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ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INC. THETA EPSILON OMEGA CHAPTER Chapter Meeting Agenda ~ Saturday, January 11, 2014 Soror Nicole C. Murphy ~ Basileus, Presiding I. Call to Order II. Meditation Soror Carrie Kelly, Chaplain III. Welcome, Pledge and Handshake IV. Adoption of Agenda V. Officers Reports A. Basileus Soror Nicole C. Murphy B. Hodegos Soror Sadie Singleton C. Grammateus Soror Chereece Smith * Recommendations from Executive Board D. First Anti-Basileus Soror Shannon Bowers E. Second Anti-Basileus Soror Khalilah Brown-Dean F. Pecunious Grammateus Soror Marlene Graham G. Epistoleus Soror Cheri Brooks H. Ivy Leaf ® Reporter Soror Tanisha Asbery VI. Committee Reports: Initiative I: Emerging Young Leaders Sorors Taryn Anderson/Sondi Jackson Initiative III: Global Poverty Sorors Shenae Draughn/Audrey Holmes MLK Day of Service Soror Sondi Jackson VII. Executive Session (Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter Sorors Only) Tamiouchos Soror Karleka Peters-Babb Nominating Soror Taryn Anderson Constitution and Bylaws Soror Andrea Campbell VIII. New Business NARC Bus Update Soror Audrey D. Holmes Initiative II: Health (Mini Workshop: Fitness Goal Setting – Mubarakah Ibrahim) IX. Happy Dollars Soror Audrey D. Holmes X. Announcements Soror Chereece Smith XI. Philacter Soror Audrey D. Holmes XII. Blessing Soror Carrie Kelly, Chaplain XIII. Adjournment

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    Chapter Meeting Agenda ~ Saturday, January 11, 2014 Soror Nicole C. Murphy ~ Basileus, Presiding

    I. Call to Order II. Meditation Soror Carrie Kelly, Chaplain III. Welcome, Pledge and Handshake IV. Adoption of Agenda V. Officers Reports

    A. Basileus Soror Nicole C. Murphy B. Hodegos Soror Sadie Singleton C. Grammateus Soror Chereece Smith * Recommendations from Executive Board D. First Anti-Basileus Soror Shannon Bowers E. Second Anti-Basileus Soror Khalilah Brown-Dean F. Pecunious Grammateus Soror Marlene Graham G. Epistoleus Soror Cheri Brooks H. Ivy Leaf® Reporter Soror Tanisha Asbery

    VI. Committee Reports:

    Initiative I: Emerging Young Leaders Sorors Taryn Anderson/Sondi Jackson

    Initiative III: Global Poverty Sorors Shenae Draughn/Audrey Holmes

    MLK Day of Service Soror Sondi Jackson

    VII. Executive Session (Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter Sorors Only)

    Tamiouchos Soror Karleka Peters-Babb

    Nominating Soror Taryn Anderson

    Constitution and Bylaws Soror Andrea Campbell

    VIII. New Business

    NARC Bus Update Soror Audrey D. Holmes

    Initiative II: Health (Mini Workshop: Fitness Goal Setting – Mubarakah Ibrahim)

    IX. Happy Dollars Soror Audrey D. Holmes

    X. Announcements Soror Chereece Smith

    XI. Philacter Soror Audrey D. Holmes

    XII. Blessing Soror Carrie Kelly, Chaplain

    XIII. Adjournment

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    2013-2014 Save the Dates: AKA Regional and National: North Atlantic Regional Conference 2014 – Washington D.C. - 4/24/2014 - 4/27/2014 Boulé 2014 – Charlotte, NC – 7/2014

  • January 11, 2014 ~ Basileus Report ~ Chapter Meeting

    Soror Nicole C. Murphy

    Happy New Year Sorors! As we enter into 2014 this is the time for us to set new goals based on

    our reflections, lessons, and experiences of the past year. As members of this chapter your

    talents, expertise, and opinions are valued and necessary for our chapter to impact the

    community in which we live. Young girls are looking for guidance and mentorship, families are

    in need of educational opportunities to encourage healthy lifestyles and prevent diseases that

    disproportionately affect people of color; violence is shattering the peace that should exist in our

    neighborhoods and at the same time the glass ceiling has been shattered by the inauguration of

    the first African-American Woman to the office of Mayor in the City of New Haven. The

    juxtaposition of the latter two suggests that there is still so much work to be done. I implore you

    to keep that message in your hearts this year as we move to continue our service to all mankind.

    Global Poverty Initiative

    AKAlades and PINK Tea Roses to Soror Shenae Draughn, Global Poverty Initiative Chairman,

    for ensuring that children and families in need experienced a little bit of Holiday Cheer! Gift

    Cards were donated to Newhallville Area teens at the St. Andrews Episcopal Church Annual

    Christmas Party. Both the teens and the church were grateful to have received the gifts which

    made for a very Merry Christmas. We were also able to donate children's toys, and grocery and

    retail store gift cards to a Wexler-Grant Family in need and recently affected by violence in the

    community. They were so thankful and appreciative that in the midst of tragedy and grief they

    would still be able to provide a little bit of Christmas cheer to their children. Seeing their smiles

    made for another real example of the true spirit of the Holiday Season. Thank you to Soror

    Nancy Hill for identifying the family and thank you Soror Audrey D. Holmes for assisting with

    the shopping and presentation to the family.

