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Find out how Zalando did to make 1bn in only 4 years ...

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  • 1. Zalando Europe's market leader in fashion eCommerce April 2013
  • 2. Zalando is driving a mega trend, bringing fashion eCommerce to Europe Mega trend: Online fashion is the second wave of eCommerce, following the first wave of commodity products like books and electronics, with a future share of retail of > 25% Business opportunity: Online fashion offers a unique combination of high revenue potential ( 500bn market in Europe) and highest gross margins in eCommerce (50-60%) Market leadership: Zalando has become the leader in European fashion eCommerce by being the fastest growing European company ever, with > 1 billion in net sales in 4th year 2
  • 3. Zalandos path started with shoes in Germany subsequent expansion into other fashion categories and countries Market: 500bn Market: 100bn Market: 10bn 2008/09: Germanys leading online shop for shoes Broadest product selection (third party brands) not discount model Convenient shopping (free shipping, 100 days returns) Fast brand building 2010: Expansion to other fashion categories Expansion into other fashion categories (clothing, accessories, sports, home) Expansion into private label 2011/2012: Leadership in European fashion eCommerce Subsequent geographic expansion across Europe Zalando now active in 14 European markets 3
  • 4. Key achievements of Zalando within the first four years of operation Europes fastest growing company with over 1 billion in sales after 4 years 4% market share in German shoe market (most mature market) Clear market leader in European fashion eCommerce Best in class offering and operations Fashion destination with the best fashion offer and shopping experience Proprietary logistic infrastructure and leading IT team Focused, data driven organization forcing constant optimization Core DACH markets reached break-even in 2012 after 4 years Clear path to profitability Positive margin trend in all regions Strong management team and well capitalized business Motivated and experienced management team led by co-founders Conservative balance sheet with strong equity ratio of >50% Supportive shareholders and banks DACH = Germany, Austria, Switzerland. 4
  • 5. 1 Zalando is the fastest European company ever to reach 1 billion in sales, four years after being founded Net sales ( million) 1,159 4% market share in German shoe market New categories1 and countries gaining importance fast ~ 50% of revenues outside Germany ~ 50% of revenues in new categories 510 150 6 2009 2010 Categories outside of shoes (clothing, accessories, sports, home, etc.) 2011 2012 5
  • 6. 2 Zalando is active in 14 European markets with brand recognition of over 90% in key markets Aided brand awareness in core markets (Percentage) Targeting total Targeting population of population of zalando.co.uk >400 million >400m people! 94 GE zalando.no zalando.se zalando.dk zalando.fr zalando-prive.fr zalando.es 93 NL 95 90 FR 88 zalando.pl zalando.nl zalando.be 95 zalando.fi zalando.de zalando-lounge.de 92 IT 91 zalando.at zalando.ch 94 AT 94 zalando.it 94 CH 93 Shoes As of January 2013. Fashion 6
  • 7. 2 Zalando has become the fashion destination on the internet with a broad assortment Online fashion destination with >150,000+ styles offered by >1,500 brands Third party brands (Examples) Private labels (Examples) Partner program Higher availability Better selection 7
  • 8. making Zalando Europes most visited fashion website and one of the top 10 most visited retail websites 2 Visits per month (million) TV Spot Christmas 100 New Country: Norway 90 80 >90 million website visits per month New Country: Poland More than 13 million customers have ordered until today Erfurt logistic center opens New Countries: Sweden Belgium 70 60 New Countries: Finland Denmark Launch Zalando Magazine EFFIE Award 50 New Country: Spain New Country: Italy New Country: France 40 30 20 New Country: Austria Zalando LAUNCH Launch First TV spot: Warning Launch Clothing Launch: Home Cooperation Germanys next Topmodel New Country: Netherlands Launch Beauty New Country: Switzerland Launch Sport Launch Launch Premium New Country: News & Style UK 10 Launch Zalando Lounge 0 Sep Nov 2008 Jan Mar May Jul 2009 Sep Nov Jan Mar May Jul 2010 Sep Nov Jan Mar May Jul Sep 2011 Nov Jan Mar May Jul Sep 2012 Source: SEMrush (traffic from the first 20 search results on Google for fashion websites in Germany, France, UK, Spain and Italy), ComScore (H2 2012 Europe). Source: google analytics. Nov Jan 2013 8
  • 9. 2 Zalando has shifted from outsourced logistics to a proprietary logistics network to ensure best in class and low cost delivery Phase 1 (2009-2010) Phase 2 (2011) Phase 3 (2012-2013) Grobeeren (Winter 2010) Brieselang (Summer 2011) Erfurt (Summer 2012) First logistics center established Operated by logistics partner DocData 30,000 sqm First logistics center operated by Zalando 30,000 sqm First logistics center built to Zalando needs Designed and operated by Zalando Largest eCommerce logistics facility in Europe 75,000 sqm (+45,000 sqm expansion ongoing) Mnchengladbach (Summer 2013) Second large logistics center construction Same concept used as in Erfurt Test operations to start in summer 2013 75,000 sqm (+45,000 sqm expansion option) Logistics centers are located in central locations in Germany, servicing all European countries Zalando is leasing land and buildings to limit capital investment Combined capacity of >250,000 sqm operational / in construction (~300,000 sqm including option) 9
  • 10. 2 Unique IT platform: ZEOS uses modular approach to build highly scalable IT platform One of Europes leading technology teams with about 300 IT specialists 10
  • 11. 3 Continuous margin improvements with DACH markets reaching break-even in 2012 EBIT margin 2010 2011 2012 Core DACH markets1 reached break-even after only four years of operation Positive margin trends in all regions as customers are loyal and efficiency is improved -7% -12% Strengthened European market leadership (added 7 markets for total of 14 markets) -15% 1 DACH = Germany, Austria, Switzerland 11
  • 12. 4 Strong management team and well capitalized business backed by a highly aligned shareholder base and banks Management team responsible for Zalando in three dimensions Robert Gentz, Co-Founder and Managing Director Zalando as an internet technology company David Schneider, Co-Founder and Managing Director Zalando as a fashion company Rubin Ritter, Managing Director Zalando as a process machine + Extremely strong second / third level management team Shareholder base (equity) Banks (debt) Equity Ratio of >50% at the end of 2012e* * 2012 number is preliminary and unaudited. 12
  • 13. Zalandos operational excellence and strong customer focus have been and will be key differentiators against competitors Key differentiators along the value chain Outstanding brand recognition Customer convenience model Strong relations with third party brands Private labels fashion & sourcing competence Online marketing expertise International payment platform Proprietary logistics network Proprietary & scalable IT platform KPI culture & implementation speed 13