The uniqueness of the project was how they partnered with the Golden Isles Organization in helping to Keep the Golden Isles of Brunswick Beautiful. They held an Electronic recycling event where they collected, separated and salvaged: 500 vehicles, 43,000 electronics, 11, 500 lbs. of paper, 2500 textiles, 103 lbs. of prescription medications 35,260 lbs. of scape metal and 710 lbs. of batteries. This was done in a period of four hours. The award was presented by Soror Elizabeth Smiley Young of Pi Eta Omega Chapter of Orange Park, Florida.

There were no submissions for the Loretta Pompey Jenkins Sisterly Relations Awards or the Atwater & Robinson Cluster III Servant Leader Award.

Soror Gayle Bowman addressed the conference with instructions on how to complete the online evaluations. Two options were given: Sorors could complete a paper version today and turn it in or they could complete it via a link that would be emailed to them by the Region Technology Team.

Page 15: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic … Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. South Atlantic Region Cluster III Conference

Soror Terri Scott of the host chapter gave the Report of Time and Place Report.


2017 Gamma Rho Omega Jacksonville, Florida


Kappa Sigma Omega Sanford, Florida


Tau Chi Omega Deland, Florida


Pi Eta Omega Orange Park, Florida


Chi Gamma Omega Waycross, Georgia


Chi Delta Omega Palm Coast, Florida


Mu Upsilon Omega Gainesville, Florida


Gamma Mu Omega Daytona Beach, Florida


Eta Tau Omega Ocala, Florida

Gamma Rho Omega, Jacksonville, Florida, gave the invitation to the 2017 Cluster III Conference. Soror Willetta Richie, Basileus. The conference will be held at the Riverfront Hyatt Regency on September 22-23, 2017. The chapter will also be celebrating their Diamond Anniversary for 75 years of service to the Jacksonville Community.

Soror Rose Andrews, Cluster III Coordinator, gave presentations and Special Recognitions. Recipients included our Regional Director, Soror Sharon Brown Harriott, our 25th Supreme Basileus, Soror Norma Solomon White, Soror Regina Hedgeman Johnson, Zeta Iota Omega, Basileus, Soror Senetra Haywood, Cluster III Conference Chairman in absentia and Soror Michele Jackson Seals, Cluster III Conference Co-Chairman. In return, Sorors Johnson and Seals both presented special recognition to Soror Rose Andrews for an outstanding job as our Cluster III Coordinator.

Madam Regional Director gave the closing remarks as she commended the workshop presenters for an outstanding job. She also stated how proud she was of Cluster III and their EAF donations. Out of eight clusters, we rank # 3, to date. She extended thanks to the Cluster Coordinators from Cluster V and Cluster VI for travelling from North Georgia and South Carolina to support Soror Rose Dean Andrews and the Sorors of Cluster III. She thanked Soror Norma White, 25th Supreme Basileus for coming and stated she is looking forward to the 64th Regional Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Madam Regional Director officially adjourned the 2016 Cluster III Conference at 3:23p.m.