    Cluster-wide Founders’ Day Celebration: Sunday, February 23, 2014—Sheraton Springfield

    Monarch Place Hotel, in Springfield, MA ~ 12 noon

    Open to active and Inactive Sorors—Cost: Graduate and General Members: $45

    $20 Late Fee and $10 Paper Registration Fee

    Registration Deadline: 11:59 pm EST Monday, February 10, 2014—Registration Chairman:

    Soror Nicole Murphy

    Rededication Ceremony— Attire: Pink and/or Green Business Attire (no pants)

    Informal Welcome Reception—Saturday, February 22, 2014 - 9pm—12 midnight

    Hotel Rooms—$90 plus taxes per night until January 25, 2014

    83rd North Atlantic Regional Conference—Washington D.C. ~

    Thursday, April 24, 2014—Sunday, April 27, 2014 - Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC

    The APP is back! Registration is open! ~ Conference Packet

    On-time registration: November 25, 2013—February 10, 2014 ~ Hotel Rate: $194 per night

    Discounted Diamond/Golden Hotel Rooms: SOLD OUT


    Congratulations to Soror Jeffie Frazier on being honored with the Trail Blazer Award from the

    New Haven Club of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s

    Clubs, Incorporated for her exceptional work with young people in the New Haven Community.

    AKAlades to Soror Dorsey Kendrick, who alongside Soror Khalilah Brown-Dean were

    recognized last month by the Connecticut State Conference of the NAACP Branches as 2 of the

    100 Most Influential Blacks in Connecticut! We thank you and appreciate your outstanding

    commitment to education and social justice. We are dedicated to supporting you all in your

    efforts to be of service to all mankind. AKAlades and Pink Tea Roses to Soror Jacquelyn Taylor

    who, has become the 1st African-American Woman to be awarded tenure at Yale University’s

    School of Nursing! She is definitely a force with whom to be reckoned! Congratulations to Soror

    Deborah Desir on the welcoming of her legacy, daughter, Soror Alexandra Desir into the

    sorority. We look forward to embracing her into the sisterhood. Best Wishes and Farewell to

    Soror Stacy Risco who has relocated with her family to Atlanta, GA. We’ve tried to hold onto

    her for as long as we could but alas, she must go. Soror Stacy served as Black Family Committee

    Chairman, Male Mentoring Conference Chairman, and Lead Hostess for a number of chapter

    events for many years in our chapter. She has served us with a cheerful and sisterly attitude and

    for that we will miss her dearly. We wish you and your family much happiness and success in


    Sisterly Prayers

    Please keep Soror Carrie Kelly lifted up in prayer as she will undergo cataract surgery this

    month. We are praying for a speedy recovery! Please continue to lift the sorors of Theta Epsilon

    Omega Chapter up in prayer. Many of us are continuing to cope with health challenges or grief

    and your prayers and well wishes often make things a bit more bearable.

    January 2014

    Executive Board Meeting—Thursday, 1/2—Mandatory In-Person Meeting

    Chapter Meeting—Saturday, 1/11

    EYL—Bring It On the Musical—Thursday, 1/16

    Founders’ Day Worship Service— Sunday, 1/19

    MLK Jr. Day of Service —Monday, 1/20

    Executive Board Meeting—1/28

    February 2014

    PINK Goes RED for a Day—2/7

    Chapter Meeting—2/11

    Fit and Faithful Health and Zumba Workshop—2/21

    Cluster Founders’ Day—2/23

    Executive Board Meeting—2/25

    Thank You so much to the 2013 Executive Board for your commitment and service to Theta

    Epsilon Omega Chapter.

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

    Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter

    Hodegos Report – January 11, 2014

    Soror Sadie Singleton

    January 11, 2014

    A 50.00 gift card was sent January 7, 2014 to Soror Candice King-Kelley due to the birth of her daughter, Cameron Cassi Kelley.

    Roses will be presented to Sorors Dorothy Gomez for being honored by The Perfect Blend for her Community Service, and Dorsey Kendrick for being honored for one of the Most Influential Blacks in Connecticut by the NAACP. Roses were presented at the NAACP event to Soror Khalilah Brown-Dean by Madame Basileus who was in attendance.

    Birthdays will be celebrated for the month of January.

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc – Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter December Chapter Meeting Minutes - December 21, 2013 Called to order: 9:43AM Meditation – Soror Carrie Kelly Pledge and Handshake Basileus – Soror Nicole Murphy

    • Changes made to sorors giving reports and agenda order were accepted. • Constitution and Bylaws amendment change vote tabled until January meeting because of

    low attendance. • The Gospel Brunch received rave reviews from attendees. Special thanks to Soror Elicia

    Pegues Spearman and Soror Brenda Thomas for serving as wonderful co-chairs. Thanks to the committee members and other sorors that helped with the event. Pink Tea Rose Petals to Soror Khalilah Brown-Dean for vision and leadership for all fundraising events.

    • The Global Poverty committee joined with the New Haven Chapter of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women to serve at the soup kitchen on Giving Tuesday. Thanks to Soror Tanya Townsend and Soror Elicia Pegues Spearman for braving the snow to support the soup kitchen. Soror Tanya Townsend is the outgoing Global Poverty committee co-chair and has done an outstanding job.

    • The Cluster V Founders’ Day Celebration will be held in Springfield, MA on Sunday, February 23, 2014. The cost to graduate and inactive is $45. The registration deadline is February 10, 2014. The attire is pink and green (no pants). There will be a welcome mixer on Saturday night. Hotel rooms are available for $90.

    • Theta Epsilon Omega received excellent reviews during the Chapter evaluation. AKAlades and Pink Tea Roses to our Standards Chairman, Soror Evelyn Streater-Frizzle, her committee members, past Basilei, and Executive Board members for all of their hard work. The chapter was commended on the organization of the files. The next executive board meeting will be to handle the transfer officers and to review the rules and responsibilities.

    • The NARC App is back and registration is open. The deadline is February 10, 2014. • AKA lades and Pink Tea Roses to Soror Khalilah Brown-Dean and Soror Dorsey

    Kendrick for being honored as one of the 100 Most Influential Blacks in CT by the CT NAACP.

