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This slide set was presented on the Manage Agile 2014 conference in Berlin. They are showing the intention, approach and potential of our Project Management Framework at Zalando Technology (Tobias) and how we used in in the SEPA project (Christian). We outlined how we manage it to build a bridge between agile an non agile teams, using agile as well as classic methodes and practices. With this framework we step aside from the classic “controlling” approach to a continuous alignment practice. The framework is context sensitive with no “golden rule” and no “one size fits all”. Working with this framework is successful when you using this framework also in an agile way: inspect & addapt so that it fits best to your project and the agile teams you are guiding. You can read more about our framework at our Zalando Tech Blog We are highly interested in your feedback and questions to go into further discussions. BR C. Rust & T. Leonhardt

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2. Project Management is both, Science and ArtScience,knowing how to use project management tools and techniquesArt,Knowing when, under what circumstances, and to what degree to apply tools and techniquesnoop,not anymore 3. Tools, Techniques & Artfulnessare not Project Managementpm basline 3.0 der IPMA Austriasource 4. ClarityProject Management is aboutWhat will we do and what not ? | What will be the outcome of the project ? | Where do we start ? |Who is involved with which responsibilities ? | What will we do next ? | How does it gos ? | When can we expect the next deliverable? | What are our risks ? 5. Clarity = Value(s)is one of our 6. have a project approach that fits to the expected project dynamichave a good start out of a common understanding of the projecthave a management strategy that is adaptive & flexible and make the most out of the skills & preferences of the team & environmenthave a "Single Point of Information an make use of our TechWikihave a "Single Point of Management and have all information linked togetherClarity 7. #2 have a good start out of a common understanding of the projectxxx229.10.2014!You can download this canvas at project-management-framework.html 8. Autonomy = Value(s)is one of our 9. Artefact 1 : n TemplatesScope BaselineBreak Down StructureBacklogBPMPost-ItsProject CharterCanvasText DocumentMindMapCanvasTicketsUser Stories! 10. ContextProject Management is aboutPeople and their preferencesTeam environmentGoal, time, scope, constraints, risksSkillsthat changesevery daySize project & team 11. Practicethe framework inSEPA-Project at Zalando 12. SEPA atWarehousesHumen ResourcesOnsidePaymentSAPShopLoungeLegalCustomer Service17~ 5 month01.02.2014Teams (cross functional)Duration(planning and developement)GoLive in timeOrderLogisticPlatformOrder ManagementProcess ManagementProject Management OfficeFinanceBusiness Developement 13. QuestionRequestProblemStandard project pathCharacteristics of such projects:Project is mainly driven by targetsProject Management is project controllingSolution is known from the beginningSolutionTargets:TimeBudgetQualityPath of Project ControllingPrice to pay for:Less trust in the team competenceLess empathy of the TeamLess evolution on the pathLimited creativityStrong controlling gurantees to reach targetsTight constrains leads to tight controlling 14. QuestionRequestProblemSEPA project path (1/2)AlignmentSupportOpeningJour Fix01.Feb$Solution cloudPath of Project GuidanceEXPLOREALIGNMENTCanvas = ClarityAutonomy of the teamFocus on the solution and reduce the variancesTools/methods to support, not to controll 15. QuestionRequestProblemSEPA project path(2/2)Jour Fix01.Feb$Solution cloudPath of Project GuidanceAcceptance & GoLiveCanvas= ClarityCharacteristics of such projects:Project is driven by solution findingProject Manager is guideSolution is envolved in iterationsTrust in team competenceJour Fixclassical Acceptance checklist envoved togethers with the teamsRegular JourFix to alignfinal Solution is envolved after 2-3 JourFixes 16. Keys to success in this projectNatural motivationSolution drivenExpert knowhowTeamspiritIterations to growGuidance and supportby project managerProud to fail earlyTrust to let the team go(Autonomy)Protected project-spaceFlexible framework(Context)Transparent communication (Clarity)Customer focusContinious alignment 17. Hi, my name is Tobias Leonhard. Im enabling people and teams here at technology in managing projects, product- and software development. Thats means that Im teaching, training and coaching a lot. Im a very hands on person and so I support or take over in planning, aligning, moderating and leading. I find myself in many teams, projects and all kind of challenging situations and enjoy the growth that brings. I facilitate continuous improvement wherever I can and make collaboration easier by providing a common (project) management framework and language.SpeakersManage Agile 2014Hello, my name is Dr. Christian Rust. Im Senior Project Manager at Zalando Technology leading larger IT-projects and programs since 2 years. I have 14 years of experience in national and international Project Management of various project sizes.Im proud to say, that I manage my projects in a way so that WE are not only finishing in time & in budget but also that Im able to involve the teams closely on the way and therefore let them be part of the success story.Agile Project Management @ Zalando 18. CONTACTDR. CHRISTIAN RUSTPMO TECHNOLOGYCHRISTIAN.RUST@ZALANDO.DEMOLLSTRAE 1 10178 BERLIN; GERMANYTOBIAS LEONHARDTTOBIAS.LEONHARDT@ZALANDO.DE