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  • Agile Project Management


  • Agile Project Management @Zalando

    Jan Hobst Ive been a Zalando Project Manager since 2014, working on backend, frontend, and app projects. Before joining Zalando I have been managing projects for digital agencies with big international clients, including auto companies, for about 4 years.

    Dr. Christian Rust As a Senior Project Manager at Zalando, I have been managing major projects and programs since 2013. I have 13 years of managing national and international projects.

  • Team Project ProVision

    We support ZALANDO's teams by driving complex high-valued projects and provide suitable and up-to-date tools & methods.

    We offer the whole bunch of services, from ad-hoc support to project-fulfilment.

    Depending on your need - and our resources - we define how to support you.

    If you think we can help you, just contact us!

    Team Project Provision - Our Purpose

  • Project Context - Autonomous Teams

  • The Project Path

    The Alignment meeting is the inspiring starting point of the project.The Project Charter is the frame for the project.

  • Project Charter - Result of the Alignment Meeting

  • The Alignment Meeting

    Timeframe: 10:00 - 16:30> 5-6 hours Workshop Time

    Moderator leaves after the Fadeout.

    Additional open Space for the Team

  • The Alignment Meeting

  • The Alignment Meeting


    Dr. Christian Rust

    Team ProjectProVision @ Zalando

    Zalando SEMollstrae 110178 Berlin


    Jan Hobst