    • Sisterly Prayers to Soror Carrie Kelly who will be undergoing cataract surgery. Hodegos – Soror Sadie Singleton

    • December birthdays were celebrated. Grammateus – Soror Taryn Anderson

    • Review of November Chapter Meeting Minutes. • Recommendation: Phi Beta Sigma Centennial Gala full page ad for $100. Yes – 13. No –

    0. Abstentions – 0

  • 1st Anti Basileus – Soror Shannon Bowers

    • Theme: “It’s a Wrap”. End of Year reports are due today. • Soror Tanya Townsend is leaving her position as Global Poverty Co-Chair. Chairs are

    needed for committees except EYL until June when new program initiatives go into place.

    • December programs: $500 donation to FISH, Giving Tuesday event for the soup kitchen, EYL cancelled because of the weather, Asthma Prevention was done during NHPS Parent University, Domestic Violence at MLK Jr. Conference, and Fit and Faithful moved to early 2014.

    • Sisterly Relations: Sorors had an amazing time seeing Best Man Holiday and spending time at Soror Elicia Pegues Spearman’s home before the movie. Surveys were sent out for sorors to complete. Sisterly Relations cards were handed out that were given out during the Cluster V Conference.

    2nd Anti-Basileus – Soror Nicole Murphy

    • Successful Holiday Brunch thanks to the Co-chairs, Committee Members, and sorors that worked on this event.

    • Save the date for Sail the Sound on June 20, 2014. Tickets are $100 and the boat will leave from New Haven. Request letters will be available in January. Co-chairs are needed for this event please see Soror Cheri Brooks and Soror Sharon McIntosh. There will be fewer fundraisers in 2014. The survey results are still being analyzed.

    Pecunious Grammateus – Soror Demetria McMillian

    • Green Envy - $4,710 • Pearl Perfection - $20,190.70 • Wine Tasting - $8,430 • Holiday Gospel Brunch - $6,085 (Tickets) and $380 (Raffle/Auction)

    Epistoleus – Soror Taryn Anderson

    • Fall Mailing from Corporate Office • Check received from Eventbrite • Check received from Commission of the Status of Women • Bank Statements from Bank of America

    EYL – Sorors Taryn Anderson and Sondi Jackson

    • December meeting cancelled due to inclement weather. • The EYL young ladies will have a workshop for the MLK Jr. Conference. They will be

    reading to K-2 students. • They will see Bring It On at the Shubert on January 16, 2014

    Global Poverty – Soror Shanae Draughn

    • AKAlades to Soror Tanya Townsend for her service as co-chair. • A family was chosen from Wexler-Grant for the Adopt a Family program.

  • • A donation was given “Your Place” which is a youth program at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

    MLK Jr. Conference – Soror Sondi Jackson

    • Flyers were passed out. • Expenses are higher this year because of changes in leadership at the New Haven Board

    of Education. • More workshop presenters are needed. There will be a panel on Domestic Violence. • Volunteers can register on the United Way website.

    Scholarship – Soror Sadie Singleton

    • The deadline for the Emma Ruff Essay Contest is January 17, 2014. The committee will meet on January 23, 2014 to review the entries.

    • Dominique Haywood interned at GE for the fall 2013 semester. Tamiouchos – Soror Karleka Peters-Babb

    • The operating, money market savings, special account, CD, and TEO Legacy Fund balances were read.

    • Announcement of new voucher format. • Dues are due by December 31, 2013. $260 for regular and $160 for Life Members.

    Nominating – Soror Taryn Anderson

    • Review of nominations received. There was one additional nomination given. Standards – Soror Karen Kennon

    • Chapter Self-Assessment was completed by sorors. Announcements – Soror Nicole Murphy

    • Read letters from the Fall Mailing including audit results. • Announcement of upcoming events

    Happy Dollars – Soror Audrey D. Holmes Philacter’s Report – Soror Audrey D. Holmes

    • 17 sorors. No Visiting Sorors. • $17 in happy dollars • No late fees

    Installation of Officers - Soror Judith Campbell Meeting adjourned at 11:41AM

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc

    Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter

    Shannon T. Bowers, 1st Anti Basileus

    Chapter Meeting Report

    Date: January 11, 2014

    Next Program Meeting:

    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 (Conference call) – 9pm

    Dial in: (605) 475-4700

    Access Code: 109589

    New Commitments for the New Year! Sorors, January is a time for renewal and recommitments as well as plotting the course of

    how this New Year will be spent. I am inviting you to join me in making sure this year

    we work even harder to paint New Haven PINK AND GREEN!

    Chairs are still needed for the following initiatives: Health, Global Poverty, Economic Security, Social Justice & Human Rights. There will be a virtual

    training session for new chairs in February. If you are interested in chairing one

    of the initiatives, please contact me as soon as possible.

    January Program Snapshot EYL AKAdemy – January 11

    th 8:30am – 10:00am – Wexler Grant School

    AKA/TEO Day of Worship (Founders’ day) – January 19th

    . Sorors, we are proposing

    that we get together at a worship service either in Bridgeport or New Haven. Please

    indicate by a show of hands if you are available and would like to do this as a group

    MLK Day of Service (all initiatives) – January 20th

    8am – 3pm at Wexler Grant School

    We are still in need of more workshops under any of our current initiatives – please see

    Soror Natalie Hippolite if you or someone you know is interested in participating.

    2014 Program Calendar – February Forecast Our PINK goes RED initiative to support the American Heart Association will be held on

    2/7. I am asking all Sorors and your friends and family to support TEO by wearing RED

    and participating in a “health related activity” that can be jumping rope, walking your

    dog, running, bike riding etc. More information will follow about where to send your

    photos but for now, get your RED ready!

    The Fit & Faithful Diabetes program will be held on February 21, 2014. The cost for the

    program is $10 and will be divided among both the American Diabetes Association and

    the American Heart Association who will also be supporting us on the day of the event.

    We will have a raffle, sample healthy protein shakes and more so please come out and


  • Founders’ Day The Cluster V Founders day will be held on Feb. 23

    rd. Price is $45 REGISTRATION

    NOW OPEN; REGISTRATION ENDS FEBRUARY 10, 2014). Please forward to any

    inactive sorors in your network as this is also a membership reclamation activity.

    Sisterly Relations Update Sorors please look in your in-boxes for the Sisterly Relations survey. We are trying to

    get your input as to what kinds of sisterly activities we want to do as a chapter. If you

    have any additional suggestions please list those as well. Results of the survey will be

    posted on line the week after chapter meeting.

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter

    Program Calendar – 2013-14

    Chapter Program Report

    Shannon T. Bowers, First Anti-Basileus

    2014 Calendar of Events

    January 2014 February 2014 March 2014 April 2014 May 2014 June 2014 Founders’ day Observance – Worship service

    PINK goes RED for Heart health (Health) – 2/7 (Virtual)

    Women’s Summit – Each initiative will provide a workshop (All initiatives) – (Health – Organ donation presentation)

    AIDS Walk New Haven (Health) EYL AKAdemy (Topic TBD) Scholarship winners announced (Scholarship)

    MLK Day of Service (Social Justice & Human Rights) -1/20; 8:00am – 3:00pm Wexler Grant School – 55 Foote Street New Haven, CT

    Scholarship Application to HS Counselors (Scholarship)

    Earth Hour Observance (Global Poverty) - (Virtual)

    Bike Ride for Earth Day (Global Poverty)

    *Present Asthma prevention air conditioners to family(ies) (Health)

    *Asthma Prevention brochure for Ross Woodward School (Health)

    *Domestic Violence Prevention – “Community Conversation” Partnership with the Coalition Against Domestic Violence (Social Justice & Human Rights) – TBD

    United Way VITA Tax Preparation – Train the Trainer (Economic Security)

    *Asthma Workshop to New Haven Public Housing (Health)

    PINK goes GREEN activity (Global Poverty/Economic Security)

    * Making an AKAnomic Impact – Financial Literacy Program (Economic Security)

    EYL Graduation

    EYL AKAdemy (Topic TBD) EYL AKAdemy (Topic TBD) *Used Cell Phone Drive for women of Domestic violence (Social Justice & Human Rights)

    *Secure sponsors & partner organization for Asthma prevention air conditioners (Health)

    *Black Family Day – Partnership with Jack & Jill of New Haven Chapter (Social Justice & Human Rights)

    *Because your Sisters’ Care – Health Issues affecting men forum (Health)

    *Asthma Prevention Workshop (Health)

    *Black History Month Presentation – combined program with Emma Ruff at Hill house (Social Justice & Human Rights)

    EYL AKAdemy (Topic TBD) EYL AKAdemy (Topic TBD) *Soul Food Junkies Documentary (Global Poverty + Health)

    AKA at the Capital – 3/12 *Sponsor Home Ownership Expo (Economic Security)

    Feminine Product Drive – for Military (Social Justice)

    BOOST School Partnership (Economic Security)

    *Internal Leadership Training for External Service - TEO training (VI)

    Project H.O.P.E. Prom dress collection – start collection (ongoing) March-May

    Project H.O.P.E. Prom dress giveaway

    Biggest Loser Weight Loss challenge (Health)

    *Fit & Faithful – Diabetes program partnership with ADA

    (Health) – 2/21 6-8pm (Loving Fitness 4 Life 684 Foxon Road - RT 80 East Haven, CT 06512)

    Feminine Product Drive – for Military (Social Justice)

    BOOST School Partnership (Economic Security)

  • Confidential Page 1 01/10/2014

    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter Chapter Meeting- January 11, 2014 Soror Khalilah Brown-Dean, 2nd Anti-Basileus

    Happy New Year Sorors! As we embark on a new year of carrying out our purpose, the Fundraising Committee is dedicated to underwriting Theta Epsilon Omega’s scholarship and programmatic activities. Many thanks to those of you who responded to the fundraising survey. An extra bouquet of pink tea roses to those Sorors who offered helpful feedback and suggestions for improvement. Based on Sorors’ responses we will be hosting three fundraisers in 2014 that are listed below. I encourage all Sorors who would like to serve on the Fundraising Committee to join us via conference call on Tuesday, January 14th at 9pm. I will circulate the call-in information and agenda via email. If you can’t make the call but would like to contribute please contact me directly. As a reminder, we have retooled our sponsorship/ad practices for 2014 to maximize exposure for our donors while also reducing our printing costs. Rather than making a donation for one event, our community donors will be recognized throughout the year. Sponsors will be featured on our chapter homepage and we will create a “virtual ad book” that will be linked to our website and displayed throughout the year. We will create a glossy board that will list the sponsors and can be placed on an easel at every fundraising event. For more information please refer to the donor letter. SAVE THE DATE We will host our first-ever “Sail the Sound” boatride fundraiser on Friday, June 20th at 8pm. The event will feature the soulful sounds of The Rahsaan Langley Project as well as DJ Herman Ham, signature cocktails, sumptuous desserts, light fare, a silent auction, and added touches. We are fortunate that we will be departing from Long Wharf Pier in New Haven. Tickets are $100 so please plan accordingly. As we discussed in previous chapter meetings, the ticket price is a reflection of increased catering costs and service fees that every venue in the area has adopted. Thus, even if we were to have a traditional “Dinner Dance” at a venue like Fantasia, the ticket price would have to go up. This exciting fundraiser is co-chaired by Sorors Cheri Brooks and Sharon McIntosh. Please contact them directly to help make our first fundraiser of the year a tremendous success. You can find out more about the cruise ship here: More information can also be found on our chapter website 2014 FUNDRAISING EVENTS: Signature Event: Sail the Sound Cruise June 20, 2014 Mid Price Event: Wine Tasting October 2014 Low Price Event: Holiday Party December 6, 2014

  • Confidential Page 2 01/10/2014

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.Theta Epsilon Omega ChapterChapter Meeting - 1/11/2014Pecunious Grammeteus Report - Soror Marlene Graham

    Operating IncomeDescription Amount Notes

    Regular Membership Dues (61 Graduate Sorors) 16,220.00$ Life Member Dues (15 Sorors) 2,900.00$ Undergraduate Transfers (5 Soror) 700.00$

    19,820.00Regular Membership Dues 2014 (24 Graduate Sorors) 6,240.00$ Life Member Dues 2014 (4 Sorors) 680.00$ Undergraduate Transfer 2014 (1 Soror) 180.00$

    $7,100.00Total Operating Account Income 26,920.00$

    Special Account IncomeDescription Amount Notes

    Green Envy (including ticket sales/donations/raffle etc.) 4,710.00$ Pearl Perfection Total Income (Includes the below) 20,390.70$

    Ads 4,501.00$ Tickets 14,399.70$ Sponsorships -$ Donations 200.00$ Raffle/Auction 1,290.00$

    Wine Tasting 8,430.00$ Tickets 6,240.00$ Donations 2,000.00$ Raffle/Auction 190.00$ "Make A Joyful Noise" Holiday Gospel Brunch 6,550.00$ Tickets 6,170.00$ Donations $Raffle/Auction 380.00$

  • Total Special Account Income 40,080.70$

    2013 Outstanding Assesments Sorors have not met their assesment for 2013 -$

    Total Outstanding Assessments -$

  • Operating IncomeDescription Amount Notes

    Regular Membership Dues (69 Graduate Sorors) -$ Life Member Dues (8 Sorors) -$ Undergraduate Transfers (1 Soror) -$

    Total Operating Account Income -$

    Special Account IncomeDescription Amount Notes

    PINK Party (including ticket sales/donations/raffle etc.) -$ Ivy Soriee Total Income (Includes the below) -$

    Ads -$ Tickets -$ Sponsorships -$ Donations -$ Raffle/Auction -$

    Wine Tasting -$ Tickets -$ Donations -$ Raffle/Auction -$

    Total Special Account Income -$

    2012 Outstanding Assesments5 Sorors have not met their assesment for 2012 -$

    Total Outstanding Assessments -$

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

    Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter

    Epistoleus Report

    Chapter Meeting – January 11, 2014

    Sister to Sister

    • Christmas card from Soror Constance R. Pizarro, North Atlantic Regional Director

    • Holiday card from Soror Susan Simms Marsh, Supreme Grammateus • Christmas card from Soror Mona Calhoun, NAR Representative to the

    Nominating Committee • Holiday card from Soror Meredith L. Henderson


    • NARC 2013 minutes on in CD format • The Promise (Fall 2013) North Atlantic Region Newsletter • Thank you letter from Christian Community for being a program book advertiser

    for the Wynton Marsalis fundraising concert. A copy of the book was included. • The Crisis (Fall 2013) from the NAACP • Holiday card from the Connecticut Food Bank • Free window decal from Africare • Community Currents (Winter 2013) from the Community Foundation for

    Greater New Haven • Bill from Dixwell Self Storage, LLC • Coverage Reinstatement letter from Travelers • Refund from Travelers Property Casualty CL Agency • Eventbrite check for the Holiday Gospel Brunch


    • Bank statements from Bank of America (Operating Account, Special Account, and ΘΕΩ Legacy Fund)

    Martin Luther King Conference

    • Donation from Community Action Agency�

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter

    Ivy Leaf® Reporter Report

    Chapter Meeting January 11, 2013

    The following article was submitted to the Ivy Leaf® for publication in the “Ivies Beyond the Wall Section” of the Spring 2014 issue of the Ivy Leaf®:

    • “Jenkins-Stewart: Executive Director/Human Rights Champion/Silver Soror

    -This article highlights Soror Joan Jenkins-Stewart’s community work and achievements.

    Soror Tanisha Thomas Asbery, Ivy Leaf® Reporter

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter Emerging Young Leaders Committee Report Co-Chairmen: Soror Taryn Anderson and Soror Sondi Jackson Chapter Meeting January 11, 2014

    Emerging Young Leaders Program

    January AKAdemy Session

    The Emerging Young Leaders will meet at 8:30am on January 11th. The purpose of this session will be to prepare the young ladies to participate in the Martin Luther King Conference at Wexler-Grant. In the past, our EYL young ladies have been encouraged to attend the conference. This year, the young ladies will be reading MLK related books to children in grades K-2.

    A Night at the Theater

    The Emerging Young Leaders will see “Bring It On” at the Shubert Theater on January 16. Chaperones will be needed for this event. If you are interested in participating, please contact Soror Taryn by Monday, January 13th.

    If you’re interested in joining this committee, please contact Soror Sondi or Soror Taryn!

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, IncTheta Epsilon Omega Chapter Global Poverty Initiative Committee Co-Chairs: Sorors S. Draughn and A. Holmes Executive Board Meeting January 2, 2014 December ** Giving Tuesday- December 10th- Partnered with New Haven B&P to serve lunch at the Community Soup Kitchen. Thank you to Sorors Tanya, Carrie and Cherie for volunteering your time to serve others in need. ** Adopt A Family- TEO made a donation to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and Your Place Youth Center for its Holiday Party. Said donation supported the much needed purchase of gift cards for the teenagers. In addition, TEO adopted a family of four from Wexler Grant. The family was gifted toys, clothes and gift cards on behalf of TEO. Thank you to Soror Audrey for helping with the shopping and gift wrapping. January **MLK Day of Service January 20th - We would like to participate by providing a workshop. If you have any suggestions, please contact Sorors Audrey or Shenae.

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Theta Epsilon Omega Chapter

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Conference Soror Sondi Jackson, Chair

    January 11, 2014 Workshops: We currently have workshops from New Haven PD, Alliance Theater, Rahim Williams- Yoga, Health/Exercise Soror Cathy Patton, Soror Renetta Hill, Allen Scott-Crafts, Domestic Violence- Panel Discussion , Mental Health, and Addiction, and Learning about Dr. King through Story . We continue to need workshops for all age groups k-12 and adults. Time Slots 9:50, 10:35, 11:20 and 12:00. Each workshop is 45 minutes in length.

    Registration : Soror Shenae Draughn and Soror Sharnita Solomon are looking for volunteers for Registration, please contact them directly. Volunteer Center: Volunteer site with United Way has been launched. ( Contact Soror Audrey D. Holmes for specific volunteer requests. Poster Contest/Essay Contest Forms have been distributed through NHPS. The deadline date for posters was extended to January 15, 2014. Essay deadline was extended to January 10, 2014. Hospitality: Soror Shannon Bowers is chairing this committee, please contact her if you wish to serve as a greeter or work in the coat room. Vendors: We are still seeking individuals who wish to vend or exhibit in the MLK Marketplace. Vending tables are $25.00. Corporate Funding: We have received funding from United Way, Howard K. Hill, Community Foundation of Greater New Haven and Elm City Club of B&P. Soror Sharnita Solomon solicited a donation from Elite Hair Studio in the amount of $50. If sorors have potential sponsors, please contact Soror Nancy Hill. Entertainment: Unity Boys Choir and the Davis Street Magnet School Jazz Band are confirmed we are awaiting other student performances. Publicity: Email blasts have been sent out; please send that out to of family, friends, colleagues, schools, churches, community centers, etc Flyers have been distributed to schools and area churches. Information has been sent to New Haven Register, and WYBC. We will be taping for CT Style on January 16 for airing on January 17, 2014. Respectfully submitted, Soror Sondi Jackson

  • ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INC. Chapter Meeting January 11, 2014THETA EPSILON OMEGA CHAPTER Tamiouchos Report

    A. Operating AccountChecking account balance per bank as of 12/30/13 $21,116.39Money Market Savings balance as of 12/30/13 $6,163.47

    B. Special AccountChecking account balance per bank as of 12/30/13 $33,838.55Certificate of Deposit (CD)Account balance as of 12/30/13 $10,708.54Current Interest Rate 0.30% Term: Risk Free 9 monthsNew maturity Date: 06/13/2014

    C. TEO Legacy Fund as of 12/30/2013 $663.73

    D. 2013 DuesAs per our Chapter Bylaws, "all dues shall be paid to the Pecunious Grammateus (Soror Marlene Graham) on or before December 31st." (Article VIII, Section 1). All 2012 assessments must be paid in full by November 30, 2012 & before paying annual membership dues.

    Regular Membership Dues 270.00$ *Life Membership Dues 180.00$ *Reactivation 290.00$ *Reactivation w/COIP 490.00$ *Membership Late Fee 20.00$ *Includes fees for documents

    E. Chapter Donations for 2013 to date total $9,305.00

    1/25/13 MLK DAY Donation 500.00$ Chapter Donation2/12/13 Makiyah McArthur 150.00$ 1st Place Emma Ruff2/12/13 Deja Browder 125.00$ 2nd Place Emma Ruff2/12/13 Jabraya McKnight 100.00$ 3rd Place Emma Ruff

    3/4/13 Afro-American Woman's Summit 100.00$ Annual Donation3/9/13 Founder's Day Church Donation 250.00$ Founder's Day

    3/26/13 NAACP 250.00$ Annual Donation4/2/13 North Atlantic Region (EAF Luncheon) 125.00$ Souvenir Journal

    4/23/13 CT Food Bank 500.00$ Annual Donation4/25/13 Children in Placement 500.00$ Annual Donation5/11/13 Emergency Shelter Management 500.00$ Annual Donation5/28/13 r Kids 180.00$ Ad

    9/3/13 Brianna Blount $1,000.00 4-Year Scholarship Recipient9/3/13 Maria Arnold $1,000.00 4-Year Scholarship Recipient9/3/13 Bryana Braxton $1,000.00 4-Year Scholarship Recipient

    9/14/13 South Regional Sickle Cell Assoc. 500.00$ Annual Donation9/30/13 Alondra Arguello 275.00$ Book Award

    10/28/13 Sister's Journey 250.00$ Annual Donation10/28/13 Aloysia Jean 1,000.00$ 4-Year Scholarship Recipient10/28/13 Brandi Fullwood 1,000.00$ 4-Year Scholarship Recipient11/16/13 Joshua Thomas $1,000.00 4-Year Scholarship Recipient11/16/13 Shayna Smith $1,000.00 4-Year Scholarship Recipient11/16/13 Ariel Estes 275.00$ Book Award

    F. Reminders1. Please submit all payments payable to TEO-AKA to the Pecunious Grammateus,Soror Marlene G.2. Vouchers and receipts must be submitted for reimbursement within 30 days of the expenditure.3. Service projects/initiatives are reimbursed from the Special Budget (PINK VOUCHER)4. Officer/Chapter expenses are reimbursed from the Operating Budget (GREEN VOUCHER)

    Sisterly Submitted,Karleka Peters-BabbTamiouchos

    As of December 30, 2013

  • 2:03 PM 12/30/13 Accrual Basis

    Theta Epsilon Omega Operating Budget and Actual Amount Spent

    January through December 2013

    Page 1 of 1

    ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INC, Operating BudgetTheta Epsilon Omega Chapter Jan - Dec 13 Budget $ Over Budget

    Ordinary Income/ExpenseIncome

    Membership DuesUndergrad to Graduate Dues 700.00COIP 200.00Late Fees (Dues) 80.00Life Membership Dues 2,520.00 1,530.00 990.00Reactivation Fees 360.00Regular Membership Dues 16,480.00 17,820.00 -1,340.00

    Total Membership Dues 20,340.00 19,350.00 990.00

    Miscellaneous IncomeNARC BUS 257.35Happy Dollars 318.00 200.00 118.00Late Fees (Meeting) 83.00 150.00 -67.00Miscellaneous Income - Other 76.50

    Total Miscellaneous Income 734.85 350.00 384.85

    Total Income 21,074.85 19,700.00 1,374.85

    ExpenseAlpha Kappa Alpha Headquarters

    Sorority Documents 828.00 750.00 78.00Chapter Tax 300.00 300.00 0.00COIP 200.00EAF Chapter Donation 0.00 600.00 -600.00EAF Individual Membership 600.00 750.00 -150.00Late Fees (Dues) -49.00Per Capita 5,509.00 5,940.00 -431.00Reactivation Fee 480.00

    Total Alpha Kappa Alpha Headquarters 7,868.00 8,340.00 -472.00

    ConferencesDelegates to NARC 700.00 700.00 0.00

    Total Conferences 700.00 700.00 0.00

    Chapter ActivitiesPostage 22.16 25.00 -2.84Pecunious Grammateus 15.05 190.00 -174.95Parliamentarian 0.00 150.00 -150.00Standards Committee 1,111.99 1,150.00 -38.01Second Anti-Basileus 100.00 300.00 -200.00Web Page 561.51 561.51 0.00Ivy Leaf Reporter 0.00 500.00 -500.00First Anti-Basileus 0.00 300.00 -300.00Graduate Advisor 200.00 200.00 0.00Epistoleus 190.00 200.00 -10.00Grammateus 0.00 200.00 -200.00Basileus 1,575.00 1,575.00 0.00Chapter Year Book/Historian 50.00 500.00 -450.00Chapter Meeting Lunches 716.32 1,350.00 -633.68Founders' Day-Church Donation 250.00 250.00 0.00Hodegos 937.39 1,050.00 -112.61Insurance 185.00 190.00 -5.00Membership Committee 1,052.73 1,830.00 -777.27Retreat 417.71 400.00 17.71Tamiouchos 533.48 576.49 -43.01

    Total Chapter Activities 7,918.34 11,498.00 -3,579.66

    Total Expense 16,486.34 20,538.00 -4,051.66

    Net Ordinary Income 4,588.51 -838.00 5,426.51

    Net Income 4,588.51 -838.00 5,426.51

  • 2:01 PM 12/30/13 Cash Basis

    Theta Epsilon Omega Special Budget and Actual Amount Spent

    January through December 2013

    Page 1 of 1

    ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INC, Special BudgetTheta Epsilon Omega Chapter Jan - Dec 13 Budget $ Over Budget

    Ordinary Income/ExpenseIncome

    Contributions IncomeMLK Day Donations 3,100.00

    Total Contributions Income 3,100.00

    Fundraising IncomeWine Tasting 8,430.00 6,608.00 1,822.00Fundraising Assessments 1,535.00 3,965.00 -2,430.00Green Envy_Party 3,940.00Dinner Dance 17,046.20 7,475.00 9,571.20Dinner Dance Ad 2,480.50 800.00 1,680.50Fundraising Income - Other 500.00

    Total Fundraising Income 33,931.70 18,848.00 15,083.70

    Total Income 37,031.70 18,848.00 18,183.70


    S. Regional Sickle Cell Assoc. 500.00 500.00 0.00Sister's Journey 250.00 300.00 -50.00Asthma Prevention & Management 0.00 300.00 -300.00Enviro Stewardship & Sustain. 0.00 100.00 -100.00Health Committee 0.00 550.00 -550.00

    Total Health 750.00 1,750.00 -1,000.00

    Social Justice & Human RightsSocial Justice Committee 0.00 300.00 -300.00AKA Connection Committee 0.00 200.00 -200.00Children in Placement 500.00 500.00 0.00MLK Day Celebration 6,252.12 500.00 5,752.12My Sister's Keeper 0.00 200.00 -200.00NAACP 250.00 250.00 0.00

    Total Social Justice & Human Rights 7,002.12 1,950.00 5,052.12

    Economic SecurityEconomic Security Committee 0.00 300.00 -300.00Afro-American Women's Summit 100.00 100.00 0.00HEIFER International 0.00 820.00 -820.00

    Total Economic Security 100.00 1,220.00 -1,120.00

    Global PovertyGlobal Poverty Committee 300.00 300.00 0.00Adopt-a-Family 200.00 700.00 -500.00CT Food Bank 500.00 500.00 0.00Emergency Shelter Mgmt Service 500.00 500.00 0.00

    Total Global Poverty 1,500.00 2,000.00 -500.00

    Emerging Young LeadersEYL Committee 799.24 1,277.92 -478.68

    Total Emerging Young Leaders 799.24 1,277.92 -478.68

    ScholarshipsSusan Lincoln Nursing Scholar 0.00 1,625.00 -1,625.00Four Year Scholarship 7,000.00 8,000.00 -1,000.00Book Award 550.00 550.00 0.00Emma Ruff 375.00 375.00 0.00Scholarships - Other 0.00

    Total Scholarships 7,925.00 10,550.00 -2,625.00

    Fundraising ExpenseGospel Bunch 5,154.08Dinner Dance 12,439.13Green Envy_Party 1,275.91Fundraising Expense - Other 105.00

    Total Fundraising Expense 18,974.12

    Miscellaneous Chapter ProgramsCommunity Ads 705.00 1,500.00 -795.00St. Andrew's Church 0.00 250.00 -250.00

    Total Miscellaneous Chapter Programs 705.00 1,750.00 -1,045.00

    Total Expense 37,755.48 20,497.92 17,257.56

    Net Ordinary Income -723.78 -1,649.92 926.14

    Net Income -723.78 -1,649.92 926.14

  • 12/30/13 Theta Epsilon Omega Transaction Detail for the Month

    December 2013

    Page 1 of 3

    Type Date Num Name Memo Paid AmountOrdinary Income/Expense

    IncomeFundraising Income

    Wine TastingDeposit 12/02/2013 Graham, Marlene Wine Tasting 50.00

    Total Wine Tasting 50.00

    Fundraising AssessmentsDeposit 12/02/2013 Stephens, Alberta 2013 Assessment 100.00

    Total Fundraising Assessments 100.00

    Dinner Dance AdCheck 12/02/2013 Silver Star Ad -94.00

    Total Dinner Dance Ad -94.00

    Total Fundraising Income 56.00

    Miscellaneous IncomeHappy Dollars

    Deposit 12/02/2013 November 2013 Happy Dollars 34.00

    Total Happy Dollars 34.00

    Late Fees (Meeting)Deposit 12/02/2013 November 2013 Late Fees 12.00

    Total Late Fees (Meeting) 12.00

    Total Miscellaneous Income 46.00

    Total Income 102.00

    ExpenseGlobal Poverty

    Global Poverty CommitteeCheck 12/02/2013 7145 FISH of Greater New Haven1 Donation ($300 from GP, $270 Soror Donations) 300.00

    Total Global Poverty Committee 300.00

    Adopt-a-FamilyCheck 12/21/2013 7155 Jackson, Sondi Adopt a Family 200.00

    Total Adopt-a-Family 200.00

    Total Global Poverty 500.00

    Emerging Young LeadersEYL Committee

    Check 12/30/2013 7158 Anderson, Taryn1 EYL 50.00

  • 12/30/13 Theta Epsilon Omega Transaction Detail for the Month

    December 2013

    Page 2 of 3

    Type Date Num Name Memo Paid AmountTotal EYL Committee 50.00

    Total Emerging Young Leaders 50.00

    Fundraising ExpenseGospel Bunch

    Check 12/21/2013 7148 Pegues Spearman, Elicia 2011 Presenter reimbursement 261.20Check 12/21/2013 7149 Amarante's Sea Cliff Gospel Brunch Location 2,096.00Check 12/21/2013 7150 J Prophet Gospel Brunch Entertainer 250.00Check 12/21/2013 7151 Brandon Roberts Gospel Brunch Entertainer 200.00Check 12/21/2013 7152 Pegues, Cheryl A. jazz & fur 09 Ticket Printing reimbursement 100.00Check 12/21/2013 7153 Tanya Louis Gospel Brunch Entertainer 250.00Check 12/21/2013 7154 Amarante's Sea Cliff Gospel Brunch Final Payment 1,220.12Check 12/30/2013 7159 Thomas, Brenda Gospel Brunch Gift Baskets 276.76

    Total Gospel Bunch 4,654.08

    Total Fundraising Expense 4,654.08

    Miscellaneous ExpensesNARC Bus

    Check 12/21/2013 1342 BVT Group NARC Bus Deposit 2014 200.00Check 12/21/2013 1343 Holmes, Audrey D. NARC Bus Deposit 2014 500.00

    Total NARC Bus 700.00

    Total Miscellaneous Expenses 700.00

    Chapter ActivitiesMembership Committee

    Check 12/21/2013 1340 Epsilon Omicron Omega Chapter of AKA Membership/Standards Evaluation 379.07Check 12/21/2013 1341 Patton, Cathy Membership Items 165.05

    Total Membership Committee 544.12

    Total Chapter Activities 544.12

    Miscellaneous Chapter ProgramsCommunity Ads

    Check 12/02/2013 7146 Christian Community Action Agency Community Ads 125.00Check 12/02/2013 7147 New Haven Chapter of Links Inc. Community Ads 100.00

    Total Community Ads 225.00

    Total Miscellaneous Chapter Programs 225.00

    Total Expense 6,673.20

    Net Ordinary Income -6,571.20

  • 12/30/13 Theta Epsilon Omega Transaction Detail for the Month

    December 2013

    Page 3 of 3

    Type Date Num Name Memo Paid Amount

    Other Income/ExpenseOther Expense

    Unrestrticted Funds_Check 12/02/2013 1339 Holmes, Audrey D. TEO Refund for Baggage Fees 120.00

    Total Unrestrticted Funds_ 120.00

    Total Other Expense 120.00

    Net Other Income -120.00

    Net Income -6,691.20

    01_agendaChapter Meeting Agenda ~ Saturday, January 11, 2014V. Officers Reports

    02_bas03_hodegos04_minutes05a_1stanti05b_1stanti206_2ndanti07_pgCurrent MonthYear to Date

    08_epist09_ivyleaf010_eyl011_gp012_mlk013_TamCover SheetOperatingSpecialMonthly Detail